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  1. massivefanofdoom

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    Actually the thing in the third image (the orange sarcophagus) in the middle reallyyyy looks like a summoner or harvester. The first image, that thing is one of 3 wraith/priest like creatures in a famous concept art, where one of the 3 is holding a crucible like thing
  2. massivefanofdoom

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Most of the doom 3 unique monsters, so wish d3 never even existed tbh. The cybie was a unique baalgar demon shadow lord fused with cybernetic implants, so we can see baalgar again. In the first trailer the imp knocks over a skull that looks like a smaller version of the cd skull....
  3. massivefanofdoom

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    All will be revealed in time but there is way too much overlap between hell and sentinels/wraith/argentppl at this time, i sense some diablo style twist on this story. The wraith like pic is from mp map empyrean, but by argent city - sentinel prime arena you must mean that short video of a heaven like city in the quakecon keynote? You zoomed in the top right i believe. Not sure if thaTs an arena, could be just a huge ravaged city, its similar in style to ureh concept from diablo3. Lots of damage seen so it could be another part of argent d nur after the war with hell, that we didnt get to yet. There is also briefly a scene of a cathedral or something similar of sorts after sentinel prime, with lots of symbols like slayers and night sentinels
  4. massivefanofdoom

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    Pardon me, but where is this from? A mp map or a d2016 sp level? And which arena in sentinel prime do you refer to? Was it in the gameplay for DE reveal in AUgust?
  5. massivefanofdoom

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    Blackgoblin i will read this later but I read the first 2 entries and you are a genius man. You are a 100x bigger lore lover than me. I too noticed that they look demonlike in that mural in the necropolis 'caughtyard room' with the goatmen like entities, and the fact the angels statues in the 'heaven level' shown in the DE reveal had horns!!! So I also thought like you that seraphim have perhaps become corrupted. Great stuff man.
  6. massivefanofdoom

    what do you think the minimum specs are for doom eternal

    OF COURSE!!!! Even mine will be good! Relax man ur more than good :) I Bought it a month before release in 2016, i7 6700k 4ghz, singular geforce 980ti and 16gb ram memory. REMEMBER!!!! gpu and monitor are the most important things for games like doom! Ram, cpu and motherboard just need to be 16gb (more than enough ram for anything not design or server related!!!!!, games today take most of their functions from the gpu and its vram, unlike the olden times) and 'up to date enough' for the cpu and motherboard (aka within 2-3yrs before the game is released ideally)
  7. massivefanofdoom

    The Doom universe? Anyone else interested?

    I LOVE it and I cannot wait for the explanation on the call of ages, betrayer, wretch, seraphim, those 3 robed figures, and all those concept art they showed,
  8. massivefanofdoom

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    I never even saw the second one, thats so great! Their priests and that thing on the sarcophagus cover has a very dark feel to them!!! Is this the seraphim race or are the seraphim the masters only? Hmmm. 'Power of the dark priest' 'a dark priest consumed by the crucible'.... and in reference to hayden that is, keep in mind that hayden like face in the incubators image. Very interesting! Also note 'dark priest' as opposed to deag grav's 'hell priest / demon priest' branded buddies. Hell and heaven/argent are just 2 opposing factions at the end of the day, but maybe they have more in similar than not.
  9. massivefanofdoom

    DOOM Eternal Reveal After-Thread

    Damn, how many other people have noticed the diablo feel and impact in the storyline and the demons/locale looks, and most of all the demon/angel/'nephilim'humans overarcing theme? Crazy, so its not just me then huh?? :) Would explain why i only play doom and diablo, i guess.
  10. massivefanofdoom

    DOOM Eternal Reveal After-Thread

    The invaders are optional, and thank god. What a horrible thing it would be to ruin a 'single player campaign' experience by having it as otherwise default, that invaders feature. Yuck. Good news though.... They confirmed it in the panel itself, 'totally up to you if you want to invade or be invaded or not'. Its either a totally new standalone game mode or a toggle option and i truly hope and believe the life system is just for Invasion, it makes sense since those 2 players spawned with like 4 lives each.
  11. massivefanofdoom

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    Very likely, i thought the same. Either way its very clear we will be revisiting argent or some place similar or close, and even its inhabitants and / or masters or survivors. Can't wait
  12. massivefanofdoom

    My Thoughts on Eternal

    The guns sounded fine to me and woah are they more badass looking and powerful than ever!! Plasma gun is insane. The little effects like the lightning streaks it leaves and the charred corpses, so sickly sweet :) The combat shotgun seems to have taken cs, hmg/minigun,and car / grenade launcher duties and consolidated them into one gun perfectly for me. Guys a heavy machine gun, both in real life and in all doom games, is meant to be slow but yet powerful and this one seems to capture that effect perfectly to me. Look how it tore into the mancubus's health pool so quick, slow but deadly. Perfecto maestro!!! And the ballista replacement for the gauss, plus the sniper rifle being really powerful and accurate with the headshots and the normal ammo being some sort of head homing ricochety boomerangish razorcutting type of shot, is even more awesome!!! I love it, no complaints from my end!!! Bring it on ASAP, id!!!!
  13. massivefanofdoom

    My Thoughts on Eternal

    I completed nm and competed well into unm without the need for a single glory kill, they are optional in the sense that u can kill the demons with an extra shot and my experience proved to me at least they are not necessary for more hp armor and ammo, there are enough already plus the chainsaw is fit for that when you are low. Plus again i rarely, if any at all, had use for the saw myself personally
  14. Fantastic ideas, 777! Unfortunately developers usually tend to simplify things and purposefully sometimes even leave stuff unexplained. Like how they butchered diablo 3's story and it made no sense from the pieces LOD left, i fear something similar may happen here so i dont get invested. I do hope you are right though, great story it would be!!! Many chapters, tons of brand new areas and more bosses!!! MOAAAARRR!!!!
  15. massivefanofdoom

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    One is holding a sphere, the other a warstaff, and the third one the crucible it seems. Interesting