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  1. Yep, "Dang!" is the name of my map. (Yeah, real imaginative, I know....) :-P As it is, I have implemented a conventional easy setting. I have some ideas for reimagining fights, but most of them involve changes to the map that will probably desync Ancalagon's demo, so I don't really want to make them. I guess you can feel free to spam archviles.
  2. Playing a new map made by a friend, then continuing Sunlust after that. https://www.twitch.tv/42percenthealth
  3. More Dark Tartarus https://www.twitch.tv/42percenthealth
  4. Category 1: completely blind run. Died in maps 1-1-3. Second death was extremely unnecessary, as I took a cyber rocket while fumbling around for my plasma gun. :-\ Other than that, I guess these demos are a fair assessment of my Doom skills (or lack thereof). 42ph_cshock_ironman.zip
  5. Heh, don't feel bad! I'm 27, and this describes me as well. :-P
  6. Finishing Combat Shock 2, then Dark Tartarus https://www.twitch.tv/42percenthealth
  7. Wait, what? We're not supposed to implement a conventional "easy" mode?? 'Cuz that's what I did...
  8. NERD!! (Actually, I'm jealous...)
  9. Finishing Miasma, doing this month's ironman run, and then who knows what else.... https://www.twitch.tv/42percenthealth
  10. Are you playing in ZDoom? Because I think that won't happen if you play in prboom+, which is the intended port for this WAD.
  11. The poll is now split exactly 1/3 - 2/3. A THIRD OF THE MEMBERS HERE ARE REVENANTS!!! BFG THEM ALL!!!
  12. No *Grins nervously* yes YESSS! :-D Yep I don't think so. I usually don't look at the ping after I connect YESSS! D-: No YESSS! D-:< Nope Yeah, slightly Of course Yes! No. I punch the air knowing full well that it won't make them more aggressive. Of course, who hasn't? Yep No, I usually feel like seriously reconsidering my choice. Nope Indeed I do. :-) I am a doomguy. EDIT: Dangit! I am in the majority AGAIN!! :-\
  13. If you play Ribbiks on HMP, you'll want to play NIH on HNTR or ITYTD. ;-) Not even joking.
  14. Just don't tag them as secrets then. ;-)
  15. :-(