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  1. Still a work in progress - here's some alpha footage Let me know what you think
  2. Does anyone still have the original Abrasion (i think it was called abrasion_test.zip??)
  3. SO19

    New mini-mod - TIER 1

    So I made hostage rescue, twilight warrior, covert ops and CQB. And so now for something completely...similar. I'm working on a small mod, largely based on a map that replicates OBL's house in Abbottabad. It is a hostage rescue theme rather than killing a particular individual. I also plan a few other maps, possibly one in a library (lots of possibilities for shooting up books) and maybe a Middle Eastern town raid with some "friendlies" to help you out. I've worked up some cool effects - doors that swing open, breakable glass, a whole heap of unseen and new stuff. Some pics are here: Feedback or comments welcome. It's for Edge. So if you hate Edge, or military themed stuff, this probably ain't for you.
  4. So after making hostage rescue, twilight warrior, covert ops and CQB, I thought I'd do something different...actually, not so much.

    I'm working on a little project based on Navy Seals - probably just one or two maps (first map is based on OBL's Abbottabad hideout) but is a hostage rescue rather than trying to kill bin Laden.

    Appreciate any feedback or comments

    1. geo


      Hostage rescue is a nice touch, but really its just a story objective rather than 'go to room X.' I'm not sure if this is a mod or a game you're making yourself. I'd think with several hostages, hopefully they can be in different locations and spread out with different circumstances like a terrorist using one as a human shield or another having a bomb strapped to his chest that you need to disarm (by holding space). There could even be a time limited hostage where no matter what they will be dead in 5 or 15 minutes. Plus consequences of a dead hostage too. Instead of having it end with 1 dead hostage, I think it would be nice to have a grade. 5 hostages alive? grade A. 5 hostages dead is a F.

      If you are programming your own game or if the tech allows it, make the hostages in random rooms in the map so its not always the same. Since it will be a 2 map game, this will help your game's longevity.

      While I do think a hostage rescue is nice, depending on the name of the game, people might expect to kill Osama. But really there's just so much more depth in rescuing hostages than killing 1 man. The only real depth I can think with an Osama battle is shoot his knees and bring him to justice?

      As for the screenshots, they're good. Nothing wrong. The breaking glass shows promise of changing the map. Breakable objects and all might add some fun. Shooting through doors or cover might make things interesting.

      So with it being called Navy Seals, do you command a squad or is it multiplayer co-op? Seal Team Solo might be a better name :-)

  5. I'm so gagging to play this one. Kronos, when are you planning on releasing???
  6. Hi I've got a Half-Life "terrorist" MDL which I want to use to generate enemy sprites for a doom2 mod. The model is perfect, as I've modified it so that the character wields a weapon. The only issue is the lack of walking frames (well, technically it does have walking frames, except, like many HL models, the arms are outspread, as if walking on a tightrope). Is there anyone with much more Milkshape experience than me who might be able to help?
  7. I'm looking for a wad I played ages ago - the best way of describing it is that it was kind of like Venice - it was a brick style city level with lots of canals, warehouses filled with crates, and lots of fucking imps. At least, I think there were imps. It may have been part of a megawad. Not really sure - it was definitely in the days before sourceports. If anyone has an inkling of where I might find this level, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  8. SO19

    Doom Builder and Win95

    I'm currently running Win95 so can't get Doom Builder to run (d'oh). Have been using DCK which is great but a real pain in the butt to have to exit out to DOS to edit, and then back to Windows to test the map. Anyone got any feedback on Doom Builder - is it worth updating my OS?
  9. SO19

    New mod - CQB

    You know, it's fairly straightforward. At present, Edge offers me the most flexibility in terms of editing. I've got a 700mhz pentium and a GeForce2 MX card, and guess what, Edge fairly motors along. For those that haven't had much luck in the past, I've heard that the next version of the engine (1.28) will be much improved. Arguing about the "best" source port is irrelevant. You can tell me to use something else until your ^%$# falls off. Unless someone can come up with an engine that keeps the masses happy, AS WELL AS offering all the easy to use editing features I need, then Edge it will remain.
  10. SO19

    New mod - CQB

    Just thought I'd publicise a new Doom project http://www.freewebs.com/cqbmod/ Cheers Sidearm Joe Some of my previous work includes: doomworld.com/twilight/ doomworld.com/covert/
  11. I can't download the mod and I can't even see the Marines of UAC site (http://nick_the_doomer.tripod.com/mouac/index.html). Has anyone managed to download the mod? Is it mirrored anywhere? SO19 ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While trying to retrieve the URL: http://nick_the_doomer.tripod.com:80/mouac/index.html The following error was encountered: Invalid URL Some aspect of the requested URL is incorrect. Possible problems: Missing or incorrect access protocol (should be `http://'' or similar) Missing hostname Illegal double-escape in the URL-Path Illegal character in hostname; underscores are not allowed
  12. SO19

    Re: Marines of UAC - mod

    Why did that Nick guy release this mod and host it on some craphouse site which is never available? Kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?
  13. SO19

    Desert Warrior- A TC for doom 2. Need a team!

    Yes...right. Why don't you look at Covert Ops. Came out years ago and runs on Edge. Or then again, you could just go ahead and reinvent the wheel. Or maybe you could reinvent fire as well...