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  1. episode 2 BP movie in 7:28 (6:09 without m8). that was way harder than i was expecting and now i'm really scared of the other episodes but i want to do them all eventually.
  2. i noticed that, it's a really cool feature. i'll try to remember to link my youtube uploads when i post new demos so that you don't have to go looking for them.
  3. two demos to post: episode 1 BP-speed movie in 7:34 (without E1M8 = 6:58) and episode 5 SM-speed movie in 12:57 (without E5M8 = 9:59)
  4. i'd love to do some demos progressing through the levels normally instead of skipping straight through the game in 10 minutes. to be honest, i find it kind of boring to skip the whole game. it's something i plan to look into. but heretic ep2 BP is calling me :P
  5. well, in any case, here's a full game fighter skill 4 run in 9:51. recorded in chocolate hexen 2.3.0, plays back in hexen-plus. probably taking a short break from this game to improve my heretic demos.
  6. hey, i had a question. i noticed for hexen on the new dsda you have skill 4/5 speed and skill 4/5 max. my question is, what qualifies as "max" for hexen? there are a ton of respawning enemies in the game, so does it only count enemies that don't respawn? is there any manageable way to track that or do you have to watch every demo intently to make sure it's *actually* max?
  7. where can i download hexen-plus? so far, all of the single-level demos i've recorded on chocolate hexen have been compatible with the original game, but i haven't been able to test multi-level demos. i actually wasn't aware such a thing existed. EDIT: actually, i probably should have just googled it instead of asking. i've downloaded hexen-plus and verified that my full game berserker demo (12:34) syncs all the way through, so i'll post it here. i wasn't sure which naming convention to use since heretic-N doesnt have an equivalent full game demo, so i borrowed the doom 2 d2all naming convention (40bs instead of 30uv). if you have a better naming convention i'll be happy to change it though.
  8. i recently did this in hexen. is this new? i've never seen anyone do it but it seems like it would save a huge amount of time. most people i've seen play the hub up until raising the staircase, and then would do the classic "jump from the stairs" sequence break to hit the two switches on the side platforms. this, on the other hand, lets you exit the hub immediately (although it's probably a good idea to head over to guardian of ice to get timon's axe first) EDIT: i accidentally recorded with longtics, so chocolate hexen was required to play the demo. i'll re-record in a demo that should play in vanilla hexen EDIT 2: here it is
  9. regarding e5m7, i've tried doing it without the phoenix rod and was able to do it once by pure accident, and since then i've never been able to recreate it. so i've just been using the phoenix rod since it's the one i know how to do. maybe i need to lose a few pounds :P
  10. sorry i haven't posted in awhile. i've gotten a few episode movies (sm-speed) but i haven't posted them here, because... well, i don't really have a reason. i've just been kind of lazy. i can't remember which demos i've posted here and which ones i haven't so i'm just going to post them all. some of them i'm not happy with and i'll probably improve again in the future but i figured i should post them here anyways just so kraflab can keep his archives up-to-date. times listed in the zip/demo name are including exm8, just because that's the metric i've been using to compete against myself. time excluding exm8 is included in parentheses (6:22) (5:44) (7:14) (9:26) (10:33) here's a youtube playlist with all of these if you don't have a chocolate heretic/vvheretic install on hand
  11. @PVS, it took a few months of on-and-off practice, plus one month of very focused practice (i was trying for the demo every day after work for at least 1-2 hours). the demo isn't perfect, but i think it's very good. and yeah, i like that strategy for E1M7 too. for me, i think it's a lot more consistent than the straferun strategy (although, it's also not perfect, since it requires a bit of luck for the golems to line up correctly) i might be interested in trying some DM demos! my only experience with heretic DM was playing it a few times on sourceports back in around 2004. it was a lot of fun, but i didnt get too many opportunities to play. do you have steam or discord? that would probably be the easiest way to get in contact with me to play. my steam url is here and my discord tag is veovis#6017
  12. woo vid
  13. was bored, did cq1 UV-pacifist. ended up with a 7:33. fun category, that time can be improved but not sure if i want to go for it.
  14. cq1 uv-max in 9:40 execution was kind of sloppy in a lot of parts. main improvement over kraflab's run is skipping the BFG, i think. m3 also was really fast compared to my usual times on that level.
  15. the first demo i uploaded was not a 7:07, it was just a random e3m1 attempt that didn't get past the first iron lich jump. when i was making the zip file with the demo, i accidentally zipped up the wrong demo, hence the confusion. anyways, the reason i skipped the intermissions so fast was because i was also playing for "real time" ( has its own leaderboards for Heretic, where they use both in-game time and real time. i figured i may as well try to be fast in both) as for the outro, i just forgot to end the demo right away after i finished (was talking to someone at the same time). like i said, i dont usually upload my demos, so i'm still kind of learning what is and isnt acceptable. i'll make sure not to skip through the intermissions so quickly next time, it makes it kind of a pain to check the times.