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  1. my gf4ti 4200 has to go for RMA because it's fucked up. doom3 comes out in 4 days. i'm SO FUCKING ANGRY. ARRRRRRGHH.

    this will be the second time i've had to RMA it in about a year.

    i should write a letter.

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    2. DMFDxUconn


      are there any utilities that you can test certain hardware without having to take the case apart and actually looking inside when its all running... watching fans and water flow to make sure everything is going like it should? How about RAM? how do you know when a RAM stick has shit the bed? Or a power source.. is there a way to find out if your power source is losing its juice?

    3. mewse


      for ram, there's a util called memtest86 that will boot from a cd or floppy and make sure you don't have memory errors.

      as for power, i was using a utility for a while called hmonitor or something that showed the temperature of my sensors and the voltages currently running on my board..

      i had no warning that the fan on my video card had died :(

    4. sandmanfvr


      Well if your card is crapping out, then buy a new one (if you can). Doom 3 is perfect reason to buy a new card (I did). :)