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  1. i'm having a hard time deciding what game i should play through first, Morrowind, DOOM 3, Quake, Momodora, or Wolfenstein 3D... i'm thinking wolf and quake are probably similar to doom and can be easily picked up and played whenever, so i guess it's mostly between Morrowind, D3, and Momodora

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    2. GarrettChan


      There are basically three ranges, 1~63, 1~31 and 1~15. Interestingly, it seems there's an ambush bonus, which I can't find a written article. Shooting an inactive enemy causes extra damage.

    3. bzzrak


      Yeah, Wolf had those "realistic" features.

      I mean, the insane damage range is actually cool. You're a single Jewish American guy in a camp full of Nazis, you should be able to die from 2 bullets. Doomguy has a badass futuristic spacesuit, so he'll feel just a slight vibration, but BJ doesn't have any armour.

      Also the legendary

      blood drinking

      It kinda makes sense. Desperate measures, all that. Although you'd probably get some illnesses, but who cares, really. :]

      That "ambush bonus" too. That's exactly what it'd be like IRL: of course it will hurt more if you're shot in the back, unprepared.

    4. GarrettChan


      Blood drinking, bone crunching (of course must be with blood), that's BJ's habit. One more "realistic" feature is running back and forward can increase your dodge rate by 40% ;P