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That One Gecko

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  1. That One Gecko

    The NEW DOOM v1.0

    Anal penetration via cheese grater while being castrated with a wooden spoon is more pleasurable than this fucking abomination. DO NOT PLAY THIS.
  2. That One Gecko

    Map set #1

    For your first maps, they were pretty well made and enjoyable to play.
  3. That One Gecko

    Outpost of Malice

    Item placement on UV in nonexistent. I like a good fisting now and then too, but this is a bit much.
  4. That One Gecko

    DOOM 2: EVOLVED (Version 1.2 Doomworld Release)

    Loved the detail added because it brings new life to the classics. Played with Brutal Doom and was not disappointed!
  5. That One Gecko

    Danne's E1

    Pretty well done and enjoyable to play.
  6. That One Gecko


  7. That One Gecko


    Sorry but I had to actually stop playing this.
  8. That One Gecko

    Daffie Uck

    I like squares too.
  9. That One Gecko

    Ultimate Doom 2 : Dead Anomaly

    Concept was good, but 5 days to produce this poor mess is pretty sad.