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  1. Quake needs its own chubz

  2. DoctaCaffeine

    Eating Demons (demon BBQ)

    Human BBQ in TNT made me wonder about the reversal. What would a demon taste like? Are they poisonous. Some demons seem to bleed red, meaning their blood has iron in it, possibly. Although a cacodemon bleeds blue, signifying copper perhaps. (Barons bleed green, which might mean uranium.) And assuming you can eat it, could one cook it rare, or do demons have demonic parasites and pathogens you worry about? And after all of this, it goes down to texture. Demons seem to be physically active. The meat would probably be quite tough and gamey, with some exceptions, like the mancubus (although its legs might be more lean). Any takes or thoughts on the edibility of demons?
  3. DoctaCaffeine

    Best Map in All of Ultimate Doom, Doom II, TNT Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment

    I'd say E3M6. I always liked doom levels that had a bit of spectacle, and I always liked hellish levels. That, and Map28 of Doom 2 sorta give this cool feeling, and I'd say those two maps are the closest Doom ever gets to hell, at least for me. I also have this weird love for E2M9, just because I have a love for dumb maps.
  4. DoctaCaffeine

    Doom Builder 2 moving map files.

    Whenever I save a map in doom builder 2, or even open one to edit if I remember right, it moves the map files to the bottom of the wad. This causes the map to not exist, and hence it just loads whatever doom 2 map is supposed to be there. The only way to fix this is to go into SLADE and move the files back up manually. I have no clue what causes this.
  5. DoctaCaffeine

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Always play any mod with chex quest. always
  6. DoctaCaffeine

    The Officialâ„¢ Doomworld Age Poll

    16 here, first experience with doom was the 64 version when I was like 4. Then when I was around 10 I played the shareware version of Doom 1 over and over until I bought it on steam like a year later, then another year after that I got zDoom. Now I'm here.
  7. DoctaCaffeine

    Favorite Chip Brand?

    Bruh has no one mentioned Combos yet? I guess they kinda don't care but I don't care fuck it! I'll make a favourite type of combos thread in case...
  8. I am using ZDoom. I would suppose there would be something to put in MAPINFO, then.
  9. How do you make the death of an enemy end the level, for example, killing the Cyberdemon in E2M8? I am using Slade 3 and Doom Builder 2, and am modding Doom 2.
  10. How do you put text blocks in between levels, (i.e. the message after killing the icon of sin or right before Dead Simple/Map07), and how do you edit said text? I am using Slade 3, Doom Builder 2, and have SlumpEd.
  11. DoctaCaffeine

    What do you think Quake will have for a new gameplay mechanic?

    Dude, spells. That would be my first choice as a dev, because the original quake was supposed to have spells. And fuck the trogg, bring back the lovecraft monsters! The trogg were such a boring enemy compared to the lovecraft horrors in the original quake. And I hope they don't make it multiplayer only, the original quake needs an honest-to-god sequel so bad.
  12. DoctaCaffeine

    W.W.E.M (Worst Wad Ever Made)

    i like yhis
  13. DoctaCaffeine

    Barons are badass until......

    True, tru....
  14. DoctaCaffeine

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I like Dis and the Fortress of Mystery. No clue how controversial that is but those are the two maps the most people talk shit on that I like.
  15. DoctaCaffeine

    Best official Doom levels?

    I like all the boss levels from 1 and 2 (yes, even Dis), but some other non-boss favourites are Mt. Erebus, Slough of Despair, Hell Keep (I always found it cute!), All the E1 levels are straight classics, and the final hell levels of Doom 2 were so cool to me.