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  1. @Arsinikk I'm a bit late to the party, but... :) Author of one of the maps speaking. I just watched your stream; thanks for the overall good comments. A long time has passed since I've been watching somebody play my map. The map is convoluted, I agree, cuz I couldn't even navigate it properly myself. My goal was to have a non-linear map that promotes exploring, which may not fit well with the theme of hyperactive Jamal running and killing bad guys :) That's why you had to kill Arch-Vile with pellets :) Should you pick a different path or open more doors on the way and you'll get some decent firearms. And I agree, more rockets are needed. Also, a lesson learned for me about this annoying elevator - while I like the "drop traps" (usually with chaingunners, but you were lucky enough to first find a secret from which you could safely get rid of them), I should place them in corridors that you don't need to travel more than once, not in the main junction of the map. PS. Good hunch about cyber telefrag :) Now, regarding this: Yes, that's some crappy bug that I thought I fixed. It happens to me usually in a similar setup where I have an elevated opening to the skyview - maybe it's a combination of malformed nodes, ceiling height and/or deliberately missing texture? Dunno, but looks like my guessing game didn't eliminate the problem completely. And also let me use this place to once again say big thanks to @Doomkid for the great effort of organizing all this!
  2. Cool stuff, great competition! Congratulation to the winners and thank you @Doomkid for the enormous effort put into playtesting and judging! Looking forward to the next project :)
  3. Hi Folks and the notorious @Doomkid :-) Here I come with an updated version of my map (Techbase Damaged by Hell v2.zip). Changes: corrected animated lava texture miscellaneous texture alignment corrections fix a HoM in the window in the outside area removed potential softlock on Coop added some more monsters and traps here and there many visual improvements, especially to the areas that were exceptionally pale improved final battle (it's harder now) make some secrets even more visible taken more care about the automap hygiene (some superfluous lines were still visible) added obligatory Computer Area Map and one more Cyberdemon :) @Peccatum Mihzamiz just in case you plan to continue your coop streams, please use this version. Also, since the gameplay of the map has already been streamed I decided to record my run that uncovers 100% of the secrets. This was recorded using Crispy Doom, but the map is still vanilla compatible. And, last but not least, some Chocolate-based screenshots of the changed areas for improved nostalgia ;)
  4. No worries, let it land in any episode you find relevant. Just in case, I modified the level a bit so that the blue key doesn't appear against the sky, so it is now clearly visible regardless of the sky color :) I'll post an updated map soon.
  5. How can I make my map use a different sky than the blue one? It doesn't fit well with the map theme :(
  6. Hey @Doomkid, I just watched your stream - thanks for your outstanding contribution :) Man, now I clearly see how my map resonates with my own playing preferences. You rushed through the level (which is perfectly fine, given the number of maps you have to play, comment on, and judge), while I prefer a more exploratory approach. I think that's why you missed some pretty obvious secrets :) But anyway, even w/o a secret Soulsphere or two one can easily survive since I am usually rather generous with providing players with armor and health (that's because I myself am rather a mediocrely skilled player). Again, thanks for playing. Now I see how I can improve the gameplay and what is to be fixed (HoM, etc.). I'll post the updated version soon. Keep up the good work!
  7. Just a side note. When using the Visplane Explorer it's good to tick the "open doors" checkbox, so it can reveal more potential hazard points.
  8. @Peccatum Mihzamiz Just go and grab a soulsphere or a medikit. You should be good :)
  9. I don't know what to do... Watch the videos and streams and have the maps spoiled or just wait until release and play them myself. Hard choices ;)
  10. Yup, I also added the co-op start, but didn't do any special testing. I guess some traps can be easily avoided by blocking closing doors, etc. But hey, that's actually what coop is for :)
  11. Ok, I just overlooked a single "teleport destination" thing :-/ The corrected map is attached to this post @Doomkid. I'll update my previous posts accordingly. Techbase Damaged By Hell.zip
  12. Thank you, @Blexor. I will double-check all teleport traps later today and post an update if needed. cc: @Doomkid
  13. I'm attaching my map with added deatchmatch starts and some additional items for multiplayer. I also updated the original post: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2457510 The most recent version of the map is in the following post: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2461726
  14. Hi! This is my attempt. IRL issues stole some free time so I was a bit in a rush. But maybe that's ok because the map is already too big IMHO. The most recent version of the map is in the following post: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2461726 Theme: hell + techbase + caverns :D Designed for a rather bright kind of sky (the blue one doesn't fit well). Title: "Techbase Damaged By Hell" So unique! Few highlights: It's a map for rather a skillful player It promotes exploration - secrets help a lot, but they are easy to spot. Can be finished w/o secrets. I did it, so can you :) Should not crash vanilla (maybe except the savegame limit), but I encourage you to play in Crispy, since vanilla has a bug so that when you reload the monsters became inactive, which makes the teleport traps broken :( May look dull in gzDoom and in other high-resolution setups - the amount of detail is just enough not to crash vanilla Now I'm gonna have fun playing some of the great entries I've seen in this thread :) Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Have a great week! PS. I forgot to add deathmatch starts - will fix it tomorrow.
  15. Hey! I finally finished my masterpiece with 273 monsters... Now some minor polishing, balancing, playtesting, and obligatory automap hygiene. And then I can post it :)