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    Could someone help me out here?

    I can't seem to find my other fanfic. It's not in the fanfic index and not in the list of topics. Could you direct me to it, DSM? I don't remember some of the stuff in it. It's the one I made after "Frozen Hell" and "Revenge". Can't seem to remeber it's name... I'm guessing I probably haven't given you enough information, but could you do me a favor and look around? EDIT: God, I have trouble using my brain correctly sometimes. Nevermind... I found it by looking in my profile. I'll go ahead and close this thread.
  2. Once again, I'm starting from scratch. I've got major writer's block when it comes to my other fic, so I'm just going to write this one for now. Take note that three different situations are going on all in the same base at similar times in this story. Enjoy. DOOM-The X Project: Chapter I All was quiet. Completely mute of sound, exept for the low hum of nearby machinery. He could only hear a faint whirring, as if something important was in process of completion. At last, something came on within him, and he could see. His vision was in infrared, with an extremely detailed scope of vision that gave him quite a rude awakening. Rising a metallic hand, he flexed it before his eyes. He realized he was in a small pod, just barely big enough to hold him. And, in chorus with a fierce hissing noise, the door in front of the capsule slid open. Outside was a dark room that seemed to have previously been a laboratory of some kind, but now was littered with shattered glass, damaged machinery, and loose chemicals. He found a second pod next to his closed, and a third blown open. Sparks and strange buzzes sputtered from the shattered glass and twisted metal. The pods seemed to be the only things in the room with any electricity- everything else was shut down. While exploring the room, he bumped against a table. He found blood all over it. Making his way around the table, he found that it slid down a cabinet to a bloody white bag of some sort. He spun it around--and a face stared back at him. He yelled in shock and tripped on a discarded beaker, falling on to the ground. The ‘bag’ was a man wearing a white lab coat. And he was missing all of his major organs. * * * Leutenant Charles usually did his job well. Fear didn’t seem to effect him as much as other people. But this time it was different. Something had killed his entire team and vanished faster than anyone could react. But that’s not what bothered him so much. Whatever it was wasn’t human, and he couldn’t stop it. That’s why he sat in the corner of the dark room, staring in horror at the half open door it had burst through. He tried not to make any sound. Not to even breathe too hard. He was afraid whatever had done this terrible thing would come back for him. He could hear it’s movements ahead, in the room in front of him. Leutenant Charles didn’t know what would happen next. And he was very afraid. Suddenly, he could hear it getting closer. Leutenant Charles lay there, engulfed in the silent blackness that used to be a populated government base. Slowly, cautiously, he brought up his gun and checked the ammo montior. It read zero. He desperately searched his armor for any clips, or even a couple discarded bullets. Nothing. He pulled his ten-inch knife out of it’s leather holster on his ankle, and stood up. The man froze in horror as a loud crash came from behind him. It was behind him. But how? How could it have gotten past him that easily? Suddenly, a female voice boomed through the base. “Emergency Power Reserve Activated.” Light poured into the leutenant’s eyes, and he covered his face with his hands. His eyes adjusted, and he slowly looked up. And there it was. The tall, metal thing that had once been his best friend James W. Buhner, and had wiped out half the population of the base. He swung at it with his ten-inch, to no avail. It grabbed his hand and crushed it. Before the Leutenant could even let out a scream, It grabbed his face. Leutenant Gabriel Charles, a decorated war veteran and hero could only feel his head being torn off his shoulders for an instant before he died. He was thirty years old. * * * “This is the only place we’re safe in.” Elen said, sitting down on a desk. Sergeant David Buhner stood by the door with his plasma rifle gripped tightly in his hands. Elen looked at him strangely. “That door is twelve inches thick, David. That thing can’t get through.” “That ‘thing’ is my [i]brother[i/]. I don’t want him to kill all those people.” David replied, lighting a cigarette and taking a long, nervous puff. “None of us want him to kill people. But he does. He’s a failed experiment, and he’s probably already destroyed the other two like him by taking the power off for such a long time. It’s just the seven of us now, and we have to stick together to survive.”Gordon said.“What about the leutenant?” David asked.“He was on the other side when we locked the door. He’s probably dead.”Gordon replied, grimly. “Anyway, we have the emergency power on. Can’t we radio for help?” Elen asked. “No! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t want to send another group of marines to their deaths!” Scott yelled. He was the last civilian alive, and had been handling all the communications so far. Elen began to cry. “So we’re just going to sit here until we die of hunger?!”“YES!” David yelled. Elen nearly stopped breathing. "Yes, Elen! We are going to die! We’re not getting out alive! No one is! We’re all just prolonging our deaths! Let’s end it now!!” David yelled, and opened fire on the rest of the group. Good? Bad? Hideously retarded? Gimme your feedback.
  3. Asephilocity

    New fic!

    After repeated attempts at creating a second chapter of FROZEN HELL and failing miserably, I've decided to begin a new one. Hopefully I can actually put a lot into this one. If any of you've played the game ABUSE, certain parts of this plot may seem very familiar for you. By the way, I'm just going to call the Doomguy 'DOOM', scince that seems more appropriate than Flynn Taggart. Playing God Chapter One Doom looked at the greenish-blue liquid oddly, studying it. "So, why is this so important?" He inquired. "It's going to revolutionize military combat and strategy. I've isolated the specific gene in the human structure that causes violence or agression among us," He said, beaming, "And it's right here in this tube." Doom leaned back against the wall. "Are you sure it's safe? I mean, we want to win out there and everything, but we don't want to act like animals in order to do it." "No, I'm not sure. Which is why we need to test it on someone." The doctor replied. "Like who?" Doom asked, looking around. "You're not going to force ME into this, are you?" The scientist laughed. "Oh, heavens no. You're one of the best marines we have. Government Officials wouldn't be foolish enough to risk your life." And with that, he motioned another man in a white labcoat to open the door. The second scientist entered a specific code, and the door slid open. There was an anamalistic roar, and a soldier was flung through the doorway and onto a table. A middle-aged man with long, stringy hair and a long bushy beard burst into the room wearing an orange prison uniform. "You're going to test this drug on a homicidal maniac from death row?!" Doom shouted. "It's not a drug!" He yelled back, while trying to aprehend the prisoner along with several other men. After some struggle, several scientists were also flung across the room, and he had knocked the other soldier to the ground. "Enough of this bullshit." Doom said, while pulling a .45 out of his pocket and pointing it at the rampaging prisoner's head. "Have a seat." Doom picked up the attacker by the neck and threw him down on a bed. Some of the recovering scientists were able to get up and strap him in. "He's all ready, doc." Doom said, pointing his gun back at the prisoner's face. "Yes...right..." He said, while straightening his glasses and putting the tube up to the test subject's mouth. "Don't try to struggle. The quicker you swallow this, the less it will hurt." He cautioned, and with that poured it into the prisoner's mouth. He swallowed it will little hesitation. He lay there, motionless for several seconds. Suddenly, the prisoner began gasping and convulsing as if he couldn't breathe. He screamed in agony, as his eyes bulged and went bloodshot. Veins pulsated in his arms and forhead. "What the hell is going on?!" Doom yelled, while leaping back and gripping his gun. "The body has trouble accepting such a large quanity of the fluid at first!" Another scientist yelled, trying to talk over the howling prisoner. Suddenly, the prisoner stopped. He slumped, eyes shut, and became motionless. "Is he dead?" One of the scientists asked. "I don't know...this has never happened before..." Another replied, scratching his head. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open. Before the startled doctors could even back away, the drugged prisoner tore his left arm right out of it's brace, and grasped a scientist's neck. In seconds, he had crushed the victim's throat. Doom's pistol went off like a crack of lightning. A bullet pierced the enraged prisoner's chest, and a punctured artery sprayed blood into a pool on the orange shirt. Somehow, he didn't even react, and busted out of the rest of his braces. He bolted for Doom, saliva dripping from his mouth, eyes swelling with redness. Doom fired again. And again. And again. Nothing could stop the mindless prisoner. Suddenly, he was stopped dead in his tracks when Doom slammed him in the side of the head with his gun. The prisoner slumped to the floor. A pool of blood quickly formed around him. "Jesus Christ..." Doom said, slumping against the wall, panting. "I suppose it's possible to survive a shot from a gun like that." A scientist said, recovering from the shock. "True." Doom said, swallowing hard. "But I shot him eight times." To be continued...
  4. Are any new enemies confirmed besides the Chainsaw Zombie? I know that this is simply a remake of Doom 1, but does that mean the number of new enemies will be limited?
  5. Asephilocity

    [OMG] Serious Topic

    I have a girlfriend. EDIT: Of course, I could've just TOOK the poll instead of posting this...
  6. Asephilocity

    St Anger Preview, for those that care click here now

    Get my gun...
  7. Asephilocity

    I'm back!

    Right. Thread closed.
  8. Asephilocity

    St Anger Preview, for those that care click here now

    That's because Metallica kicks ass and anyone who says otherwise has a serious mental problem.
  9. Asephilocity

    I'm back!

    Instead of quoting everyone's flaws and moronic comments, I think I'll just reply in general. 1.There is nothing wrong with an "Im Back" thread. 2.It was already in it's proper place. "EVERYTHING ELSE". 3.If you don't know who I am, you are either lobotomized or just a moron. 4.I didn't expect this kind of response, because I had no idea some of the members of this forum were having their period. And with that, hopefully a moderator will either lock this thread or send it to Post Hell.
  10. Asephilocity

    I'm back!

    Funny, for some reason I don't give a shit at all what you think.
  11. Asephilocity

    I'm back!

    Well, it's been awhile scince I posted on this forum. I was having some computer troubles. In a nutshell, I got a virus that corrupted Windows 98, tried to re-install it but couldn't find the CD key, finally found it and got Windows back up only for the virus to have infected my hard drive. So I had to reformat the petition and start from scratch. I was just lucky I had most of my stuff copied onto a CD so I could reload my stuff. Anyways, I'm back. So, what's been going on at Doomworld these days?
  12. Asephilocity


    Way back when, I used to visit Doomworld and just look at the topics before I actually came back later and decided to join. What ever happened to Deadnail and Maonth? I remeber them from a long time ago. What happened to them?
  13. Asephilocity

    New Fanfic

    I see a sequel on the horizon...
  14. Asephilocity

    New Fanfic

    Yeah, I know. I did go a bit farther than usual. But the little girl survived, right?
  15. Asephilocity

    New Fanfic

    The Fanfic "You Drove Me To It"(which is somewhere below) insprired me to make a fanfiction of a similar style. It starts off in a similar way, but don't let that fool you into thinking this is some ripoff of his story. It's not. Just read it through. REVENGE ------------------- I suppose you think I'm dead. Well, I couldn't blame you. Anybody would figure the same thing after seeing me get my spleen ripped out. Trust me, you'll be a lot worse off than I am once I find you. You think that after you used your own team to destract those monsters and get away, that I'd just forgive you and everything would be all wonderful? That's not the way it works, asshole. Unfortunatly for you, I still had enough blood to get away from that shithole. Yes. I'm alive. I'm still alive, despite my loss of several major organs. Now your probably thinking we're all back on Earth waiting for you in some alley. Well everyone else is dead. I checked. I'm the only one waiting for you. I'm back on Earth, and I will find you. Don't bother sending the police for me. They'll never find anything under the name 'Kyle C. Jameson'. I'm sure you figured that though, scince I always was the smarter one of the group. I have a new identity now. I hacked everything. The police records, the military's file on me, my bank account. Everything. I even cleaned out my apartment. So nobody knows. Just me and you. At least, as soon as you get this letter. I know you moved after the war on Mars. You quit the army too, telling them you 'couldn't fight anymore with the memory of your lost comrades always in your mind'. I thought we were never supposed to lie to our superiors, 'comerade'. Once you've recieved this letter, it won't be too long before I take a little 'visit' to your house. For once in your life, don't run away from what's coming to you. If you do, I'll kill you even slower once I reach you again. You lead us right into about twelve demons. Then shut the door. I remember it all so clearly. Then you must have tooken the power out, because the lights went off right before Todd's head landed in my lap. Then they got Zack, then Mike, and Greg right before me. I didn't see what happened to the others, because my vision was blurring around then. I passed out. For what felt like hours I was unconscious. When I woke up they were already gone. My leg hurt too much for me to stand, so I lied there for hours. Staring at them all. All of our friends who had served with us for years. Or at least, what was left of them. I probably snapped somewhere around then. After I had gotten out of shock, my leg wasn't much of a problem. I used a piece of shrapnel and some gause from my medkit to make one of those little splints they teach you how to make in Boy Scouts. I grabbed Zack's plasma rifle, and went after you. Oh yeah, I got through those bitch-demons by myself. All of them. By the time I got to the escape pods, you were already a couple miles off in space. Fuck you. You screwed us all over and then took off. And now your finally, FINALLY going to pay for it. See you soon. Jacob Durrows crumpled up the letter in his hands, deciding not to believe what he had just read. It was all behind him now. He had a wife and kid, and a beutiful home in a calm, quiet neighborhood. There had never been a broken window, or a stolen car, or anything like that. He thought the possibility of a murder around where he lived was way too far fetched. "So who sent the letter?" His wife asked, while stacking some freshly washed dinner plates in a cupboard. "Just some kids pulling a prank, I guess." He replied, dropping the crumpled letter in the garbage can. "I'm going to go pick up Dalene from soccer, okay?" he shouted as he reached the garage door. "That's fine, honey. I'll have dinner ready when you're back, okay?" She yelled. He smiled, then walked into the garage. The garage door was wide open. "That's odd. I closed it just a few minutes ago when I took the trash out..." He mumbled to himself. He shrugged, guessing he forgot to take the car in the garage, and his wife hadn't closed it when she took it in. He chuckled, laughing at how nervous he had been, then unlocked the door to his blue volkswagen and got in. He put the keys in the ignition, just as he heard a familiar voice from the back seat. "Hey Jakey. It's been a long time..." He spun around, eyes wide with shock. "KYLE?!" He yelled, just before a kitchen knife swung into his throat. His scream of pain was muffled almost completely by the blood seeping into his mouth as he sank into his chair. He gurgled his blood in his throat, untill the knife swung a second time, and pierced his heart. Nobody ever did find out why the war veteran Jacob Durrows' house caught fire, or why neither he nor his wife attempted escape. Nobody ever knew of Kyle Jameson's return, or his sick revenge either. It was just another mystery. Although Kyle did get his in the end, when he died of old age, and went into the pits of hell. All of the demons he had killed on Mars gave him quite a warm welcome. Very warm. -------------------- Well that's it. I hope you liked it. I thought I would finally make more of a horror story to break the usual action theme.