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  1. OMGsh!! That's all I needed...
  2. "Malevolent-posterior" is a clean workaround for another expression. Malevolent = bad, posterior = <use your imagination>. I don't object to the genetic experiment because of social status... I just don't think we need an explanation as to why the main character is more skilled than any other human at fighting off the invading hordes. My point is that Doom, Wolf3D, and Half-Life felt no need to explain this about their protagonists, and I think a similar philosophy would be the best for Freedoom. Just my two cents... I've not contributed anything to this project, so I'm not in any position to make decisions.
  3. I'm pretty sure I would too, so I'd rather not find out. ;-)
  4. I don't know if it's any more corny than any other game story. Whatever world you're in gets taken over by some critters from a different world. It's up to you to stop them! The only variation is whether you are the lone survivor, or whether you are trying to rescue/free all the other survivors. The one detail that does seem overly corny is the bit about "you" being a genetic engineering experiment. Can't you just be the most malevolent-posterior human being that ever came down the pike? The original Doomguy was just that, after all, as was William Blazcowicz (probably misspelled that), Gordon Freeman, etc., etc.
  5. I used to be rather repulsed by the smell of coffee as a kid. Now I can tolerate the smell fine, but I certainly don't feel any desire to try it. It is possible to get through college without caffeine if you avoid the party life and get sufficient sleep.
  6. Gore. No, seriously, I'm not a big fan of it. It seemed like a lot of those old Doom clones thought they could sell more copies than Doom by just adding more blood and louder death sounds.
  7. I'm 26, an engineer by profession, a mathematician by hobby, and I've never tasted coffee in my life.
  8. I like your ideas for new monsters. I notice that Doom 2 added a lot of mid-range health monsters, but then added a weapon well suited to these. Heretic has the former but lacks the latter. So I might suggest that a new weapon or two is in order for Heretic anyway... As for types of new monsters, I'd suggest an emphasis on low-tier fodder that can be mowed down by the dragon claw or hell staff. However, your description of the melee enemy has me intrigued, and so I'd like to see what you can do with that idea. Reminds me of the ghosts in the old Mario games, except that you don't have the advantages of being able to see behind your character! That could have a terrifying effect on new or unsuspecting players. Bosses are one thing that Heretic got right; but, you know, the more the merrier! :-)
  9. I know, right? "Use your chainsaw," they said. "The monster will remain stunned in a pain state," they said.
  10. I already posted a list before, but I have a few things to add: - Secrets that become unavailable after 30 seconds. - Any "points of no return" in a map (think Scythe 2 map 23) -- why can't I go back to fill up on junk once I've killed everything? - WADs that withhold a backpack. Yeah, I know, it adds to the challenge... but I don't like that kind of challenge. - Ammo starvation in general. - Anything that resembles mandatory damage. IMO, it should be "theoretically" possible to do a no-damage run of a map without relying on luck.
  11. When I was little, I wasn't allowed to play any games involving guns, but Hexen & Heretic were OK. Later on, we converted to Christianity, and magic was thereafter seen as evil and witchcraft, so those games ceased to be OK. Eventually, shooter games were permitted in our house, but nothing involving fantasy, demons, magic, etc. Just Call of Duty, Wolf3D, stuff like that. First time I played Doom was in college, 3 or 4 years ago. I started playing Hexen & Heretic again (without my parents' permission or knowledge) with a buddy of mine. After we finished them, my buddy suggested we move on to Doom. So we did. I remember being less than impressed with Doom 1 (given all the hype that I had heard about the game growing up), but more impressed with Doom 2. About the time I graduated, I discovered Scythe, with which I was very impressed, and then a whole Doomworld loaded with a lifetime supply of WADs to play. So when I call Doom the greatest FPS of all time, it's not actually due to "rose-tinted nostalgia." EDIT: When I was playing in college, I didn't even know what a source port was. My friend and I set up co-op games on DosBox... fun times! XD
  12. This reminds me of a trap in Resurgence map 18 where a horde of spectres spawns in front of you, and a cyberdemon spawns behind you. The spectres force you to rush the cyber so that you don't eat all the splash damage from his rockets hitting them. It was an interesting fight. Another good example I can think of is map 9 of Speed of Doom... the game loads you up with rockets, then springs a trap of pinkies, spectres, and PE's on you. That was also an interesting fight. In short, play Joshy maps. He'll show you how to use any monster effectively. ;-)
  13. Dude, you must be John Carmack's evil twin or something! I'll have to look into doing that later on...
  14. I have the mind of a mathematician -- to me, all the world is numbers. Letters are what you use if you don't know the exact value of the numbers. ;-)
  15. Ah. I was hoping to get infinitely tall explosions without getting infinitely tall actors. PrBoom+ keeps looking more and more attractive all the time.