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  1. 42PercentHealth

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    Every time I sit down to make a map, I spend 3 seconds thinking of an encounter I want to design, and anywhere between 4 and 20 hours trying to get DB2 to make it happen. I think that qualifies me as a mapper. P.S. The process usually ends with me deciding that my encounter is dumb, and a map with just one dumb encounter is even dumber, so I delete it all.
  2. 42PercentHealth

    On the subject of a very infamous texture.

    My initial thought was Startan... Personally, I like fireblu, whether it's used to accent a more conservatively decorated area or to paint a large section of wall. The former is tasteful, the latter is... hmm... amusing. :-)
  3. 42PercentHealth

    Best Use of Stock Textures

    Eclipse of Betelgeuse, by @antares. (That's map 28 of SlaughterMAX.)
  4. 42PercentHealth

    Why is there no glitchless category?

    Is it possible to play Doom glitchless? I mean, if any of the following occur, does it invalidate the run? Straferunning Wallrunning Mancubus fireball clipping through walls Finishing a map via deathslide Elastic collision Reducing AV damage by hiding behind a 25+ unit tall platform Whatever the heck was going on here:
  5. 42PercentHealth

    How important is it to test maps with mods?

    It would be extremely difficult to balance something for, say, both vanilla play and Brutal Doom. BD gives you new and more powerful weapons, new firing modes, etc. Also, enemies do more damage to you, so you could potentially burn through health faster. I can't imagine trying to balance the difficulty for both of them at once. If you try balancing for these as well as a third, fourth, or even more, I think it quickly becomes very close to an impossible problem. I would advise that you either make a map for a particular mod, or make it for vanilla gameplay.
  6. 42PercentHealth

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Yes please! :-)
  7. 42PercentHealth

    Disparate Realities - A 9 Map Slaughter wad (-cl9)

    This looks awesome! I'll have to stream it one of these days.
  8. 42PercentHealth

    For the love of god, stop speeding up monster projectiles

    I'll just never play any maps that contain PEs or lost souls then. :-) My life just got so much brighter!
  9. 42PercentHealth

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas y'all! If you celebrate anything else, then have a happy one-of-those too! :-)
  10. 42PercentHealth

    Doom Streams

    Eternal Slumber Party blind: https://www.twitch.tv/42percenthealth
  11. 42PercentHealth

    Doom Streams

    Girlfriend is playing Doom for the first time: https://www.twitch.tv/42percenthealth
  12. I hate you saying Map32 of SlaughterMAX is a joke because I actually took some time to think of strategies and improve my UV Max run... Obviously I'm joking about hating because I shouldn't. At least you should say hi at my videoΒ to make that up. :D


    Yeah, I pretty much agree with you about the design of that map. It seems people may generally think what a slaughtermap looks like if they don't play it. Also, the map only looks ridiculous and is not hard at all.

  13. 42PercentHealth

    Doom Streams

    Playing Newgothic Movement 1, while giving proper homage to #NoSaveNovember https://www.twitch.tv/42percenthealth
  14. 42PercentHealth

    Doom Streams

    Memento Mori, perhaps wrapping it up today: https://www.twitch.tv/42percenthealth
  15. image.png.b143e36640d97ca49425cf326a042fbe.png


    Yup, this is what happens when you don't check in for a week...


    Sorry for being a stranger, everybody. Fact is, at the tender young age of 27 I've finally met aΒ special someone and started dating, so I've not been on the internet or gaming much lately. I'll try to do a better job of checking this forum and streaming somewhat regularly again, but if anyone wants to get a hold of me, Discord is probably the best bet.


    Just thought I'd update you all, in case anyone was wondering if I died. I didn't.

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    2. Vanessa


      Awesome dude! I'm glad you found someone special! DooM is fun butΒ getting laidΒ having someone there for you, someone special that you love, it's better than DooM.

      (especially when DooM becomes real and you have to be the marine yikes)

    3. GarrettChan


      Wish you best luck with your special someone :D

    4. Nine Inch Heels