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  1. How to make levels harder without just adding more/harder enemies?

    Cybbies. More cybbies. Don't care about "complicated" ways of increasing difficulty. Drop cybbies. More cybbies.
  2. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Yes, indeed I can see the secret switch that is not a switch.
  3. Doom 3: Primary Excavation Site (BETA)

    Visually stunning map, but where are weapons? :)
  4. I sorta like this mod, keep up the good work!
  5. A wad i made

    Here's my UV blind run of the map. The map is not very amusing with lots of texturing glitches and some door opening to the sky. See:
  6. Brown - My first map on Doomworld

    Nice looking map, with reasonable difficulty level. Plenty of ammo. Lots of traps that constantly keep you on the edge :)
  7. New Map: Dalida Satanica Mortis

    Thanks! BTW: Look what I've found. Nice video of the level 100% finished in ~half an hour. Great skills!
  8. neckornothing.wad

    So I attempted the map but couldn't finish it due to a possible bug. I got trapped inside the building by the lowered ceiling. Anyway, this map resembles my very first wads - tight corridors, quite straightforward layout, multiple alignment issues, etc. Texturing at the start of the level was indeed exceptional :) I also enjoyed my 1% survival :) Here's the video of my blind run:
  9. Mapping Tips, Please Critique. V2

    Nice level of rather low difficulty. I think the Chaingunner at the beginning is facing the wrong direction; this could be intentional, though. Maybe a little to short but very good as a first level in a longer wad. I appreciate the chainsaw at the very beginning :) Here's the video of my blind run through the level:
  10. Is is safe to leave map with nodebuilding artifacts as shown below? Is there any other risk than minor graphical glitches? I ask in the vanilla context.
  11. [Map] Memory Maze

    I like the minimalistic desing and texturing. These browns and grays work together really well. But I think you forgot to place some health items on the map.
  12. [Map] Luna AI

    Here's the video of my UV blind run with your hint about the cameras read :) Pros: - New enemies - these are always fun and threathening - Vanilla look&feel Cons: - This single camera that I couldn't find :) - Some low-on-ammo areas before getting the chainsaw - Is there an Armor on this level (except the secret one at the beginning)? I also found a bug (probably missing texture) - see the video at 22:57 (door at left hand side) and 23:15.
  13. [Map] Vertigo Temple

    The map has great visuals and nice, interconnected layout. But the instant-kill water is a big no-no. It ruined my blind run :/
  14. New Map: Dalida Satanica Mortis

    OK, it seems like the map is either perfectly good or extremely boring ;-) In any case thank you very much for the feedback received so far and brace yourselves for some more! ;)
  15. Mountain Base - My first release

    Hi! Below please find my videos. These two maps were really cool. What I did like: - nice barrel placement - threathening traps - fair play - limited backtracking - clear result of switch-press