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  1. Just got laid off of my job! :'( Boss came in first thing this morning and notified me. Man, what a lousy way to start October!


    *Sigh* Shouldn't have too much trouble getting re-employed somewhere, given my credentials. I'm optimistic... I'm just a sad optimist right now.

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    2. UglyStru


      @PaveraΒ must be nice! I'm from New Haven but I'm currently living in southern Hartford county. Waterbury to New Britain and everything in between just consists of tons of people and nothing to do. If Litchfield county wasn't so far away from my job, I'd move up there in a heartbeat.Β 

    3. GarrettChan


      Sorry to hear that. Cheers, bro. I saw the word "California" and thought you may come, but I actually read that sentence and feel sad...

    4. Pavera


      @struΒ It's nice for sure. I moved up here from Norwalk about a year ago, bought a house in New Milford.Β I still commute to Norwalk every day, but it's worth it coming home to a nice peaceful place. Norwalk wasn't so bad, but the traffic was awful and nobody knows how to drive down there. Lots of good restaurants though. Cool to see a fellow Connecticutian on the board.