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  1. untilitdies

    Routine for starting a new map?

    Something I think about is visualizing in my mind that I'm just running around. I try to think of what directions I feel like running in, if I feel like doing something like say, slapping a wall, just sort of imagining what might feel good or natural. Then I can mark that down on paper with some arrows and shit.
  2. Oh hey, nice icon! I actually drew that exact image several years ago. You can tell by how horrible the hands are drawn!

  3. untilitdies

    Anyone want me to play their levels?

    In this episode, I can't see a goddamn thing. I want to finish this before I grab the other WADs, but...is it supposed to be that dark?
  4. untilitdies

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    i don't really know what i'm doing but i think it'll be a lot nicer when i add more detailing to the area
  5. untilitdies

    What happened to Post Hell?

    I feel like a fucking baby, then.
  6. untilitdies

    What is wrong with you?

    Every time I scroll past this thread and see "What is wrong with you?" I just feel like I've done something stupid that I shouldn't have.
  7. untilitdies

    Can the doomguy hear the music in the map?

    He makes the music himself, kind of like the guy in the Police Academy movies.
  8. untilitdies

    What happened to Post Hell?

    Pretty much this. It'd be really cool if there was an archive for us to poke around in.
  9. untilitdies

    What happened to Post Hell?

    I really miss the experience of Post Hell, honestly. Is there any way an archived version of the site can be put up somewhere? Or some of the threads? It was a hell of a lot of fun. I would.
  10. untilitdies

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    Hey G, can you make me a sandwich?
  11. "I want....more LIFE!"
  12. Like, every goddamn part of the DOOM movie. Especially with that one pervert guy who went to go take a shit while being under threat of demon attack.
  13. untilitdies

    Can you stop raging at games?

    I don't really rage at games unless it's starting to impact my life in some way, i.e.; I was trying to beat FFX before my Nintendo Switch arrived, because I knew that if I didn't finish it before I got Zelda, I would NEVER finish FFX. I had been on the last boss for a day and I was getting so pissed off due to the long-ass cutscene (and area!) before the final boss. I wound up grinding for a few hours and beat him. Other than that, I don't ever get angry.
  14. untilitdies

    New Forum

    Here's how Post Hell can still win:
  15. untilitdies

    Anyone want me to play their levels?

    It's difficult, but an absolutely fair difficult! I only give up when I know I can't win, or I feel that the map is being generally unfair. Really cool map design! ALSO: What the hell is UDoom, and where can I get it?