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  1. waza

    Classic solo design w/boss, feedback pls

    Made some edits to the map and reposted, anyone up for a tough one? Please more feedback folks!
  2. waza

    Classic solo design w/boss, feedback pls

    Thanks for the feedback, I will add some ammo here and there on my next update. I appreciate the info!
  3. Edit: added a little more ammo and a few more lights. This level is intended to be quite hard, and the boss battle REALLY hard..good luck! Please test this map for me and leave some (constructive) feedback if you would. Thanks everyone! snap CFUX82DH Points of Interest: 1) Classic style design (weapons and keycards, and enemies) 2) Fun and creative boss battle/arena (he's a tough one) 3) Pulled off a few tricks that I think no one else has yet 4) Used RedRage's 'keep your inventory' and 'checkpoint' systems 5) Looks absolutely awesome..no really.. Thanks everyone!
  4. waza

    Test maps w/o publishing?

    Excellent! Thanks for the info!
  5. waza

    Test maps w/o publishing?

    Is there any way to put out a map for testing without publishing through the snapmap system? Or do I publish..wait..take feedback..edit..and republish under a DIFFERENT snapcode?
  6. waza

    SP musts (pin?)

    Dunno if you can/want to pin something like this but when someone like redrage does what he did (simple clean modular checkpoints) I think it should be pinned so all SP maps use it imo. Also the trick to keeping inventory on respawn...essential imo. These things give me hope that SP is not a total snapLOSS! What else for SP musts??
  7. Nice map, voted it up. One suggestion...use the code for checkpoints and retaining weapon inventory in all your maps, creds to redrage (https://www.doomworld.com/vb/snapmap/88292-checkpoints-tutorial/)
  8. waza

    Checkpoints tutorial

    Excellent work, thanks for this! I will use this in every map and credit you too my friend.