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  1. Jadwick

    Mapping questions thread

    Uh, I haven't really found a situation where it matters, in the example you've shown I'd just link all the buttons to the same play music node (bottom example), unless of course you are playing different versions of the music.
  2. Jadwick

    Checkpoints tutorial

    You would need multiple booleans, and player starts. You can set up the player starts with a property for which player they are, then on your module->On Entered event, filter for which player, and activate the according boolean.
  3. Jadwick

    Mapping questions thread

    The "Give Score" is an option on the Player Proxy object. So say you want to have a button give a score, then on use, link it to the player proxy, give score. Editing the properties of the Give Score node defines how many points you want to give. The player that used the button will be the activator, so they alone will receive the points. ...and yeah, the best way to disable firing would just be to take all ammo, or more accurately, set the player's ammo capacity to 0%. The percentage is the percentage of the default, not their current amount, so after the effect wore off you would want to set their ammo capacity back to 100%.
  4. Jadwick

    4 player limit for Doom SnapMaps??

    Multiplayer allows for 16 players. SnapMap allows for 4 players + 12 demons. I don't know if snapmap uses a peer-to-peer or client-sever network but it doesn't matter. Each player and demon has to send a similar amount of data to update its position, and likely uses a similar amount of resources on the hardware. Since we can assume demons and players use a similar amount of network/resources the cap makes sense. However, we should at least be given the option to disable monsters completely and use all those resources for more players.
  5. Jadwick

    Core Meltdown: Co-op campaign map

    If you are using a spawn encounter object, or multiple ones, you can make a connection from them and select the "On encounter finished" event. This fires when all the demons spawned from this event are dead. You could then link to, and increase, a counter for how many encounters you have. If you are using encounters, or placed demons, this is the easiest one to implement. There is another way to do this by counting every demon in a room with some logic objects. I made a vid on this one so I'm just gonna link you there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy7swY9DgQ4
  6. Jadwick

    jCoop - Map01

    Hey, thanks for trying my map! The hi-scores are there for every snapmap, you can hit 'r' in lobby and see them. You can carry 2 weapons at a time in multipler/snapmap, and that is a limitation imposed by the game, not me - I just had to work with it. There are quite a few weapons scattered in that map, most are hidden in secret areas. The generic ammo is also imposed by the game, you can't give ammo for certain weapons, either everything gets ammo or nothing does. Again, thanks for trying it out.
  7. Jadwick

    Core Meltdown: Co-op campaign map

    Okay I played through it again. I didn't have any problems with the barons not spawning, but by using all 4 terminals as you enter that room you can totally skip fighting anything in there as after you use the terminals everything dies. Here is an imgur link: http://imgur.com/a/CdEj0 the first 2 pictures show where that shield and rl were double spawning. The third shows that activate console poi stays on after you hit it, since I'm at the end of the map. The first baron fight went much smoother after I completely cleared the room, but demons trickle in so slow there I thought everything was done spawning previously and activated the console early. Jumping platforms went much easier since you pointed out the alternate path. In this case, I would suggest you move the barrier on the platform forward a bit so you can't land on it at all. The first lockdown arena opens before everything is dead, the one with all the security guards. I know it's on a timer, but maybe change that to clearing the room? And you can activate the switch to get the blue keycard before putting the green powercore in its spot. You might also want to make the "restore Power" objective appear before picking up the core, because if you miss picking up the core its not clear what to do after you go into the yellow door. You also have a red keycard laying on the spawn room floor. You might have missed removing this when you were testing.
  8. Jadwick

    Core Meltdown: Co-op campaign map

    You might want to spawn the barons on the other demon's death. I ran into this a lot testing a coop map, and it's that damn 12 demon count limit I think. But if you add to a counter when both the mancubus and caco die you should have enough open spots for spawn your two barons.
  9. Jadwick

    jCoop - Map01

    Over 9 years I've been in and out of the zdoom multiplayer scene and I've never created a doomworld forum account, and it took the release of a new doom for me to do that, weird. Anyways - I posted this over on the bethesda forums, but I want to point as many people as I can at it - my solo/coop snapmap. Big image: This is jCoop! Over 35 hours of design went into this map! Multiplayer scaling - solo for bragging rights or bring your friends; the difficulty increases with more than 2 players. Run and gun - classic gameplay feel and difficulty. Secrets, secrets, secrets - you'll likely need them to complete the map! A par time of 24 minutes - this is a self encompassed campaign! Life system - keep fighting till your end, then twice more. Top the charts - Bonus points for keeping those lives, and finding all the secrets... I have been working on this since release, I wanted to create something you might have seen in the campaign - well, as much as that was possible. This is a result of testing over and over again to get everything perfect - and I want to send a big thanks to my friends for helping me test: Thanks Matt and Nick! also thanks to these Bethesda forum users for their feedback: sickenz Here is the map code: XGEVPPY5 ...or search for "jCoop" Enjoy! Comments and criticisms welcomed!
  10. Jadwick

    Core Meltdown: Co-op campaign map

    I liked this map a lot, too. The retreaded areas we're very clever since you see where the red, yellow and blue doors all are before you get the keys. The keys themselves are in decent areas, but I almost walked over the bag with the red key in it - you might consider giving it a light red light or something to draw more attention to it. Regardless, I didn't get lost in the map - so flow is good. The activators are clever and the clutter and object use was fantastic. Demon difficulty was good, but I would have liked a few more weapon choices. Maybe I missed a few secrets? All those security guards early on really made me want something explosive there, and that first baron fight is brutal, I kept getting stuck on all the enemies charging in on me. Nearly everything in that room hunts you it seems, you might want to disperse some of them to throwing fireballs instead - or make that stun plasma rifle have a POI. Also, in the room with the two floating platforms over the shadowy death pit. Was there something I was supposed to do here to disable the barrier on the second platform? I managed to land on the very edge of the platform and double-jump my way to the opposite side, but it feels like I missed something here too. There are a few places where multiple items spawn on themselves, notably the rocket launcher and 3 shields in the room with the blue and yellow doors. This might be intended though for multiplayer.
  11. This map was great! Almost ate it a couple times, but was able to find some health pickups when I needed them. Weapon progression was good too, but I stopped switching after I got the rocket launcher and super shotty. The rooms were designed great as well, with believable clutter to fill out the atmosphere. Demon difficulty increased as you get the appropriate weapons to fight them. Again, great map.