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  1. Man, I really like finding WADS on these fourms don't I? Anyhow just share some of your classic 90s Doom WADS. Adventure, small level packs, total conversions, death match packs, anything goes. As long as it was in the 90's.
  2. Thanks for the help!
  3. I tried ZDoom, Skulltag, and Zandronum. I guess ill try again.
  4. That one insane friend that was always high and wanted to do hardcore shit.
  5. 15.
  6. Hey, I tried it out and cant find a source port that plays it without almost everything being errors. Got any ideas?
  7. Got any good Halloween WADS? Share them here! Its October so we should start sharing some of our spooky Halloween maps we downloaded or made! They could actually be scary, or goofy and poorly made but charming such as this wad! Either are fine.
  8. I don't like them to much either.
  9. For being the first person to ever make a forum and being one of the first ever members, my hats off to you. Hopefully you return but I highly doubt so considering its been about 9 years.

  10. Zdaemon city. Its a huge open world map. Theirs imp fight betting, banks, stores to rob, missions, ect. The map is amazingly crafted and everything custom looks really nice. Everything is well implemented and as you are playing the WAD you appreciate how much work went into it. Try it out.
  11. Not sure if these count, but Zdaemon City or Doom center. Theyre open world cities you can do tons of fun stuff in. Theyre awesome! Check them out!
  12. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Hey man, sorry for being a pest but how would you listen to the files? it comes in a ZDoom data file and it just runs normal Doom 1 and 2.
  14. Works now! thanks so much!
  15. Tried to click it and it said DNS cannot be found and it gives me other links to try.