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  1. Doom bros, I havent done any mapping for doom since i was a kid but Ive mapped for a numerous other games(mostly source engine). Aside from looking amazing the new games of today are incredibly stale to me so ive been spending alot of time with doom and the many community wads out there. So much has been given and i want to give back and maybe make a name for myself within the community. Im looking for a megawad project that is still in need of map submissions. Ive done some digging around and cant find anything so i figured i would make a thread in hopes some of you could point me in the right direction. I would prefer a project that has its own texture resource to use but really im looking for anything. Thanks in advance!
  2. DonnieDark

    Looking for a project to map for.

    I do believe you are correct. Do my own thing for a bit until I get a nice work flow and comfort zone before i jump into a project. And thanks for the link ill check it out.
  3. This is great info and will come in handy thanks.
  4. DonnieDark

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    I would also like to nominate Pipicz's Bloodstain: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-m...in-finally-out/. just finished playing with project brutality.
  5. DonnieDark

    Bloodstain finally out!

    Pretty solid wad from tech bases to hell depths. Level design is really well done and stays interesting all the way through. Difficulty level is pretty high and slaughterish in some spots but appropriate munitions and health are given so you atleast have a chance. I played this with project brutality on 3rd difficulty with random spawns so it was pretty tough. Thanks for sharing your work and am happy to nominate for cacowards.
  6. DonnieDark

    Icarus: Alien Vanguard

    I appreciate what they tried to do here as far as story goes and new textures are always welcome but its rather lack luster even for its time. 2 stars for effort and new resources.
  7. DonnieDark

    DUMP Episode 3: BFG Edition [Maps released]

    Im going to give this a shot. Haven't made a doom map since i was ten years old (20 years ago) but im going to be putting some time into doom and might as well do something constructive.
  8. DonnieDark

    Getting used to texture packs

    Im having trouble just getting a texture pack to work in gzdoombuilder
  9. DonnieDark

    Japanese Community Project [Final Version released on idgames]

    As i was expecting this wad was excellent. Great music and level design. Those aspects are 10/10. Game play was also pretty solid but a bit tedious in later levels and would rate at 8/10. I was only able to make it to lvl 22 on ultra violence using project brutality set on brutal doom spawns. Was happy to see only a couple arena slaughter maps and they were very well done. Overall i would give a 9/10 rating and will be keeping this in my collection. Ill give it another shot later down the road on a lower difficulty. Thanks for sharing you work.
  10. DonnieDark

    Japanese Community Project [Final Version released on idgames]

    posted in wrong area.
  11. DonnieDark

    [Doom] Endless Torture

    Just finished my second play through both on UV. Once with regular doom and once with brutal doom. Overall this is a pretty good map pack. Some of my favorite maps were in the third episode with the sort of remake of E1M2 followed by the quake map. Gameplay was was pretty balanced with some areas being pretty difficult but in no way a slaughter, which i like, but a few to many cyberdemons in last episode for my taste. Even though a couple of them can be bypassed. didnt see any real bugs or texture alignment problems. If i had to rate it i would give a good 7 out 10 stars. Thanks for sharing your work.