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  1. Kepehn

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm a ghost! I must have died a long time ago...
  2. Kepehn

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Funny how the moderators had the hard work of creating this stupid "Like System" that it just works (sorry Todd Howard), and it does! It actually Does!!! While new mappers cannot see their maps rated & reviewed at either Downloads Legacy and Beta! Now you guys will tell me that this is not the proper thread for this! And you're right! But go complain to the Moderators! They (I'll not taking names), who created "Site and/or forum bugs or things not working", were the ones that closed it! Nowhere else to complain about this Site! P.S. Also, the Emperors of Doomworld are difficult to communicate. Maybe they are important people and cannot be bothered!
  3. Kepehn

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I am stupid for I still don't understand the Doomworld "like system"! Bro: Wow, I like this thread! I'm putting likes to some posts here! But what sphere will I choose? Me: Whatever they're all the same! Bro: No, they are different! Witch one should I pick? Me: BLUE!!! Everyone chooses that one (Probably cause they don't give a fuck, like me). Bro: Ok! but hey... Me: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr Bro: ...I better choose other spheres as well! ME: FUCK OFF DUDE!!! What part of "they're all the same!" you didn't understand!? Bro: Invisibility? No, maybe the green one? What do you think is the best choice for this threat? Me: What type of gun do YOU think is the best choice for me to shoot you!? Bro: !? ... What types do you have? Me: 4 Pistols! They're all the same! Their colors are: green, blue, white and red! Wich one should I pick!? Bro: Whatever, just make it fast... Me: No no no no! CHOOSE A COLOR!!! Bro: Dude, I don't care about the color! Either way I'm about to die! Just pick one and Shoot me!!! *cries* Me: So, do you NOW understand how those sphere Likes work on Doomworld? Bro: Yes... NO YOU DON'T, YOU FREAK! YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND!!! THAT LIKE SYSTEM WAS NOT MADE TO BE UNDERSTANDABLE!!! IT'S A FUCKING JOKE!!! And Fuck the "cool factor"!!!
  4. Kepehn

    What are you playing now?

    I'm playing Mass Extinction. Doom 2 megawad with a Doom 1 style. A challenge Wad with an incredible excellent level design!
  5. Kepehn

    Jesuit Doom Wads/Holy Sepulchre Doom WAD

    What!? Another one looking for real holy places to kill demons? It makes me sick when people bring religious affairs in here! You have DOOM already! With a bunch of holy and unholy churches found in so many wads! Why would you want a real holy site to kill demons!? Seriously, this is the second thread this year with this request of real religion local site wads! (the other one was about Islam I think, strange I cannot even find it anymore) And, do NOT say "Hallelujah"! This is a community about DOOM! Killing demons you know?...
  6. Kepehn

    Gameplay mods "slaughter-friendly"

    Make Slaughtermaps Great Again - POWERGUN.WAD By Doomkid
  7. Kepehn

    Paranoid Map... third update

    Yeah, you forgot the download link!
  8. Kepehn


    "of course"? You seem to have highlight grezzo due! What your Wad will have in common with that grezzo thing?
  9. Kepehn

    What are you playing now?

    Still nothing...
  10. Kepehn

    What are you playing now?

  11. Kepehn

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod where all enemies are replace by walking/flying weapons (that attack the player). I tried one day to replace the demon sprites to the chainsaw but it was a mess!
  12. How the "you said Fuck" did this circulate back? Well, people actually want to reply you know? Some people try to help, others just make jokes and some even say "fuck". It's not up to you or anyone to kick threads to Hell, it's only to the guys up there (where?), the moderators!
  13. Hi everyone! I just updated & released The Sheol Dagger and uploaded to \idgames after being recorded by @HAK3180 in his Thread. 

    It's just a Doom II map for GZDoom.


    It may sound weird, but I preferred to post this here instead of creating a new Thread. Comments and replies are welcome, but it's not like I'm expecting something for you. I just wanted to give the opportunity of this map to be known and played if desired.






    No It's not a slaughter map!



  14. Ok @HAK3180, thanks for playing my map! I appreciate your criticism, it made me realize that there's so much stuff wrong I need to correct. I did playtest before upload it, but I never thought it would be so difficult for others. I used to play Doom slowly so I rarely get stuck. It's more easy to get stuck when you play fast, there could be a little switch you didn't see at first glance. I'm sad you could not finish the map, but it is absolutely understandable. I will edit my map in a way to prevent the player of getting stuck. Lastly I will upload it to /idgames. Thanks for your time and patience! :)
  15. Hi there @HAK3180. I don't know if you remember me from your previous thread last year, asking if you could play my map. The map wasn't ready. But I finally got some time to finish it. I would be glad if you played it! The Sheol Dagger! http://www.mediafire.com/file/3iuvfi6m1lrwenj/SheolDagger.rar/file It's one map (map01) for Doom 2 with new textures and 3 new enemies. Built in zdoom format but it's simple old Doom style gameplay. No jump or crouch allowed, and freelook isn't required, although recommended for a vertical place. Difficulty Settings are not implemented. Tested in GZDoom only. Thanks in advance :)
  16. Why my question can't be answered? Have you really closed the "Site and/or forum bugs or things not working" thread because of my persistence? Don't get me wrong, but is there something against me, something I did wrong? If there is, tell me so I can correct myself.

    1. Kepehn


      Linguica, with all respect, you may have closed the thread to prevent me to continue my persistence, but now I will wait for you to explain why do you acted like that to me.

      I deserve to know if I did something wrong, so I'll wait for a reply...

    2. Linguica


      DW is not currently in a state where major repairs can be made and a thread about server issues has no current relevance since I am not addressing anything in it at the moment.

    3. Kepehn


      Ok! Then why don't you posted that information in the thread you closed!? Instead of being Rude and shut that thread in my face without any explanation!? I would have stopped insisting on my question if you had said that in the thread! And after all there is some answer! when you said there wasn't! You seem offended or angry the way you acted! Really don't understand your Problem!


      Hope nobody's gonna blame me for the thread being close! Whatever!

  17. Kepehn

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    That's it! Nobody's gonna reply. I don't even know why do I still bother! It's a shame cause I thought this thread (created by a moderator) was to report and ask about the site issues! I see other replies above about other things, but when I come in to ask about this, everything is silence, no replies, nothing! Since I have no reasons to believe that there's something against me, I will be patient and wait a little more. Still waiting...
  18. Kepehn

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Can this old question of mine be answered by someone who knows? I know that Someone here knows the answer, strange that no one ever replied.
  19. I don't know how I didn't notice the .pk3 for the 1st time! Thanks! I played this demo and I can only say good things about it! The weapons are so cool to use! I like the level structure and progression. Also, the images throughout the levels are awesome and are a good way to involve the player in the game's ambient and story. I notice a little bug: I guess my only complain is to not be able to look up and down, since the scenery is so beautiful to look at. I really liked this and I hope to see this project growing in the future! So keep up the good work! :)
  20. When I was about to try it, this happened: I'm using GZDoom g3.7.2 and FreeDoom 2. Is this not fixed yet because is still beta? Or there's something wrong?
  21. Kepehn

    Absynthium PK3 Music Pack (MP3) -- FIXED!

    This is awesome stuff! I'm tired of Doom 2's original ingame music being playing through all the pwads without custom music. Also I really like these soundtracks! Thanks!
  22. Kepehn

    Doom Open World 1 map (Might be rebooted)

    This is an awesome idea!!! To bad there's yet no download link to try it! I'm looking forward to this!
  23. I like innovative ideas in the Doom engine! I tried playing this and: The layout, the dark corridors and the sounds are scary, the whole thing is great for a horror game, but I can not feel that spooky experience, the background song doesn't let me. I mean: the song isn't scary (for me), so I just can't test it properly, or so I thought so. I've managed to remove the song from the wad and then I had a better experience! I find so difficult for me to be scared, even with horror games, so I don't know if this map is that so scary, although I do felt uncomfortable playing it (at night, lights off & headphones). If I had to change something, I would put a scary ambient music in the background, the music choice was the only thing I didn't liked it. I couldn't finished the map without saves, it was difficult but I had fun with it! Edit: Oh! I forgot to play it with turbo 50! I'll have to try it next time!
  24. Kepehn

    Heretic To Hexen Mod (Episode 2 release)

    I gotta be honest: At first I thought the levels were in hub system or with use of Hexen scripts and items for puzzles (wich I would have preferred). It seems like you took the heretic Maps and putted in hexen without any modification. At least they should have been highly modified or from scratch & Heretic inspired/remake. I think it's uninteresting for those who are familiar with the Heretic and Hexen. I liked the weapons modifications you did with the classes, the mage is much Better for my taste, although the new cleric blue mana weapon should've done more damage since it now uses ammo. It would be better if you create new maps from scratch, but if you want to keep with the Heretic feel, then you should at least do something more appealing like add and modify places, and use scripts and puzzle items.
  25. Kepehn

    Heretic To Hexen Mod (Episode 2 release)

    What a surprise! This pleases me, I love Heretic and Hexen and I never thought someone could mix them like this! That's a awesome idea! I'll get my hands on it tommorow!