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  1. Wad2UDMF

    I am currently working on extradata support for eternity which will locate the extradata lump and read it in. when map conversion occurs the extradata will be applied to the various linedefs
  2. Wad2UDMF

    I am beginning to test the extradata conversions and ran into some corners with udmf namespaces. I am using the vaprdemo wad and slade3 for the editor. If the namespace is doom, the voodoo doll scripts work while polyobjects do not. The opposite happens under the eternity namespace. When working with the map in slade3, the namespace is expected to be either doom or zdoom. I need to look into this further but have gotten the polyobjects to work and need to add functionality to handle extradata conversions.
  3. Wad2UDMF

    in an eternity map, how will I know if the map format is hexen or doom format?
  4. Wad2UDMF

    I will double check what version I am running. If it was a udmf version, then does the udmf work the same way as zdoom? I shouldn't encounter any problems? I got the latest version from October 11 (today at the time of writing), and tried to load a udmf map and udmforig.wad with no dice. I have even changed the udmf namespace to "Eternity" still with no dice. Am I missing something? I downloaded portals_udmf.wad and that works in eternity. I had to add the 'behavior' and 'znodes' lump entries to get a converted wad to work. Now I receive an error that udmf does not support vanilla bsp. Is Eternity very strict when it handles udmf? *Update* Solved so far with nodes builder and addition of 'behavior' and 'znodes' lump entries. vaprdemo otherwise converts and runs but without various eternity specific additions which I will have to work on.
  5. Wad2UDMF

    I am running the 'heimdal' release from the drd webpage, does this have udmf support?
  6. Wad2UDMF

    it converts, but since the extradata isn't in wad2udmf yet, the console comes up saying polyobject 9 doesn't exist
  7. Wad2UDMF

    Good information. I have only been using slade 3, so if any errors show up in another editor, feel free to discuss here.
  8. Wad2UDMF

    After looking at some eternity file formats and giving consideration to wad2udmf, the program already copies over other lumps in the wad file including mapinfo and whatever arbitrary extradata scripts associated with mapinfo. as for the specific things and linedefs, some of the data may not be copied over and that will have to be addressed. Do you have any eternity wads that you recommend?
  9. Wad2UDMF

    Btw...where exactly is 'Canyon.wad'? it seems as if it isn't on the internet so far lol
  10. Wad2UDMF

    Which wad and which editor are you using? I have ran tab8.wad, void.wad, demo.wad(zdoom demo), HR.wad, njgtb4ts.pk3 and doom2 unconverted maps through the version and then reading the maps back in slade 3 while not encountering extra vertices. Is it possible that slade 3 is hiding vertices? What type of a test would you recommend I run to check for extra vertices? Other than the vertices related problem, is everything else working?
  11. Wad2UDMF

    I had to do some transplanting and came up with an 8.23 meg udmf to drop into that pk3 file, the map seems to function and everything looks like it is in place.
  12. Wad2UDMF

    New wad2udmf version https://github.com/z34chris/Wad2UDMF
  13. Wad2UDMF

    Alright, besides the zdoom demo.wad and dark7.wad, what is a good wad to run through wad2udmf to fully test it out?
  14. Wad2UDMF

    I will take a look at it. I have only tested it on a wad called tab8.wad so far
  15. Wad2UDMF

    Wad2UDMF updated to and is located on GitHub at https://github.com/z34chris/Wad2UDMF