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  1. NorkasAradel


    this wad makes my brain hurt, 10/10
  2. NorkasAradel

    Selfhate 2 Levels more

    Once again, this wad is pure garbage. "Coherent design" my ass. Actually put some fucking effort in next time.
  3. NorkasAradel


    A decent map, and an impressive first effort. I hope to see more maps from you!
  4. NorkasAradel

    Another Awful Map

    What the fuck is this? Monsters are placed like diarrhea (often being placed in the walls), and the map itself looks like fucking garbage. Hell, i'm like 90% certain that it isn't winnable in vanilla. This wad truly lives up to its filename, and I sincerely hope that the author puts some fucking effort in next time. God fucking damnit.
  5. NorkasAradel

    Favorite enemy?

    cacodemons they're literally flying tomatos
  6. NorkasAradel

    Where do demons go when they die in Hell ?

    they go to hell-hell its like hell, but hellier
  7. NorkasAradel

    Why do so many people dislike Doom II?

    the only reason i prefer doom 1's levels over doom 2's is because doom 2 has tricks and traps. trick and fucking traps.
  8. NorkasAradel


    oh shit i reacted to this video the fine brothers are sueing me for everything i own
  9. NorkasAradel

    do you like my first map?

    it was waaay too short, i beat it in under a minute try to make your levels longer next time
  10. scrap the "invisibility" powerup, it basically does nothing make the invincibility powerup less painful on the eyes lessen the green tint on the radiation suit make the nightvision goggles a bit less bright or scrap them completely make the computer map show enemies and items (that aren't in secret sectors) on your automap make armour a bit more useful? iunno how i would approach this personally, but some of the other posts ITT have good ideas health/armour bonuses giving you a bit more health/armour than 1% (maybe 5%?)
  11. NorkasAradel

    Your first Doom experience..

    while technically it was when i played a little bit of doom 3 with my dad when i was really little, i only first played the original (and the best) comparatively recently about two-three years ago, i simply decided one day to play doom so i did some research, grabbed chocolate doom and the iwads, and was promptly surprised by the keyboard controls while i did get the hang of them, i later learned about more modern sourceports, and i've been using those ever since
  12. NorkasAradel

    Your least favourite enemy?

    its really a tossup between pain elementals (plus their foul spawn), chaingunners, and archviles for me
  13. NorkasAradel

    R.I.P DOOM on DOSBox?

    it's overall easier and more convenient to play doom with a sourceport, only the most pure of purists would play in dosbox hell, most purists use chocolate doom
  14. NorkasAradel

    So, which Doomguy name do you prefer?

    while i refer to him as "doomguy" in normal parlance, i like to think that his actual name is the name he's given in the doom RPG (B.J. Blazkowicz III), because it ties in nicely with wolfenstein. pls no
  15. NorkasAradel


    holy shit my fucking ears are bleeding from that disjointed midi couldn't play as a result