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  1. TastyWheat

    DOOM 3 video shown @ E3

    Well, I've seen the video from the XBOX presentation of DOOM 3 and I can say it looks AWESOME. The Revenant is shown in motion for the first time (very fast, I like it's eyes) imps are shown crawling all over the facility like insects, The Hell Knight smashes it's way through crowds, and it looks like the player shoots an imp's fireball out of the sky. The video's 11MB and I downloaded it from the Evening Reading thread from shacknews.com Added to this, the new screens which everyone has probably seen by now. The spiders are disturbing... I like it.
  2. TastyWheat

    DooM 3 music

    If/When there's a Cyberdemon fight... dead silence. You're stalking through the base, and you come to a large, open area. bodies strewn all over the floor, some still moving, still gibbering insanities in pure terror. Screams could be heard in the background. The ambience is incredible. Then - You hear something faint. A familiar, repetitive organ tone. Building slowly... The music from the Tower Of Babel, Episode 2. It's different, more a voice in your head than a soundtrack, but unmistakenably the same. As the realisation sinks in, you feel the ground shake beneath your feet, and then boom... boom... boom.. boom... It rounds the corner and sees you. Some of the people still clinging for their life scream in terror as they realise it's come back. Weeping is heard as the tune reaches a cresendo -- the battle begins. (I think there's a place for both. The boss battles need that Bobby Price-esque style of music again. Oh the coolness.)
  3. TastyWheat

    Who else is building a PC for Doom 3?

    Athlon XP 1700+ 384MB DDR GF4MX400 (Hey, I got it for $90 AU) SB Audigy DE SE Logitech Z-640 5.1 speakers Geforce Fx/Radeon me up!
  4. TastyWheat

    Do you want a Doom 3 Collectors edition?

    It's a good idea. I just hope each buyer gets their own Eager Beaver!
  5. TastyWheat

    Doom3 New Monsters?

    Well Descent 2 had the Thiefbot....
  6. TastyWheat

    Why hasn't id...

    I, too, am eagerly awaiting news. Or something C'mon id, lemme know!
  7. TastyWheat

    6.1 surround sound

    I got a set of 5.1 speakers two days ago. Logitech z-640's. With this Audigy, the sound rules. Games that support 5.1 kick royal ass.
  8. TastyWheat

    Signing off

    *applause* Thanks for everything Ling. If they can't get you a knighthood, at least have yourself feature in an easter egg for DOOM III... ;)
  9. TastyWheat

    2003: Year of the Third Coming

    Well, this looks like the year. Signs point to 2003 being the one that DOOM III is released in. Now to simply hang tight and wait until rumours of the Test start circulation...
  10. TastyWheat

    Dolby Digital in DOOM III

    Just got my hands on a Sound Blaster Audigy DE, and I was just wondering if I should have any problems with this when DOOM III hits next year. Should this card suffice for the game?
  11. TastyWheat

    What games do you want to see made with the Doom 3 engine?

    System Shock III :) SHODAN LIVES!
  12. TastyWheat

    Spider Mastermind Question

    [mod]This thread is like 17 days old! Are you trying to piss me off with that bumping???[/mod] Perhaps if you were to fight the Spiderdemon in an area similar to DIS from the original, then maybe id should consider keeping a constant imp presence in the map. It seems to me that these suckers are so fast that if you were hiding behind a pillar, all it would take is an imp to get you dodging out of the way and back into the Spider's fire. Trying to dodge leaping imps and stay out of Spidey's line of fire could be difficult indeed, and make for a more interesting battle.
  13. TastyWheat

    A Few Questions

    You forgot "There's something fraggin' evil comin' thru the gates!"
  14. TastyWheat

    Hi kids

    Hah, gotta love that "swim swim hungry" :) The Dopefish Lives! That pic was done in MSPaint believe it or not... one of my mates was bored one day and didn't have Photoshop or anything like it, hence the pink. I finished it off. Paint's palette sucks the big one.
  15. TastyWheat

    Hi kids

    heh... I still play DOOM II at LANs however. Greatest Super Shotgun ever...