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  1. Are you still working on kommando 2?

    1. Chainworm666


      Hi, right now it's "on hold". I released a demo a while ago, but I got very bored of the b/w graphic style and also moved on to the UDMF mapping format (while CWK2 is based on the older Boom mapping format). Right now I'm working on another project, after this I will decide how to continue with CWK2

  2. Chainworm666

    Chainworm Kommando 2 [WIP]

    It's all decorate stuff. Is dehacked even used anymore? Wasn't this something that was used in DOS times when sourceports like ZDoom weren't around?
  3. Chainworm666

    Chainworm Kommando 2 [WIP]

    Thank you all! News from the test map: Today i coded my first custom weapon ever, a nice flamethrower inspired by the one in Exhumed/Powerslave. Works pretty fine!
  4. Chainworm666

    The /newstuff Chronicles #540

    Regarding the Icon of Sin: The map is called "Underground Labs", and it's supposed to show some experiments and stuff scientists have done with demons etc. The room with the Icon of Sin is supposed to be some kind of containment chamber where the caught that large demon to do some experiments with it. So it's supposed to be strapped/fixed in a device and connected to tubes and stuff (there are some flowing liquids coming in and out of the head to the side for example). The scientists wanted to know how the enemy spawner in the head of the Icon of Sin works and connected it to some probes etc. I have to agree most of the rest of the review; I would do the first 2-3 maps in different ways; I learned a lot of new stuff on my "journey" from start to end of the project, but I didn't want to start stuff over after spending almost a year with it, so I kept them. But I have to agree, a lot of stuff could have been done better or in different ways.
  5. Chainworm666

    Chainworm Kommando 2 [WIP]

    Hi there, since november 2017 I'm working on a new WAD, Chainworm Kommando 2 (if you don't know my first project: Chainworm Kommando 1.0) Here are some facts and features: Based on ZDoom/GZDoom Boom mapping format this time (way more advanced than the normal Doom format I used in CWK1, but not as complex as UDMF - I took a look at it but it was far to complicated for me - maybe in the next project) Greyscale art style with some colors here and there (blood, muzzle flashes, some level parts here and there) Arcade style level system: Inspired by games like House of the Dead 2 and Ghost Squad, where you sometimes can choose different paths, every map will have 2 exits, which lead to different other maps. There will be 5 "stages", after which you can start a "new game plus" with new paths to go. For example: Map 01 will lead to 02A or 02B, 02A will lead to 03A or 03B and 02B to 03C or 03D, etc. I think this will give it some replay value. New and modified weapons New and modified enemies A lot of features like bullet casings, blood trails, footsteps, water splashes etc., which will the gameplay world make more interesting and interactive 30+ maps are planned so far with different themes like military, space, fantasy, outdoor like swamps and canyons That's it for now, don't know what else to write now. I will posts updates if there's something now to show now and then; you also can follow my facebook page for news: https://www.facebook.com/chainworm Here are also some screenshots from map 01 and the level system:
  6. Chainworm666

    Nova III - old thread, don't use!

    Thanks for the feedback, I have to agree to a lot of stuff you mentioned. About the ammo, I playtested the map several times, and sometimes I also ran out of ammo, sometimes I had left a lot of it... The music is standard Doom 2 music, but I really have to agree, it fits way more than the midi I originally included in version 1. So now, here's an updated version with some fixes: http://www.chainworm.de/files/terraforming_mines_v3.rar Changes: - Moved the chainsaw from secret #2 to an earlier place where it made more sense and removed the secret. I didn't want a second soulsphere or something so shortly after the first one (it was lame anyways). - Replaced some moon textures left from the old version - Other "more trim like" textures in the red spinning room - Some texture alignment here and there - Made some really dark areas slightly brighter. On my notebook screen it looked ok, but some people mentioned it's almost pitch black at their's. - Added some nuke in the pond/waterfall area where the explosive barrels are - Made those stairs after the blue key a faster (I have to agree, the wait was kind of lame. It was supposed to make the stairs look heavy and solid but it was really to slow). - Removed switch that opens the way to the yellow skull key, because as you mentioned, it could have been triggered before, didn't think about that. It's triggered by the switch earlier - Moved the plasma gun to some place earlier, because I've seen in your video, almost everything is dead before you can even reach it and so it's kind of useless - Removed invisibility (it was kind of useless I think) I didn't have much time to look into the "making the floor flat" thing, but it's definetaly on my list!
  7. Chainworm666

    Nova III - old thread, don't use!

    Thanks! It doesn't sound that difficult, I already read tutorials about "Deep water" and stuff, but never got the idea to use it like this... I will take a look at the demo map! Thanks, that did the trick. Must have forgotten to delete it when I removed the sector that used it. Fixed this, link is updated
  8. Chainworm666

    Nova III - old thread, don't use!

    Here's an updated version of the map, switched back to the Episode 2 theme which fits better in my opinion. Also changed the Cyberdemon appearance, he should be teleported now even if he will be blocked at first. Download: http://www.chainworm.de/files/terrmin2.rar But there's a strange bug with the sky now at some places - anybody knows how to fix this?
  9. Chainworm666

    Nova III - old thread, don't use!

    Oops... Fixed that. Thanks for the info, I never tried to let him appear while the Arachnos are still alive... I guess removing the Scrolling floor and waking him up instead is a better idea. I have to agree, something more ambient would fit better here. It was just the only custom midi I had, AcidicVoid, who also did the Music to Chainworm Kommando lost all his other midis in a hard drive Crash a while ago, so this was the only one left... Actually I didn't think about this Topic too much, but I guess the Doom Marine wears a helmet all the time, so he may have Oxygen with him... As mentioned in the last post, I'm thinking about switching the map back to Episode 2 with temple/jungle/swamps theme anyway... Thanks for your Feedback!
  10. Chainworm666

    Nova III - old thread, don't use!

    Actually I only see two themes, moon and acient civilizations... Where's the third? I got the idea to this map when reading Alien: Sea of Sorrows, in which a planet is being terraformed, and in old mines they find ruins of an acient civilization. It was really fascinating to read and I thought this would be a nice theme for a map. Do you think switching back to Episode 2 would be a good idea, so everything may fit more in the acient temples and stuff theme? The part with the square rooms was inspired by the movie Cube, where People are trapped in a shape shifting, cube formed maze. But I have to admit, I ran out of ideas what to build next at that part... The "making the floor flat" part sounds interesting. I guess you mean the problem with the players camera jumping up and down because of the loose floor tiles (i just wanted to make everything look old and decayed). It's the first time I map in Boom Format, so I don't know every trick and Feature of it.
  11. Chainworm666

    Nova III - old thread, don't use!

    Hi there people, I FINALLY finished my map today. I did a lot of play testing today and I guess it's ready to publish. I occupied map slot 27 because it was free and it's supposed to be part of the moon episode, it can be chanced to whatever you want ;) Tested with PrBoom+ Here's the download: "pure" version, map only: http://chainworm.de/files/terramin.rar "full" version including the Nova III texture pack for instant play testing: http://chainworm.de/files/terramin-full.rar Please share any bugs, problems etc. you encounter or any other kind of feedback. Some more screenshots:
  12. Chainworm666

    Nova III - old thread, don't use!

    Here are some screenshots of my map I'm working right now. Basically it's the same map I started a while ago, but this time for the "Moon" episode. About 1/2 was freshly done from scratch, the other half has been "converted" from my jungle map - see last post in the old thread to compare with the old screens: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/85532-nova-iii-link-to-new-thread-in-op/?page=17
  13. Chainworm666


    Well, this is what I got so far... I'm pretty satisfied with what I've built so far, but for 3-4 weeks now I seem to have some kind of blockade in my brain... There are still 3 medium-large areas to do, but somehow I'm completely out of ideas what to build next. Every day I open the map, scroll around, go in 3D mode, look at this, look at that and ask my self "what next??", and after doing so for a while, I close Doom Builder again... I'm about to totally shelf it, but on the other hand, I've spent too much time on it to just throw it away... Anyway, here are some screenshots:
  14. Chainworm666

    Brigandine [RC2, updated 2017-05-13]

    Oh god this architecture looks absolutely fantastic. Words can't really describe how stunned I'm right now just looking at the screenshots. Downloading it right now!
  15. Chainworm666

    Chainworm Kommando v1.0 released

    Aaaah, thanks for the hint! Will bookmark this link and try it again later. Never noticed chainworm is actually 9 letters, always thought it's short enough... I am so stupid.