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  1. mgr_inz_rafal

    Game Engine Black Book: Doom

    Mine has just arrived :)
  2. @boris it's a little bit too late, but thanks anyway. It's good to know. On the other hand, if I use the mentioned "cvar" the game gets "PAUSED" when the focus leaves the window. So it's kinda active, but not really active :)
  3. Sure I don't mind. Please see the video below. I am creating a tool that runs in separate process and controls the DoomGuy. The tool is intended to run on other PC and control the game via network, but for debug purposes I run it on the same PC as Doom game, but in separate window. I'd like the game to remain active and react to commands even if I have other windows focused. To achieve that I added the "-active_in_background" parameter to the GZDoom.exe and modified the following code: case WM_ACTIVATEAPP: if(!active_in_background) { AppActive = wParam == TRUE; if (wParam) { SetPriorityClass (GetCurrentProcess (), INGAME_PRIORITY_CLASS); } else if (!noidle && !netgame) { SetPriorityClass (GetCurrentProcess (), IDLE_PRIORITY_CLASS); } S_SetSoundPaused ((!!i_soundinbackground) || wParam); } break; And here's the video:
  4. @Dark Pulse, judging by your answer it seems that I didn't make my intention clear :) That would definitely not suck in my case. For the tool I currently develop I simply need GZDoom to keep running while it stays in the background. It seems there is no easy solution for this I'll try to modify GZDoom myself. I'll post the solution here if I find one :)
  5. It's ok that the game loses focus, but I would like, for example, monsters to continue chasing the player, even if the window is in background.
  6. Hello, How to keep GZDoom running in windowed mode in a background (non-active) window? Currently, when I switch to other app then GZDoom freezes... I tried "-noidle" param but without luck.
  7. mgr_inz_rafal

    [GZDoom] Sector portals, green DoomGuy apparition

    Thanks for the feedback. Now at least I know that it's not my fault with setting the portal incorrectly. I will experiment with the proposed soultion even though it seems to be extremely "hacky" :) The advise to ignore the issue is also very tempting :) @Kappes Buur, I observed it with GZDoom BTW: After reading through your post on drdteam I see that you had this problem with line portals. For me it's not the case. In the map I released recently (link below) I used the line portals to great extent and never observed any green marine appearing. This only happened to me once I started experimenting with sector portals.
  8. Hello All, For my new map I am using Sector portals for the first time. I think I managed to set up the portal correctly, but if I go through it at high speed the green marine appears for a brief, yet noticable moment. When I go slowly then everything seems correct. Can you help me with getting rid of this apparition? See the video:
  9. mgr_inz_rafal

    [zDoom Dev] Spawning and destroying map things

    Hello, Today I had some more time to work on this issue and I feel obligated to give you an update, since it turned out that what I wrote above is bulls*.*it :) Correct apporach to monitor all active actors: Monitor each thing spawned by engine (even if it's spawned in the inventory) [AActor::StaticSpawn] Remove from monitoring things that are converted into inventory items (Clips, Pistol, etc.) [AInventory::BecomeItem] Remove from monitoring all things that are destroyed (BulletPuffs, etc.) [AActor::OnDestroy] Thanks for your attention :)
  10. mgr_inz_rafal

    [zDoom Dev] Spawning and destroying map things

    OK, here's what I found. To get an exact type name of an actor you can use actor->GetClass()->TypeName.GetChars() But this will give you, for example "Cell" for items spawned either in Inventory or on the map. To ignore the items spawned in the inventory I use the following condition actor->IsKindOf(RUNTIME_CLASS(AInventory))
  11. mgr_inz_rafal

    [zDoom Dev] Spawning and destroying map things

    Thank you, that gives me some insight. Can you help me, assuming I have an AActor class object, how can I check if it is going to be spawned on a map? I tried to figure it out from LinkToWorld(), but failed. Another question: having the same object how can I tell which class it belongs to? Is it an Imp, a Berserk or a Megasphere, for example? Like the "Type" property shown in Doom Builder (2002 = Chaingun, 3005 = Cacodemon). Once I know this I'll be able to manually filter the things I am interested in.
  12. Hello All, I have a question to guys that know zDoom source code. I tried to register on "forum.zdoom.org", but they asked me some questions about zombies in Plutonia and official wikis that I don't know the answer to. Now I cannot register at all (maximum number of tries reached). So I'll try my luck here. I am looking for an ultimate place in the code that will let me track spawning and destroying of map items. What I found so far: Destroying: I hooked myself to the "void AActor::RemoveFromHash()" function of p_mobj.cpp file. This seem to be working correctly. Spawning: I hooked myself to the end of "AActor *AActor::StaticSpawn (PClassActor *type, const DVector3 &pos, replace_t allowreplacement, bool SpawningMapThing)" function. This works kinda ok until I, for example, pickup Plasma Gun. In that case the gun is removed from map, but new thing at position 0,0,0 is spawned. The tag says "$AMMO_CELLS", so I think this is an inventory item that is spawned in game but not on the map, maybe (see picture)? But this doesn't happen for Chaingun and regular ammo, making me confused :/ My idea is to track spawning and destroying of every map thing (I mean the things that appear on automap after "iddtiddt"). Can anyone comment if I hooked myself to correct places?
  13. mgr_inz_rafal

    Horizontally "moving" 3D floors.

    Nice! I like abusing the ACS in similar ways :)
  14. mgr_inz_rafal

    [New HERETIC map] Village of Rotten Bones

    Here's my run made on GZDoom. Surely, I needed save points :) It took me nearly 1h to finish, but at least you can see where all the secrets are. Once again I must admit that I am unable to create small and compact levels :( BTW: Did anyone notice "The Runes"? Visible on the video at 32:52 :)
  15. mgr_inz_rafal

    [New HERETIC map] Village of Rotten Bones

    Thanks @captain crunchy - very helpful comment. @galileo31dos01 As soon as you jump out of the chapel the small room (close to the bars) opens that let you teleport back to the arena in case you used the Chaos Device. And the bars themselves raise once you're approaching the exit, just in case you have some time to spare and want to take a stroll around the level. BTW: For the similar reason I decided not to use Wings of Wrath as these seems able to break the level progression even more drastically.