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  1. mgr_inz_rafal

    Demon smelter - a WAD in the works

    I just tested the first map on my Doom-dedicated-2004-laptop with Choco Doom and realized that I forgot that "BROWNWEL" doesn't tile well in vanilla :( Need to figure something out since this underestimated texture fits the map theme very well.
  2. mgr_inz_rafal

    Demon smelter - a WAD in the works

    Thanks for the feedback, @myolden! My idea was that this WAD should be indeed hard on the hard difficulty, hence some ammo starvation might happen. I'd like ultra-violence to be challenging because I have an impression that it became just a standard difficulty level to play :) Also, the secrets I implement tend to be rather easy to find - I don't like pushing random walls myself, so I try to add more or less obvious clues. Anyway, I'm glad you like the map overall. Regarding the things you pointed out: Ad. 2) The early BFG is intentional. My previous experience shows that I was never able to build a WAD big enough to reach the point when I can introduce the BFG properly :) So, here it is from the beginning, but you're only allowed a single shot (no additional ammo available) Ad. 1) You're right. I might consider removing this RL and introducing it in a later map. But if I decide it should stay, I'll add more rockets. Using rockets on zombies is always fun :) Ad. 3) Good catch - I fixed that
  3. mgr_inz_rafal

    Demon smelter - a WAD in the works

    Hello! I'm working (once again) on a short mapset for Doom2. I have several single maps finished and released, but never been able to release something more complete because my maps tend to get bigger and bigger and more detailed and... boring :) That's why this time my plan is to: To be short - the whole "story" should fit in 3 or 4 maps Vanilla compatible - so I don't spend much time on detailing (btw, vanilla look&feel is my preferable way of playing Doom, anyway) Use vanilla textures only Difficulty level support (no just monsters, but different power-ups, ammo boxes, etc.) Co-op compatible (no deathmatch) Have a catchy title :) The stage is set as follows: MAP01 - You go through sewers to reach the enemy complex MAP02 - Escaped the sewers, need to go through the wastelands MAP03 - Entering the enemy complex and... we'll see ;) Today I present the first map. It's an obligatory sewers map, compatible with DOOM2.exe and above. All feedback and/or FDA demos are greatly appreciated. The WAD is in the attachment. Project status: MAP01 - review MAP02 - in progress MAP03 - planned DOWNLOAD: map01m.zip
  4. mgr_inz_rafal

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    This thread makes me feel like I'm gonna do some mapping for Hexen :)
  5. Good to know, thanks. I've been using scripting trickery to achieve this effect...
  6. mgr_inz_rafal

    [Request for testers] No-name vanilla map set

    Thank you @Suitepee for your test-playing the maps. I'm definitely gonna fix these hanging corpses. Thief is an awesome game, btw :)
  7. mgr_inz_rafal

    [Request for testers] No-name vanilla map set

    Thanks for your video review, much appreciated, @meapineapple. Some comments: Regarding the waterfall textures not animating, I think I fell into the same traps as with custom switches on MAP02. Should be a quick fix. The little caves with teleports blend too much with the environment, indeed, even though there are the torches. Fixed that with some lighting adjustment I also need to think about how to make the running back and forth less tedious. I liked the comment about folded displays :) And, as usual, I see some places to improve, because - you know - the assumptions you make about the playstyle of others are nearly always wrong :) Finally, as a "thank you" for your testing effort - a little spoiler for secret areas that you've missed (mind the blue banner), despite being so close :) Still, many more to discover, though.
  8. mgr_inz_rafal

    [Request for testers] No-name vanilla map set

    Hello Folks, Here is the MAP01 ready for testing: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=64116 The objective here is to reach the base (MAP02) through the sewers/cave system. Any comments appreciated, especially those about balancing. I'm not sure if having a cybbie in the opening map is a good idea :) As usual, thorough exploration gives benefits. Here are some screenshots:
  9. mgr_inz_rafal

    [Request for testers] No-name vanilla map set

    Hello again, After all, I decided to fall back to use the original switches only, as a simplest and most compatible solution :) MAP02 got some slight visual updates and item/enemy rebalancing and is now considered finished. Comments are still welcome, though :) https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=63577 MAP01 is about 70% complete with regards to geometry. It'll take you to MAP02 through the sewers :) Here's a teaser:
  10. mgr_inz_rafal

    [Request for testers] No-name vanilla map set

    @DynamiteKaitorn Sorry, I must have deleted the .wad extension by mistake. The file is now corrected and this is the updated link: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=63386 @Kappes Buur Thanks for your suggestion, I'll double-check that and will eventually replace the switches. There is, however, the corresponding SW2MEGA texture with opposite switch states included. Crispy and GZDoom handle this correctly.
  11. mgr_inz_rafal

    [Request for testers] No-name vanilla map set

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback. Based on the FDA demo I made some changes to the map and modified the first post accordingly. Changes: More guidance to the player about where to go next SR40 jump possibilities removed More secrets! Playable in GZDoom (I didn't use the ZokumBSP this time) Direct download: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=63357 As usual, any additional feedback is appreciated! PS. I see that while playing with Chocolate Doom the switches from SW1MEGA texture are not changing their appearance upon pressing :(
  12. mgr_inz_rafal

    Titanic Doom (Official Update Thread)

    This is some crazy stuff!
  13. mgr_inz_rafal

    [Request for testers] No-name vanilla map set

    @NoisyVelvet Thank you for the FDA. I already spotted some places to improve, especially to protect against the SR40 jumpers as good as you :) At least the RL stayed out of reach :) @Kappes Buur It seems that all these "unclosed sectors" and "overlapping vertices" errors only show up after I process the map through ZokumBSP, and this makes the entire map flicker terribly and renders it unplayable in GZDoom. In the future, I will double-check how to use ZokumBSP properly or if I should use it at all. For now, the map stays playable with Choco and Crispy, as even the SW renderer in GZDoom loses this uneven fight against incorrect sectors :) I will update the original post accordingly.
  14. Hi, From time to time I have some hours to spare in the evenings, therefore I decided to build a 3 to 5 map set for Doom. Ha, that's unusual :) My assumptions: Vanilla compatibility Vanilla style by means of abstract architecture, not perfect texturing (but not sloppy at all) Classic "slightly infested" techbase theme Moderately harder than original vanilla maps WAD that is actually playable No difficulty settings (that has always been a hassle for me to balance properly) Coop support and good difficulty progression Packed with rather easy to find secrets, rewarding thorough exploration instead of rush runs Due to #5 I decided to ask you for some beta testing. Current status of the project: MAP01 - in progress - magister_beta_03_MAP01.zip MAP02 - FINISHED - Download: magister_beta_03_MAP02.zip MAP03 - planned There's no custom sky or music yet. The mapset uses Gothic and CC4 textures (these are embedded into .wad). I suggest playing either Chocolate Doom (with savegame limit fix), Crispy Doom or GZDoom with "vanilla essence". Any advice, comments, suggestions are more than welcome! Some screenshots:
  15. mgr_inz_rafal

    [New Map] Profane Abyss of The Satan - Single Player, Vanilla

    And here is my playthrough covering all secrets. Enjoy!