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  1. Hey y'all,


    After a long and complicatedΒ disagreement with my parents (at the tender young age of 26), I finally left their house and am on my own now. It was quite painful at the time. Fortunately, a guy I work with was kind enough to take me to dinner last night, talk some things over, and helpΒ take some of the stress off; so today I feel much better.


    Currently, I'm looking for a place to rent. Pretty much everything I'm doing, I've never had to do before. It feels really weird. Can't wait until something starts to feel normal.


    Anyway, I will be checking on DW occasionally, but probably won't be too active for a while.

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    3. UglyStru


      @42PercentHealthΒ pssh I drove to and from Austin which was ~30hr away. Only took about 3 days!

    4. 42PercentHealth


      Yeah, but I wouldn't want to drive 18 hours twice a day to get to/from work. Actually, I'd have to do someΒ seriousΒ speeding just to dive 36 hoursΒ in one day! ;-)