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  1. mgr_inz_rafal

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Yes, you're right about that. Just yesterday I found some maps I made around 2003 and, well... Mostly the 64 unit wide corridors connecting different square rooms :)
  2. mgr_inz_rafal

    GZDoombuilder slow down on big maps

    Can you attach an example WAD file so I can verify if it slows down for me? I don't work with such monstrosities, but I used to edit some pretty big maps and actually never experienced any performance problems.
  3. mgr_inz_rafal

    Wetworks.wad, a first map - criticism welcome !

    Here's video of me playing the map blindly on UV. Some comments: - Simply fun and entertaining , despite the simple look and feel. Good vanilla vibes :) - These two revenants in the "rounded area" were placed wery strategically - I needed to fight them with my sniper-chaingun - Very good job as for the first map, lot's of chainsaw joy - The difficulty level is very well balanced Finally, I just had a lot of fun playing the map. But where is the cyberdemon? ;-)
  4. mgr_inz_rafal

    Tekex - Limit-removing map

    I also failed miserably trying to beat the map on UV. The architecture is uncommon, therefore quite interesting, but having to run around and punching hitscanners ruined the fun. Maybe it's just not my pair of shoes :)
  5. mgr_inz_rafal

    Reverberation Station

    Below is a video of me playing blindly on UV. Some feedback: - I liked the visuals of the area before the red key, maybe except the pitch black windows (as opposite to HAK3180). I were more than sure that the Cyberdemon I heard will spawn in the middle of the area - The exit door texture is used incorrectly - The idea to fight cyberdemon with that moving pillars is neat, however I decided to escape cowardly :) And... The auto weapon switch nearly costed me life, when the swarm of chaingunners appeared :) Here's the video:
  6. mgr_inz_rafal

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    StormCatcher.77, Bauul, Bridgeburner56 and Dragonfly, You simply make me feel like I shouldn't map anymore :)
  7. mgr_inz_rafal

    [New Map] Murky Bile of the Satan

    Thanks for the demo and for suggestions. You actually escaped to the optional part of the map at the very beginning :) There will definitely be a second release since I spotted some problems while watching your demo, for example, misaligned SP_DUDEs is the final area. Also, the elevator in the teleporter landing zone (which is used very often) should be fast, etc. The secret "cubicles" certainly need some more touch. Regarding barrels, maybe you're right, but I think that thanks to them we could observe the rare Imp infighting with another Imp - if I'm not mistaken that happened during your gameplay. And the flying barrel seems to be PrBoom specific, but I will fix that.
  8. mgr_inz_rafal

    [New Map] Murky Bile of the Satan

    Hello all fans of the "...of the Satan" series :) Here I come to you with my new vanilla-compatible map. I'll be more than happy to receive any feedback or opinions. WAD file: http://chabowski.eu/DOOM_custom_maps/Murky_Bile_Of_The_Satan/Murky_Bile_of_the_Satan.wad Story: You're space marine who is obliged to kill boss! :) Technical: - No difficulty levels implemented (I consider the difficulty medium) - Coop mode compatible - Uses some textures from Doom1 IWAD - Uses music from Doom1 - Uses great sky bitmap from "Eradrop" - Tested with GZDoom, Chocolate Doom and doom2.exe on DosBox Highlights: - Regular base level with some hell showing up here and there - More than usual nukage areas but plenty of radsuits to counteract - Some optional areas for those who are ready to trade some time for bigger guns :) - Some "vanilla" look-and-feel (doors, slow elevators, etc.) Pictures:
  9. mgr_inz_rafal

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Well, this is actually my biggest problem with mapping. I plan to make a map that I can finish within, let's say 3-4 weeks, but then this happens and I keep adding more and more sectors :) @NeedHealth Yes, it's a SM right there. But this setup doesn't work weel gameplay-wise and will probably be modified.
  10. mgr_inz_rafal

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Hmm, and this is my attempt to create short, simple, arcade-like map :D It's now time to populate the map with monsters and monster closets :)
  11. mgr_inz_rafal

    Problem with PolyObj textures

    Yes, so that was indeed a problem with polyobject crossing multiple sectors with different heights. Since I don't want to move the carefully crafted sectors shapes I will fix the sector heights. Similarly, the brightness levels in all affected sectors should be the same to prevent blinking. On the video you can actually see that polyobj moves "through" the wall; pay attention when I stare at the corner how the wall wobbles.
  12. mgr_inz_rafal

    Problem with PolyObj textures

    Thank you all for suggestions, at least I know what to look at. I'll check it out during the weekend. I tested this polyobject before the room has been detailed and it worked correctly, so maybe once I added details the geometry changes introduced the bug.
  13. mgr_inz_rafal

    Problem with PolyObj textures

    Hi! I just stumbled upon the following problem with PolyObj textures. The same happens with software renderer. This polyobject is created identically to hundreds of other I've created in the past... How to debug that? GZDoom
  14. OK, I fixed the move of light, but I still don't understand the mechanism behind the scenes. Look at the screen below. What I did is to make another sector in the void place around the button (and target map spot). That helped and the light was teleported. Then, to fix the look I made the height of the floor of the new sector equal to ceiling and then the teleport refused to work again. So I think that there must be enough space provided around the target map spot in order for the movement to happen, therefore I left the floor as it was and fixed the look by adding middle textures to the walls. However, on the video that I attached to the original post, for the sake of simplicity I tried to teleport the thing to the sector with plenty of free space around, yet the light didn't want to move. Heh... Yea, whatever :) And BTW: @Empyre, the light is a thing indeed, you can even see it via 3xIDDT. And here's the video of the working soultion:
  15. @Empyre Thanks for your comment, but the problem is that I actually do manage to move the light in the other part of the map by using Thing_Move() - see the end of the video... That's what makes me seriously confused :/ I will experiment with other ways to do it if I don't find out what is happening.