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  1. quake is fun so far!

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    2. moonboot


      now i'm trying to get Quake II all set up with the music and everything and maybe i'm just dumb but it is a real pain in the ass

    3. KVELLER


      Yeah, it can be hard at times. I remember messing around a lot the first time I got into trying the music.


      If you haven't played Quake 2 already, it's very different from the first game (in fact, originally it wasn't even going to be called Quake 2) and it's a worse game IMO, but you have to try for yourself anyways.

    4. moonboot


      i was just gonna get the original Quake but the collection was on sale for cheap so i figured i might as well buy em all. haven't played it yet, but id can do no wrong in my mind