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Posts posted by Æon

  1. Zemini said:

    I could see a co-op mode in the future. It might have to be dumbed down a bit in order to fix some of the obvious issues that will arise with another player pressing buttons.

    1. Remove all cut scenes - there are not very many.
    2. Both players need to tag the gores nest around the same time.
    3. When a player dies they can resurrect at the beginning of the level.
    4. Levels need to be completely free to back track whenever.
    5. More monsters and ammo drops
    6. Armor/Weapon/ect perks will have to be tuned.

    Yeah that's exactly what I'm thinking. Although #2 doesn't necessarily need both players to tag gore nests.

    You trolls need to find something better to do really.

  2. Jaxxoon R said:

    I think you fail to realize that GZDoom took ten years of numerous people furrowing their brows over ancient code to get where it's at today.

    No, I just prefer to remain optimistic.

    GoatLord said:

    Cutscenes and level progression get really complicated when you introduce co-op.

    Yeah I bet it would be difficult, but life is less enjoyable without challenges. Nothing will change if we don't speak up. Otherwise we'll be stuck accepting what they decide to make available. Or worse, the next DooM iteration will be the same. I would just like to think we can make an impact sooner than later.

    Arctangent said:

    Fixed that for you, hon.

    Good job, want a cookie?

    If we are going to pick fights with each other then well- it's just a waste of time.

  3. Edward850 said:

    Because it's blatantly not as easy to add as you let on?

    Arctangent said:

    I have no idea why you make it sound like adding co-op support is as easy as sprinkling fairy dust onto the code.

    WoW, so you're telling me what? A community that is able to accomplish things like GZDooM, a huge software corporation like Bethesda is incapable of this task? That really sounds moronic. The fact that they are holding back the mod tools means the community will never be able to even attempt such things. So demanding more from the producers and developers is the only option we have available. Did I ever say these things were easy?

  4. Simply put those of us that know DooM's origins don't want to see a DooM reboot borrow from other franchises. DooM has it's own DNA and it doesn't need to be changed. Now all we have is another reboot lacking it's roots, instead of just bringing what was already good and refreshing it with prettier pixels...

    DICE did the same thing to BF2, with BF3 and BF4. I'm tired of good games getting ruined for no good reason.

    DooM's campaign is refreshing, but the lack of cooperative campaign, and the lack of fully functional mod tools makes this another huge disappointment.

    Developers could make everyone happy by making their new take on things a game mode instead of the only option available. There's no reason to redesign a game's game modes just because it's 25 years old and you think you need to redefine it for it to be successful. The irony is disgusting- and I highly suggest we start a petition to make DooM better.