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  1. ThePetitDwarf

    4:3 or 16:9? With or without the status bar?

    Share it, pls~
  2. ThePetitDwarf

    I've made zombies' groans more terrifying

    Ok. I'm gonna try to make this be a thing in Freedoom. Or at least convince a real sound engineer to perform the groans in the process.
  3. ThePetitDwarf

    4:3 or 16:9? With or without the status bar?

    ...is there a 21:9 aspect ratio?
  4. ThePetitDwarf

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    The wolf's howling in the first map can be listened in ZDoom engines, but not in PrBoom+. I know this is a dumb request, but does anybody know why? Is there a way to make it sound?
  5. ThePetitDwarf

    Chocolate Doom

    It worked!!! Thanks a lot.
  6. ThePetitDwarf

    Chocolate Doom

    I'm having some issues when using Chocolate Doom with the Steam client. The overlay won't show up. I use Doom Explorer to play with my wads online and offline, and I added it to my non-steam games list so I can use the Steam overlay and the Steam controller's configuration. The overlay works when using Zandronum, whether in OpenGL as in Software. However, it doesn't show up when using Chocolate Doom. The fun thing is, it used to work before I replaced the .exe file to this guy's: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/source-ports/34164-chocolate-doom/66/ I re-used the first .exe, extracted the main .zip again, deleted and added the .exe to the list of programs for Doom Explorer, and nothing seems to work. Any idea?
  7. ThePetitDwarf

    4:3 or 16:9? With or without the status bar?

    Wow. You gotta have a huge monitor to play like that.
  8. ThePetitDwarf

    I've made zombies' groans more terrifying

    Who takes the final decision to add/discard something? I think these groans aren't so good, but at least they're better now, in my opinion
  9. ThePetitDwarf

    I've made zombies' groans more terrifying

    Oh well. I just wanted to do something with Freedoom's sound effects since they're not as terrifying as Doom's. Unfortunately I'm not a sound engineer. *Too late response, I know*
  10. ThePetitDwarf

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I agree most of Doom II maps are a challenge mostly because of their size -not because of their complexity. However, I understand that people prefer it to modding because of the new monsters and weapon that can extend the possibilities for their mods. I just can't imagine Ancient Aliens without Arachnotrons, for example.
  11. How do you prefer to play Doom and why? I play in 16:9 with the status bar enabled -specially when it's a customized bar that comes with the wad like Alien Vendetta and Ancient Aliens.
  12. ThePetitDwarf

    List of monsters' names?

    Thanks. I'm gonna check them out.
  13. ThePetitDwarf

    List of monsters' names?

    I just downloaded the source code from GitHub, and I want to make some checks in the Lost Soul equivalent monster in Freedoom. However, I don't know how it's called -not its real name nor its acronym used for the sprites folder- so i can't find it.
  14. ThePetitDwarf

    Any tutorial for making custom weapons?

    Thanks a lot. It seems to be a really complete tutorial. I really hope so. What I want to do is kinda... unorthodox and not common for an FPS (at least for any FPS I've played). Thanks, I guess I'll be hanging around the Zdoom forums.
  15. I had an epiphany about some custom weapons for Doom and I'd like it to be a reality. I've seen some tutorials in google and in the "tutorials" sub-forum. However they're all most for making custom maps and not about weapons. Do you know any tutorial focused on them?