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  1. Rathori

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    I think it still happens in some compatibility modes in ZDoom-based ports, like "Doom strict". Not 100% sure, though, I use prboom+ almost exclusively. I am, however, pretty sure that you can't "crush" a corpse with a berserk fist or explosions, it specifically has to be crushed by a door or a crusher for that bug to occur.
  2. Rathori

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    It really depends on the map and encounter/trap design. In my experience it usually happens on maps with lots of doors, where there's a high chance you'll kill something in a doorway and its corpse will get crushed. Add a trap that releases an archvile in a way that you can't immediately kill it (say, on the other side of the map; or right in your face, but there's no cover, so you have to get out of the room), and there's a good chance that AV will resurrect a crushed corpse.
  3. Rathori

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    I've never encountered the all-ghosts bug in my life (and I've been playing Doom since it was released), but single ghosts produced by an archvile resurrecting a crushed corpse are not too uncommon.
  4. Rathori

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    I often provoke infighting and let the fight run its course even when I have plenty of ammo and could have easily (and much faster) killed all the enemies myself. Also I used to always switch to chainsaw to deal with pinkies, but lately I stopped to bother and started to just SSG them instead.
  5. Rathori

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    The "classic" Plasma Gun in the trailer sounds nothing like the actual vanilla Plasma Gun :(
  6. Rathori

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That player 2, though.
  7. Rathori

    The worst doom joke

    What did Doomguy say when he came to a door? Sorry.
  8. Rathori

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    Mostly zombiemen and shotgunners, maybe an imp or two. I got lucky I suppose.
  9. Rathori

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    Plutonia 2 followed by Sunlust. Turned out to be a good difficulty progression from Final Doom.
  10. Rathori

    The worst doom joke

  11. Rathori

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    Impossible! I demand evidence!
  12. Rathori

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    Shit, that really disappointing. They better do a good job.
  13. Rathori

    Doom 3 didn't need a USE key

    Quake didn't have a use key. Doom 3's use key is the left mouse button.
  14. Rathori

    baron of hell dislike?

    Every time I hear about how the original Baron of Hell is serious, I think of this:
  15. Rathori

    What's the best Doom WAD of them all?

    Sunlust BTSX E1 UAC Ultra Plutonia 2 TNT Revilution THT Threnody Diabolus Ex (uses jumping and crouching) And for some gameplay variety: Paradise v2 by Tango dead.wire by Xaser (also jumping)
  16. Rathori

    What's the best Doom WAD of them all?

  17. No recordings today, but I've played another 40 minutes and found 100% secrets on maps 1-3, and spend a fair amount of time trying to 100% map 4, but I'm still one monster and one secret short of 100%. I thought after the first 3 levels and occasional secrets in my main playthrough that I had your logic for secrets figured out, but apparently I'm not quite there yet :P I've no idea where even to begin looking for it, because I can't even find any clues to what/where it might be.
  18. Part 3 - another ~40 minutes ("Too Close To Home" through "Crust"), died a few times, mostly stupid mistakes on my part. It's no problem, and actually I prefer recording a video to recording a demo because it doesn't mess with my aim and allows to play normally without the "one life" pressure. Anyway, I think I figured out what was the problem, so hopefully no more technical hiccups.
  19. Part 2 of my playthrough: There's about a minute of savescumming in the very beginning because I was determined to get past the thing that killed me in Part 1. Doesn't seem like I needed to go there at all.
  20. Rathori

    Do you prefer Doom 1 or Doom 2?

    As far as I'm concerned, Doom II is just an IWAD platform to run community WADs on. I dislike most of the maps in it, and I never feel like replaying it, unlike The Ultimate Doom.
  21. Rathori

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    Looks more like "into a cyberdemon butt" than out of it, tbh :D
  22. Fair enough :D I didn't, I just saw the pickup and got it locked out somehow. Anyway now that I've posted a video, you can take a look at it--would be much easier than me trying to explain. It's at about 16:40. Yeah, it's one and a half hour of 1080p video at 60 FPS. Not sure how many levels it was, felt like 10 or a bit fewer.
  23. Part 1 of my Doom Zero playthrough. Apologies for the occasional freezes - not sure what exactly causes those, and it seems like there's even more in the recording than there were in the actual game. Not sure if it's GeForce Experience messing things up or something else, I've got too many new things going on in regards to my PC situation which makes it difficult pinpoint what exactly is at fault.
  24. Played a bit of v1.1, died on Claustrophobia (UV) to misunderstading level progression. Will upload on YouTube, and another ~40 minutes after death as a separate video. Will take a while, though, as it adds up to a total of 30+ GB of footage. Here's a 50 minute demo of gameplay up until the death, for now (recorded in prboom+ I like the gameplay so far, although progression is not obvious at times. Also I think I might have broken the invisibility secret in Triple Town (roughly 16:40 in the demo/video). Also Echo Halls is pretty cool, I really like what you did there. The lack of map numbers on automap is annoying, though. rth-dz-fda.zip
  25. Rathori

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I'm not a huge fan of the changes in 1.2(1), so I took the par times from 1.2 and put them in separate .deh files which can be loaded alongside Sigil 1.1 (and probably 1.0, although I didn't test it) for both gzdoom and compat versions. SIGIL_PAR.zip