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  1. Sweet Prince

    i think they are done

    not everyone can buy 2 games back to back, it takes me a long time to beat a game, now, i want both and will get both but why wait till everyone has bought and is playing 1 or 2 other top-of-the-line-next-gen competitors games to release theirs? I mean what if HL2 is the bestest coolest most advancedest game you ever dreamt of.. id are gonna rewrite all of Doom3 to compete? No their gonna release the crappy obsolete Doom3 hoping when the store is out of HL2 someone might just pick up a Doom3? I think they will both be good, depending on the day i'm more excited for one or the other (but mostly Doom3 baby!!) but what a silly reason to wait till your super advanced game is just like all the others or even older then everything else out.. it'll be out 'when its done' and can truly compete with the 'other' games out and on their way out
  2. Sweet Prince

    what version

    ummm i dont know but you might want to check this out http://rome.ro/lee_killough/versions/index.html theres even a thing to "Downgrade from Ultimate Doom v1.9 version to Doom v1.1 Registered" might not be totally what you wanted but i hope that helps and go here form more cool stuff http://rome.ro/games_doom.htm
  3. Sweet Prince

    Classic Doom revival with release of Doom 3?

    umm the "old dusty copy of the Doom Collector's Edition going for $20" is it in a DVD case? cas thats NEW, yeah i think they said 'hey, everyones talking about Doom3 lets sell our old games one more time' and put it out like a year ago well when i 1st heard about Doom3 i wanted to play the old ones again but i only had the Shareware and an old unpatchable Doom 2 that cost me $40 when i bought it in 95... so i warzed the full ver of all 3 cos i couldnt find them anywhere and wanted to play them 'right now' and anyway i beat UDoom and was working my way thru TNT when i saw this and i thought $20 wasnt so bad (well 15 euro) so now i own them fair and [] but seeing as how Wolf3D is still going for $15 on ids site i dont think Doom will be freeware for a long time
  4. Sweet Prince

    which port to use for demos

    oh thanks Grazza, i've been looking for demos of The Darkening, i really LOVE this wad, i might make some demos anyway for the hell of it... i mean as long as its a good run (max, speed, whatever) i could post on the board sometime a see what ppl think.. aww anyway thanks for the link i try and watch them soon good night
  5. Sweet Prince

    which port to use for demos

    yeah i know what you mean about uvmax, speedruns a great and fun to watch in awe at all the tricks and shortcuts... but at the same time using every last scrap of ammo a level has and leaving it void just FEELS right... i hate not killing everything if i can.. tho gotta save ammo for the next maps and im not so great blah blah but for demos why not? i might make some uvmax runs in The Darkening ep1 i really love it but im only pretty good at map 1, 2, and ok at 9 10 and 11.. i havent played many addon wads tho so i dont know what you should try next but i'll be sure to watch it! -Andy SP
  6. Sweet Prince

    which port to use for demos

    worked fine for me in Prboom 2.2.4 and i must say you had me on the edge of my seat there, i was thinking it would mess up but no you took all the lumps and just kept on going.. tho you were lucky, good gooing :)
  7. Sweet Prince

    quake ogre 2 1/2 " bust

    im not into sculpting but even before Doom was out i think... umm when i was a kid, not even pre-teen, in class (it was this school/day care/learning thing) we had some clay and this BIG oven and we could make what ever we wanted and they would harden it for us... well i made a monster that looked kinda like a Dragon and i put a lil human skull in its mouth heehehe painted the Dragon green and the skull mostly red hehehe Doom was (and is) soooo meant for me, anyway just thought some ppl might like to hear how messed up pre pre-teens can be anyway yeah forget about wolverine.. unless you make him sick and bloody... ok im scaring myself and i missed taping the starting 15 mins of my g/fs fave show..........................
  8. Sweet Prince

    The People's Doom?

    yeah i saw that a few days ago... i wish them the best of luck but seeing how much work there is to do, it just seems like time better spent helping FreeDoom.. but maybe one day they will both be done and both be great in their own ways
  9. Sweet Prince

    quake ogre 2 1/2 " bust

    yeah what everyone else said, that thing is great! i never knew it could look so freakin sick.. keep up the great work :)
  10. Sweet Prince

    i was just wondering

    well lets see, my girlfriend always uesd to call me her Sweet Prince as in 'My Sweet Prince' cos of the Placebo of the same name tho the song is pretty ummm depressing about a love that came and then went to hell (much as we almost did).. anyway seeing as im always really nice and shy and such a name dos fit me i thought what the hell... tho most places im dodada90... i really like that one, Do Da Da is a Green Day song and the 90 is cos 88 other hotmail geeks got there 1st and 89 just isnt cool.. but i've already said more then you care about :)
  11. Sweet Prince

    which port to use for demos

    i get the same error when i set it to 800x600 but it never happends at 640x480
  12. Sweet Prince

    Favorite / most annoying accents?

    AMEN! the English (Brit, uk) are my favourite, so goddame sexy, the MOST GODDAME SEXY IN THE WOLRD FOR A GIRL! Sorry I get excited thinking about it Plus a UK accent is lots of fun to make fun of when a guys talking, not in a mean way just it sounds a lil silly coming from a guy... in a very close 2nd is French, my girlfriend is French but she’s had 10 years if English and is loosing her accent (NOOOOOO!!) tho her sister still has a VERY nice one… *sigh* umm and German is always interesting.. Now for my hate list. Southern USA.. *cringe* I have lived (and still do) in Kentucky for all my life and I hate the stupid rednecks and their accents I feel dirty listing to one for more then 5 mins.. thankfully I watched a LOT of TV as a kid and don’t have *much* of a Southern Accent myself
  13. Sweet Prince

    they hunger....

    OMG!! and my girlfriend and i are babysitting later today!!! aaahhhhhhhhh.... BTW i thought you were talking about the TC too.. it was great huh i didnt get very far tho god sooo many game and so lil time
  14. Sweet Prince

    most anticipated games

    DOOM 3! But where's Half Life 2? Oh oops that's what I was asking Sep 30th :\
  15. Sweet Prince

    Hardest game worth playing...

    so, we meet again Mr. TeamKill.... oh god i LOVED Ranger X! had it on this thing called the ‘Sega Channel‘ it was hooked up thru the cable and every month the cable company had full Genesis game to download tho the game was gone as soon as I turn of the Genesis.. my friend and I would play any and all games they had, even a game on for a few days incase they didn’t have it next month lol tho I never bead Ranger X or got very far :( Super Mario Bros. 3 on the nes is my fave Mario game tho I could never beat it.. maybe ONCE I cant remember Max Payne 1 was tough as hell at the end for me Max Payne 2 is getting pretty head now.. I haven’t reallllly played lots of games and I’ve beaten less.. one day when im retired (after school and after I find a job) I’ll have a LOT of catching up to do