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  1. why is everyone reacting with such astonishment when they saw the nintendo switch console running doom 2016? i remember running the E3 Demo Alpha of doom 3 on my old nvidia TNT2 card back in 2002. a couple of years later i also got the retail version of doom 3 running on that same TNT2 card again with the help of the 3DFX community who helped me set up the doom 3 voodoo patch in order to make it work (though we still had to edit some things as the patch was only meant for voodoo cards, but it worked nonetheless) as you can see, DOOM 2016 also works on a Geforce GT210, granted it ran pooly but the point is that Doom 2016 could run on the lowest budget graphics card from a few years ago. with that said i find it odd that so many people are raving and gasping in surprise at the fact that nintendo switch could run doom 2016 at 30fps. i thought the nintendo switch is powered by a decent enough next gen graphics card that could at leat push out a couple of teraflops? maybe i'm missing something here but i don't understand why its such a technical feat for the switch to run doom, since its such a new piece of hardware afterall.
  2. beautifulman2999

    Why havent you played Doom 2016?

    ah i see, thanks for clearing this up for me. also is your avatar pic from the N64 game Mischief Maker?
  3. beautifulman2999

    Why havent you played Doom 2016?

    OK. is that why so many unfavorable reviews were given to the Doom Beta on Steam? because the younger generation of gamers did not know, or were not as well acquainted with the classic doom franchise as most of us were back in the 1990s with the distribution of the doom shareware diskette (copy the floppy!), thus resulting in them basing their negetive reviews on the sole, hastily-made assumption that the new doom 2016 is a copycat of halo?
  4. beautifulman2999

    Things about Doom you just found out

    maybe modders will be able to add the pants back in via a skin mod?
  5. beautifulman2999

    I just upgraded my graphics card but its overheating! HELP!

    hello! i just want to say thank you to everyone here for helping me with this problem, i much appreciate and am very grateful for all your help! thanks again everyone! yes it's wolfenstein new order, i saw someone running the game on a geforce 210 and a pentium 4 using a low-resolution patch and it appears to run quite fast on his pc. here's the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLxoTUgHXvo when i saw this i went to the mall and was going to buy the exact same geforce 210 to play wolfenstein but ultimately bought the geforce 9500GT instead from the shop's bargain bin instead, as i figured it would be a much better choice. i've already ordered a hard copy of wolfenstein new order, it should arrive in a few weeks. i'll post back screenshot IF it runs on my pc. if it doesn't, i'll just go and get the geforce 210 i think. the video card uses its own fan for cooling, sorry i forgot to mention that. and what you said about the heatsink and the cooling gel makes perfect sense, this is most likely the reason why my video card is so hot. i haven't built a gaming pc since 2007 which was when i built a geforce 6 desktop pc to play Doom 3, after that pc got fried from a faulty power supply and took everything with it, i gave up on desktop pcs and started buying branded laptops until i built this celeron pc so i could take some of the workload off my laptop. i was under the assumption that the geforce 9 was a card from 2010, but i was wrong. the card is apprently much older than it looks.
  6. beautifulman2999

    I just upgraded my graphics card but its overheating! HELP!

    Current specs of my PC - Power Supply 380watts - Celeron G550 - 2GB ram - samsung 120gb HDD - Geforce 9500GT (the new card i just purchased) * NO DVD drives or any kind of PCI cards installed i built this computer myself back in 2011 and i had intended to use it for work with MICROSOFT OFFICE only and i never intended to use it for any kind of 3D gaming, atleast that was the mindset i have back at the time, and because of that i only used the bare minimum amount of components needed for a working office pc and not a gaming one. i chose the celeron chip precisely for its low vottage and low heat perk and i also picked an ASUS motherboard because ASUS have good solid capacitors so i don't have to worry about leaving my pc on for 24/7. (never forget the great capacitor plague of Y2K) this pc has been with me for the past 5 years, i never played any games with it until last month when i play wolfstein on my co-worker's laptop and that was when i finally decided upgrade my pc just to play wolfenstein on lowest setting. so i bought a cheap geforce9 card and i was fully expecting my power supply to give up the ghost as soon as i plug the geforce card in and turn the pc on, but so far nothing's happened, the power supply appears to be working fine and is stable for the time being. is it really a problem with my power supply? i thought a 380watt PSU should be more than enough for a celeron computer with only a low-end graphics card in use, though i could be wrong. i did briefly considered taking apart my other pc, an HP laptop that i purchased 2 years ago, to see if i can upgrade the onboard graphics inside, however i was warned by HP that i would lose the warrenty if i do so, plus i do not wish to fry my laptop as all my work related documents and powerpoints are inside so upgrading the laptop thus far is completely out of the question. i thought about building myself a new gaming pc, but since my flat is too small for 2 desktop pc, this would mean that i'd have to throw this perfectly good and working computer away just so i can built a new one from scratch. in all honesty i do not think i should spoil myself in this manner when there are people starving out there and when i could just upgrade this computer that i already have. [/url] And before anyone come in here screaming "geforce9 sucks lol", yes i know that, but i got it for 10 dollars and i was fully expecting it to be fried by my generic power supply as soon as i turn it on. the way i see it, it would be better to lose a 10 dollars graphics card than to lose 60 dollars one, at least that's what i think anyways.
  7. after spending 2 hour vacuuming and cleaning the interior of my PC, i finally added a brand new nvidia graphics card to my motherboard, but i noticed that the card seems to be running fairly hot at ~60 degrees even when idling, so i added an extra Side Panel Fan on the side of the computer but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. i checked the side panel fan again and it seems to be in good working order, the fan blades are spinning, and its sucking in air from the outside and blowing it towards the motherboard. i read that the side panel fan is supposed to "intake" air so i configured it to be as such, but so far, it doesn't seem to be cooling down my graphics card, so what on earth am i doing wrong? UPDATE: my motherboard and CPU temperature are around 35 degrees, yet my nvidia graphics card stays at 60 degrees even when i'm not playing games with it.
  8. beautifulman2999

    Game requires internet connection after last update .?

    this game works without an internet connection?
  9. beautifulman2999

    Post a picture of yourself!

    i like your white hair, you look like the main character from Silver Soul.
  10. beautifulman2999

    I feel so angry after listening to the Radio

    Allow me to clarify this. One death-roll inmate had his death sentence changed to a life sentence, while the other inmate had his changed to a 25 year sentence. Although i explicitly said in my initial post that "I was listening to BBC Radio just now and there was a programme on about amnesty for murderers in India", i used the term "Amnesty" loosely because i was under the assumption that the india government's decision to change a person's death sentence in the interest of the British commissioner and/or Amnesty international is in itself a form of official "pardoning", hence i saw fit to use the term "Amnesty" in a non-technical and legal-savvy manner, as i had assumed that being pardoned of a crime or a death sentence is tantamount to receiving "Amnesty" itself; which apparently is wrong. I'm not a human rights lawyer, or even a lawyer in general, so at the moment i'm having a very difficult time explaining myself to everyone here on how, and why i've used the term "Amnesty" incorrectly, as the legal differences between someone being *pardoned* of a death sentence by the government, and someone being *pardoned* of a death sentence by the government but still having to serve time in jail afterwards, is still unknown to me. But it would seem that i have indeed, incorrectly introduced and used the term "Amnesty", seeing that i also cannot recall hearing the word being used during the broadcast. i only heard her say Life imprisonment so i really have no idea. also the programme was on BBC WORLD service and not BBC international, and i'm still trying to track it down. i supposed what i'm trying to say in all of this is that...i wish those convicts had been more sorry about what they did, and showed more remorse and sorrow when somebody asked them about the people they've killed. But the way they kept trying to distance themselves from their past crimes CLEARLY shows they're not sorry and that they haven't learnt anything at all. One of the things that i still remember from psychology classes is that until someone admits their mistakes willingly, they won't think that they did anything wrong and so they'd just go on and make those same mistakes again later on. Those two convicts should've atleast said they were "sorry" or that they were "wrong" when they were being interviewed, but they didn't. ALL i heard them say was "i don't wanna talk about it alright LOL" and "You can't kill a killer cuz its wrong to kill a person LOL." i once saw an american documentary about death-row inmates and near the end of the show, one of the inmates apologizes in tears to the victim's mother by saying "i'm sorry i killed your son, i deserve this", then they showed the mother with a mixed expression on her face, she looked like she was enraged but at the same time also pitied the man, if only just a little. To me, i think that's someone who is truly sorry for what he did. (in the end, they still executed him though) life has so many caveats. Remorseless and unapologetic people in this world are like a double edged sword that constantly stabs you in the stomach when all you want to do is eat some sushi and swing the stupid sword downwards at your enemies to cut them where they stand. Truly, when you hurt others you hurt yourself even more. Life is a mystery for us all. PS: if they don't regret it now, it's highly unlikely they ever will unless some eye-opening, life changing event occurs and make them realize they're wrong. Until then, they'll just keep telling themselves that what they did was, and will alway be right and just. People by nature do not like to admit their own failings and mistakes, it's just the way our minds were engineered, but that's why i'm so upset about it, even though i know people don't want to admit they're wrong or feel bad about it, i still very much want them to, but when they don't, it just upsets me even more, even though i myself am no different than they are. (self-projection?) yes the music they play at mid-night is absolutely dreadful, but would it be so bad if it'd wake you up in the middle of the night to make you want to play Doom 3 in the dark with me since you can't go back to sleep anymore? -
  11. I was listening to BBC Radio just now and there was a programme on about amnesty for murderers in India, the BBC host interviewed several convicts who had been sentenced to death but was spared at the last minute through the interevntion of a British Comissioner and had their sentence changed to either 25 years or life imprisonment. During the interview several of the inmates who were once on the death row...*cough* or should i say MURDERERS were asked how they feel about having their death sentence quashed and spared from being put to death, and here's what each of them had to say: BBC host: "what do you think about lives you took? now that you've been spared from the death sentence?" Murderer #1: "i don't want to have anything to do with my past anymore, right now i just want to look forward to a better tomorrow and contribute to society." Murderer #2: "i feel very lucky that i didn't have to die" BBC host: "But what about the 2 people you've killed? did you not effectively serve them your own death sentence when you killed them?" Murderer #2: "No that's different, because when a man kills another man and you sentence him to death, then that's wrong." Later on the BBC hosts interviewed one of the victims whose mother had been shot by one of these men (i wasn't paying attention to who they were referring to as i was feeling too angry), the victim described how he had tried to tend to his mother who was just shot and lying on the ground, but he could only hear her mutter a few words before the killer shot her again in the chest and killed her. So the killer was either Murderer #1 or Murderer #2 and when i kept thinking about what those two murderers had to say about themselves taking the lives of others as being something that they merely "did" a long time ago or that it was something that "happened" in the "Past" while hearing them expressing their continuous joy and excitement at the prospect of able to keep living in this world or even to begin life anew again once their prison term is over...the very thought of which greatly disturbs and sickens me to no end, these vile wretches should not have been allowed to live if they do not even have even the slightest bit of guilt nor regret on their conscience. why were they even saved to begin with? they didn't deserve to live precisely because they are not sorry for what they've done. Even to this day they're still only thinking about themselves and the kind of a future THEY will have once they're out. what disgraceful, disrespectful, and despicable animals that they are! how could these rotten people have been spared and to what end? what on earth were the people who made this happen trying to proof? i simply do not understand and when i keep thinking about it more and more i become even more furious and it makes my blood boil even more. i believe in all the years i've listened to BBC this is the first time i've ever heard of a death row inmates even being ALLOWED to speak out over the air-waves on how they feel about being spared from the death sentence. And now after hearing all this utter rubbish that spewed out of their own mouths i can't even contain my anger and hatred for these murderous barbarians any longer( referring to the convicts! not the people of india!) nor could i even begin to fathom what goes on inside that twisted mind of theirs. i just feel so angry and utterly betrayed by these people since over the years whenever the issue of amnesty for death-row inmates and abolishment of the death penalty gets brought up, i've always taken the side of the murderers because i thought the only reason why people wanted them to die was because they wanted to exact vengeance stemming from their long-time hatred of those who so easily take and forsake the lives of others. Years ago someone tried to correct me on that by telling me how "the killers don't actually feel sorry for what they've done, they just feel glad that they'll get to live." of course i thought he was being biased so i didn't believe him then. but now i'm so, so ashamed of myself for thinking that these people ever deserved a second chance for so long and i deeply regret writing that stupid paper in psychology classes 20 years ago on how i feel that "anyone can be reformed even if they've done wrong because people are inherently good and they have the capacity to change themselves for the better if we help them" good lord, what a pompous naive fool i was. Looking back, I must've been the only student in the class who wrote something like that, i would've been the laughing stock of the entire class if the professor had been less merciful and read it out-loud. Anyhow, if you want to listen to the programme, it's on BBC WORLD SERVICE (NOT BBC international Sorry!), i must go now and spend the rest of the day thinking about this, then feel angry at myself and everyone for what i think will be the longest time ever.
  12. beautifulman2999

    Mysterious Space Marine in Cancelled Doom

    I love this theory of yours! i think it's absolutely brilliant! the flashback sequence would set up the plot of "hell on earth" quite nicely, also it would give players a chance to play as doomguy in his space marine gear even if its just for a short while. i like how doomguy would be thrown into a world apocalyptic battle against overwhelming odds during the initial demonic invasion, and watched as all of his marine buddies are killed one after another. Meanwhile, all of earth's armies would fall prey to the might of the invading forces from hell and be utterly, completely destroyed in a catastrophic defeat of global proportion. Hell's minions, it would seem, is victorious for the time being. the intro sequence would end with a scene showing all of earth's armies being wiped out, with all of earth cities in flames, before doing a time-skip of several more years into the future where doomguy is shown to be surviving in the wastelands and killing demons on his own. by chance he manages to link up with other survivors or what's left of the army again, and they brought him back to base-camp and doomguy is introduced to the man in charge; the marine Sargent with the eye-patch. doomguy is given some squard-mates, led by that really hot chick in the trailer, but she ended up dying because she is too hot-headed and reckless. i wish they'd just release the game already. Doom1 got a remake in the form of Doom3, and then Doom1 got another remake via Doom2016, but i still want my "hell on earth" remake even more.
  13. beautifulman2999

    Mysterious Space Marine in Cancelled Doom

    here's a Quake 4 space marine armor that i mentioned earlier as being aesthetically similar to what the space marine-looking character was wearing in the cancelled doom 4 trailer. of course a kevlar can hardly be considered as the iconic bulky doom marine armor, but my point was; the backpacking doomguy could of still passed himself off as a space marine wearing that futuristic-looking kevlar, instead of that call of duty outfit he's putted on in the trailer, which looks absolutely dreadful. i was under the impression that the backpacking fellow is doomguy because of the subtle way he turned his head to look at us with his sand goggles face in the trailer. Also, he's got a shotgun. Not only am i looking too far into this, i'm also Knee-Deep in it. (Sorry!) I'm been thinking about it for a year now, ever since the cancelled Doom Trailer first came out. for awhile i kept checking the old "cancelled doom" thread in the forums, hoping that someone would add more to the discussion, but the thread's been dead for so long now, and there are still so much in my head of the cancelled doom that i'd really want to discuss. Do you have ICQ my good friend? we shall discuss this feverishly for 3 days and 3 nights . -
  14. beautifulman2999

    Mysterious Space Marine in Cancelled Doom

    This has been bugging me for a quite a long time now, and i really, really want to talk about this because i can't get all these questions out of my head and frankly, my curiosity is absolutely killing me and it's become very unbearable so i'd like you all to hear me out on this. well, here goes: forum image hosting In the trailer of the cancelled Doom game, we can clearly see the so called backpacking "doomguy" with his sand goggles, and call of duty outfit as he traverses around the burning, ruined city, until he reached an urban area with some abandoned vehicles, where a sudden explosion then triggered a huge shock-wave blast that violently sent the doomguy and a squad of other friendly NPC soldiers to the ground. Now this is the part that really bothers me, during that particular scene in the trailer with the incoming shockwave causing everyone to duck or fall to the ground, one can clearly see what appears to be an NPC soldier dressed in what appears to be a full set of futuristic space marine gear. I mean, if you look closely, the NPC soldier in question has got a pretty high-tech looking helmet, and he's also wearing a futuristic kevlar armor set that reminds me of the Quake 4 marine's light-weight armor. As for the NPC soldier's arms and legs, they are also well protected with various protective pads and leggings. Overall one can certainly see that the soldier's gear is futuristic, unlike the COD stylized "doomguy" who is just wearing modern looking military uniform and gear. Now take a look at all those other soldiers around this mysterious space marine-looking guy, they don't appear to be wearing the same kind of armor as he does, it seems everyone else just gets a more stripped down, less protective version of his armor/gear which also has a more distinctive brownish color to it. Even so, there's no mistaking that they are in the same squad as the space marine-looking fellow, albeit with more barebones armor and gear and whatnot. Anywho, with that said, it seems that this mysterious NPC soldier with the futuristic space marine armor is a "unique" character or some kind of "special" class of friendlies within the game and i'd like to think that he was supposed to actually serve the role of the friendly "space marine" who helps out the main character "doomguy" before getting ripped apart by the demons just like alpha squad did in doom 3. so now this also begs the question; why would a background NPC character look more like a space marine than the actual main character "doomguy", who was supposed to be THE Space Marine to begin with? i mean, what on earth were the developers thinking? why would they design doomguy to be some kind of backpacking hobo with sand goggles and then went and added in a squad of space marines in the game, which actually look like space marines? for god's sake, why isn't the main character a space marine? but instead, a background NPC character would fulfill that role in doomguy's stead? why not just take the the space marine gear that the NPC soldier was wearing...and give it to doomguy? sure, he might not be have the bulky space marine armor like the doom marine have always had, but atleast he'd be an "urban area type" space marine, instead of having to be a backpacking hobo with sand googles. what i mean is, there's a space marine protagonist in every doom game, even in doom rpg you play as a space marine. even in quake you play as a space marine. And even in dark arena you play as a female space marine, and that game was the most beautiful and amazing portable doom clone game i've ever played back in 2002. so i found it baffling how the developers of the cancelled doom would decided to remove space marine from their game, only to added him back in as a minor NPC character who fights alongside you. i can't get this out of my head for some time now and it's annoying the heck out of me because i can't find the answers for it and nobody's talking about it. to sum up my questions in short forms: (1) why did they designed doomguy to be a backpacking hobo? is he even part of the military? (2) why did the developers put in a futuristic space marine as a minor character in the game when they could've just designed doomguy to be a space marine to begin with? (3) if the game takes place in the future, then how come all the destroyed buildings and skyscrapers look so low-tech? it looked more like Godzilla had just destroyed downtown Detroit than a futuristic Cityscape if you know what i mean. (4) why are all the weapons so low-tech? even those trucks the soldiers were riding on hardly looks futuristic, everyone looked so rag-tag, it's like they're from the "resistance" army that came through a portal from the terminator universe. (5) did the developers took doomguy's space marine armor out of the game and made him wear that awful COD outfit because they thought earth's climate would be too hot for doomguy to be running around in a full suit of armor? but the doom1 and doom3 marine went to hell just fine wearing their space marine armor, which i reckon always had internal air conditioning, and hell is most certainly much hotter than earth, so what's up with that? (6) does anyone have the cancelled doom's art designer's email address? i need to ask him relentlessly about something. well, thanks for listening to the banter of a lonesome, wifeless, crazed and deranged doom fan in his mid-life crisis moment. post back and let me know what your thoughts are on this Mysterious Space Marine from the cancelled doom game. until then, rawwarrrrrah!