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  1. OK, didn't realize that was part of the "canon" (never played Doom 64). Dunno, I still think I'd rather see a "normal guy" protagonist, personally. What, for the climate? The economy? So he could live closer to his mom? :-P Just kidding...
  2. ^ Yes, this! That's something that I found very disappointing with Doom 4 -- in the original Doom you are a normal natural human marine. This adds to the suspense, because you are not by nature any less vulnerable than the others who died or were "zombified." However, in the new Doom, it is implied that you are some unnatural hell creature yourself, by which the game attempts to explain why you are superhuman. But you're not supposed to be superhuman, you're supposed to be jes' dat gud.
  3. @stru Man, that job of yours sounds like murder! Don't let 'em catch you on DW...
  4. Thinking about changing my avatar from "generic doomguy smile." Torn between these two:






    Which do you guys prefer?

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    2. Glaice


      The first one is everybody fighting a group of projectile enemies in a bigger map with plenty of monsters in it.

    3. 42PercentHealth


      @Spectra Yeah, it did. Just ready for something new, I guess.

    4. DoctorGenesis


      I'm one of the few non-Doom non-anime (Sonic is based on Felix the Cat) non-fish related avatar-using people on Doomworld... so, yay?

    5. bzzrak


      Does mine count as Doom-related?

      I intend to change it at some point and continue mourning for PH in my soul only.

    6. 42PercentHealth


      Anything Doomworld-related counts as doom-related. :-)

    7. ShotgunDemolition


      Hey there 42%. You have some nice selections for an avatar. I remember seeing the animation for the first one in youtube and it is the reason I somewhat like the Mancubus as a demon (sad story with a happy end). But the second one is more suitable, in my opinion for an avatar, as it is more stable (I don't know how to describe it).

    8. 42PercentHealth


      Yeah, I saw that video too! It was cute...

    9. rdwpa


      I'm curious where you found those. Funny stuff. The second one was a good choice; those whirring legs caricature Doomguy's insane speed well. 

    10. 42PercentHealth


      The first was just from a google search for "doomguy gif." The second was in the following post:



    11. 42PercentHealth


      @rdwpa, To me, part of the humour is the contrast between the speed of the legs vs. the slowness of loading & firing the gun. Don't know who made it, but they deserve a virtual handshake! :-)

  5. Whoever decides to work on this: just do a good job on the sounds. The only reason I've never played as the assassin in Hexen 2 is because I CAN'T TAKE THAT WOMAN'S VOICE! It's not even a woman's voice -- it's like a caricature of a woman's voice. Just awful. Actually, that's why I almost never play as a female character in any game. My unsolicited $0.02.
  6. Well, we're glad to have ya! :-)
  7. You can also disable OpenGL altogether, if it's too much for your PC to handle. It won't look as nice as the screenshots, but it will be playable. That's what I have to do. :-(
  8. I personally never had a problem with the classic SSG. First, some real-life double-barrel shotguns do allow for shooting both barrels at once (the recoil would be mighty painful, though -- mighty painful). Second, for the game's purposes, the gun doesn't have to be realistic -- it just has to be unique and useful. If we wanted to talk realism, I'd mention that a gun with 100 12-gauge shells in the magazine would have a RIDICULOUSLY huge magazine. the plasma gun is a bit less realistic and the BFG far less realistic than the SSG. But don't you dare redesign the hallowed BFG! ;-) the monsters are far less realistic than any of the guns are. Speaking of realism... What really bothers me is how the Doom 4 SSG has a double-fire upgrade. How the blazes does one get 4 shells out of a double-barrel gun??
  9. Wow... those screenies! Makes me jealous of people with PC's that can execute the OpenGL lighting... Downloaded, will play when I can! Thank you kindly! :-)
  10. This is a confession? I thought this was how to play the game... :-P
  11. Right you are. The same thought had crossed my mind as well. Somehow we (I use "we," even though I probably won't be able to contribute anything more than my list of suggestions and maybe playtesting) have to present it in a way that emphasizes the "gold nuggets" we found in these old maps, rather than making it sound like we started recycling old trash because we were out of mapping ideas. This shouldn't be hard, since most of the maps I suggested above don't need much more than some re-texturing and some improved thing placement. It would be much more "friendly" to the original authors if we say, "Look what someone made of your map," rather than "Your map was on our list of worst-maps-ever, so we improved it." For this reason, I'm wondering if it would be better not to include the originals with the finished product? This would only highlight the differences, rather than the similarities...
  12. Not sure if all of these are ugly enough for your standards, but here's a list for starters: Chapel of Romero RRCastle Waybac (In all fairness, I discovered that the author has an updated version here, which I haven't seen.) Escape from the Cape Runout duke2 NOTE: None of the above explicitly forbid others to modify their maps, but not all of them explicitly permit it either. I'll let @Nine Inch Heels make the call on these. If you want more, here's what I suggest: Go to Downloads->/idgames database (legacy) at the top of this page. Click on Random File at the top of that page. There is at least a 40% chance that the file shown to you will be ugly enough for this project, but read the text file and reviews to make sure it meets all the rules. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you find a suitable map.
  13. I and a friend of mine have used the random WAD selector button on the idgames archive somewhat extensively, so I might be able to compile a list of recyclable maps later today, if that helps.
  14. I agree, the fight was better all around. I'm just talking about aesthetic design -- the Doom 3 cyberdemon looked more, y'know, demonic. Monstrous.
  15. Nice! ;-) Yeah, I guess I could say that I wear the most "tasteful" clothes I can without sacrificing any practicality.