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  1. urmomplaysdoom

    The Unholy Trinity

    haters have no clue how much work went into this wad. They didn't have the tools that make it so you can do this in 48 hours without having to leave your house. fixing bugs wasn't a few clicks here and there like it is now. 1994 was taking pictures of the school, developing them, then scanning them, then converting them to proper sizes and resolution for the game.
  2. urmomplaysdoom

    The Jonathan Brandis Galleries

    you can't deny the influence over joke wads for the last 20 yrs, a bit sad and ironic his legacy lives on in doom archives.
  3. urmomplaysdoom

    The Late Train (Night Train updated)

    Very original concept, but the gameplay is a bit on the insane side with no obvious exit.
  4. urmomplaysdoom

    Twin Peaks

    original concept. Fun gameplay - you show much potential
  5. urmomplaysdoom

    Seizure Doom

    I made it to level 2 and thought I was going to vomit.
  6. urmomplaysdoom

    Birthing Pools

    Apparently they DO still make em' like they used to.
  7. urmomplaysdoom

    Devile II

    mostly too easy
  8. urmomplaysdoom


    not bad. next you want to focus on marking some of the keyed doors, as well as door textures
  9. urmomplaysdoom

    The Hallway of the Tempest

    way too easy, even on UV all three levels take 45 seconds.
  10. urmomplaysdoom


    earth shattering, groundbreaking, cutting-edge - are all terms NOT to be used in describing this wad. Hilarious, however. 4 stars for making me laugh.
  11. urmomplaysdoom

    Congestion 384

    agree with other reviews - this is as awesome as 384x384 can be. Loved lvl 20!
  12. urmomplaysdoom

    The Matrix

    Amazing attention to detail. This was made 21 years ago when the editing programs then make the ones now look like ms paintbrush. I had fun with the gameplay, no groundbreaking material - just a big, complex and functional level.