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Everything posted by Linheli

  1. Linheli


    ..need true terror original Cyber Demon in DOOM2 brought back to DOOM Eternal
  2. Linheli

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    I like to see some resistance human forces at some points, maybe assist the DOOM guy or on the contrary..until completely slaughtered by demons.
  3. Linheli

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Just need to see they bring back classic Cyber Demon to this DOOM...*** hate that lame @ss DOOM3 and DOOM 2016 design,
  4. need some hitscan machine/shotgun zombie gunners in this new DOOM for the laugh, especially playing on Ultra Violence+
  5. Linheli

    The Gameplay Reveal Details Thread

    DOOM's Light Saber...*** yeah haha
  6. Linheli

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Flesh zombies modified with mechanic parts and mini cannon could easily spotted entire gameplay pretty much guarantee if not more advanced Revenant on Earth. UAC Corp definitely has brought Argent Energy technology into this melting pot of the universere to create more demonic abomination haha.
  7. Linheli

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    well you dont think they will have bigger labs with more "productions" on Earth ?
  8. Linheli

    The Invasion mechanic.

    Turn off/unplug the Wifi > done
  9. Why just limit his ability to revie corpses ? Could revie fresh slayed demons like old DOOM2 and open some kind of mini Hell portal to summon endless waves of demons unless killed
  10. Linheli

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Agree with everything you said above, especially the horror element of DOOM.
  11. Linheli

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Need classic Cyberdemon back
  12. Linheli

    Anyone on the fence about the reveal?

    Need to see Hell forces invaded and slaughtered Eath marines and citizens
  13. Linheli

    We got the demons!

    Bring back original DOOM2 Cyber Demon!
  14. Would love to see campaigns that the Earth survivors/soldiers assit you to fight back demons for certain time..
  15. Linheli

    We got the demons!

    Look pretty close to DOOM2 original version
  16. Linheli

    Further E3 Teaser Breakdown

    Good observation with tons of helpful infos. This time is Hell on Earth which I have always wanted to see something like cutscene group of civilians/soldiers slaughtered by the demons
  17. Linheli

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Doom guy helmet this time looks different than 2016 version
  18. Linheli

    What would you like to see in the Collector's Edition?

    Revenant statue came with DOOM 2016 collector edition was very nice. I was hoping for Arachnotron stature this time
  19. Linheli

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    FUK YEAH!..been waiting for Hell On Earth like forever! I would like to see Earth army and its citizen been slaughtered/eaten alive by Demons horde!
  20. Linheli

    Anyone else liked the original imp better?

    ..just simply impossible to please those people..now they're comparing new agile, cool shooting fireball imps with how cool those stupid dumb limited techs dump imps were back then.
  21. Linheli

    How will id handle a Hell on Earth sequel?

    Dead Space 2 has very similar theme and atmosphere with new DOOM..and it was such a great horror game..which new DOOM was lacking. But I always prefer "Hell on Earth" as the sequels
  22. Linheli

    Hell Followed DLC

    Cacodemon in this one looks brutal and brusome as fuk..not uselesss floating meatball in SC.
  23. Linheli

    Hell Followed DLC

    Those demonic soldiers in those cyber suits were..simply amazing !
  24. Linheli


    Revenant statue tags along with DOOM collector edtion is pretty sick, hes the reason why I bought that edtion, though it was very expensive. This DOOM guy might be good combination with mine hellish Revenant, but again..ITS 260$ !!
  25. Linheli

    What do you guys think of the monster designs?

    Spider Mastermind and Baron of Hell are perfectly designed. However the Zombies or The Possessed is not fitting with the horror theme of DOOM, it should be more grosteque / being gnawed - missing boday parts - crawling or whichever more resurrected dead bodies