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  1. @ETTiNGRiNDER Yes, it is my intended behavior. The point is that as you progress through the level you can peek into the final area from a few different parts of the map and see what scary creatures await there, making you mentally prepared for a fight :) So the premature wake-up is not an issue in my case. I need to double check but you may actually be right about the walls being involved in the bug.
  2. Are you sure? I didn't play Heretic that much in the past to notice it, but in that particular location of my new level this happens literally every single time I test the map. It seems that if you give the flying creatures enough time, they will always find a way to block the walking ones. Monsters in this room are activated by the first shot you make and then just keep moving around until the final encounter several minutes later. There is also one other place when I observd such behavior. I have a monster closed as depicted in the attachment. In the first version there were no Golems but Gargoyles and guess what - the first Iron Lich barely ever managed to teleport to the main map area, because it's been blocked by Gargoyle. Again, the creatures spent a lot of time "together" which probably increased the chances of being stuck. So I lowered the ceiling and replaced Gargoyles with Golems, just to be on the safe side. So maybe there is also some kind of fallback mechanism implemented that blocks the vertical descent of a created but only until some edge condition is met. For example, the request to descend down is blocked, let's say, 100 times in a row and then eventually the engine allows the move, assuming that there is something fundamentally incorrect with the level geometry or item placement. Don't know... Just a guess :)
  3. Silly me... you're right guys. Of course you cannot have one monster over another in Doom in the first place...
  4. OK, thanks. I'll remove flying creatures from the area then. But, out of curiosity... Doom handles the flying creatures correctly, so what did the guys from Raven break while creating Heretic?
  5. Hi, I'm finishing my Heretic map and the bug causing flying mosnters to stuck in other monsters completely ruins my (semi)final encounter... As you can see it on of the screenshots, the Maulotaur just turned his ass on me and doesn't want to fight. Is there a way to prevent this other than removing the flying creatures?
  6. mgr_inz_rafal

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Don't forget the vine structure in E2M4, as shown on the screenshot below. But if you realize that this was all in the nineties, while we were still in the times when graphics in the games was mostly symbolic (red is blood, blue is probably sky), it is not a problem at all and I believe that even if Romero or somebody else noticed the misaligned texture, they didn't really care. The game looked awfully better than, let's say, Wolf or Spear of Destiny anyway. I personally don't remember noticing or worrying about any misalignments back in the nineties. What annoyed me more was the rooms with nukage or water on the ceiling, though :) I would say that perfectly aligned textures is a kind of requirement for maps created nowadays as we have better tools and a lot of modern games that we tend to compare (GZ)Doom to.
  7. mgr_inz_rafal

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some more pics of the upcoming vanilla Heretic map.
  8. mgr_inz_rafal

    the church of SATAN (2 map vanilla wad)

    Well, not my pair of shoes :) Not enough arms, not enough health...
  9. I liked the map a lot, here is the video of my blind run. I got a little confused by the unusual exit :) Definitely would play some more of that! BTW: There is a missing texture (7:24) and I can also hear the ceiling/floor moving sound that plays constantly in this area.
  10. mgr_inz_rafal

    Make flat from 64 to 128?

    GZDoom can handle normal textures on floor/ceilings.
  11. mgr_inz_rafal

    Ending map after enemy is killed?

    Make sure that after saving scripts (pressing Ctrl+S in the script editor) the statur bar says: "compiled without errors". If you happen to have some errors, scripts will not be available and you need to check against any typos.
  12. mgr_inz_rafal

    Ending map after enemy is killed?

    Press F10 in GZDoomBuilder.
  13. mgr_inz_rafal

    Berserk.wad (A map i made)

    Here's a video of me playing the map. Some comments: - Nice, consistent theme (I especially liked the trees on the high ledges) - Very low detailing towards the end (plain, green brick rooms) - Cybbie fight very easy, but presumably only because I found the blue skull to get the plasma - Some unpegged door tracks and minor textures misalignment - Very fair ammo/health balance - I would expect a berserk powerup, judging by the map name :) There are some pinkies and cacos and sould when it would be pleasure to do some punching. Or chainsawing :) Overall, very good job!
  14. mgr_inz_rafal


    Below is my second run. First time I was killed by this a little bit unfair chaingunner trap :) There is this already mentioned obvious error when opening doors disappear into thin air. Also some doortracks aren't unpegged. But these are just technical issues. What is more important is that the map is, well, boring. The single, very detailed computer console seems to have more sectors that the entire map. I don't know... I got the impression that you only had enough will to detail the starting area and later it's just plain rooms. I also didn't like the invisible wall located outdoors. BTW: GZDoom dumps some diagnostic messages to the console, please verify if all sectors are closed, etc.
  15. mgr_inz_rafal

    [New Map] Spatial Anomaly

    OK, guys, I couldn't make it without dying, so here is the video where I reload once or twice...