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  1. moonboot

    My epic new video

    no one enjoyed
  2. moonboot

    My epic new video

    hope you enjoy
  3. moonboot

    How did you come up with your username?

    The Space Twins were founded in 1993 by Weezer guitarist Brian Bell and, his then girlfriend, Susan Fox. Initially, the band was a small project in which the two would dress up in Star Trek-style outfits with pipe-cleaner antennae, playing silly songs at kid's birthday parties. The duo even had nicknames for one other: SpaceHelmet and Moonboot.
  4. moonboot

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    my cousin John Romero just sent me an early cut of this movie and man, it is just crawling with sjw propaganda. the very first line in the film is "let the white genocide commence", which is what the icon of sin tells DOOMGUY, who is being possessed by the IoS, which means doomguy is the bad guy! so let me get this straight, doomguy, a straight white cishet male is the antagonist, while our hero is some kind of fucking GIRL? WTF? i dont know about you guys but i have never ever seen a girl in real life, so right off the bat this movie is stupidly unrealistic. and then at one point in the movie, doomGIRL (more like doomfeminazi heh) saw 2 female archviles making out (kinda hot i gotta admit) and said "heh, good thing they arent straight, or i would kill them, because i hate straight people". wow, folks. wow. heterophobia at its finest. to top it all off, there was some fucking trigger warning at the beginning of the movie warning the audience about crass language, violent scenes, and so forth, along with some made-up bullshit rating. i think it was R, which knowing sjws probably means "Really pussified". tl;dr, DONT SEE THIS FUCKING SJW MOVIE.
  5. i wonder what happened to this pink one? i wouldve definitely bought one if they were for sale...
  6. moonboot

    What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    probably agalloch
  7. rivers cuomo weezer snuggie

  8. i got a laptop and bed sheets from my parents, some hidamari sketch figures from my grandparents, and one of my friends bought me a kuromi plushie. tbh the plush is my favorite gift out of them all..... sorry mom and dad
  9. OMG i didnt even know these existed but i am so jealous now -___-
  10. moonboot

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    i want to look like this irl