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    DOOM: Anomality

    Hello, immortal community! Work on the modification will be actively launched from the beginning of 2020. The development team is new and now consists of three people. This project will soon begin to actively develop and tell the story of Doom with a view from Doom 3 and taking the best from all parts of our favorite franchise. The high-quality level design will not force you to sit in closed rooms until the complete annihilation of all living things inside it or wander in the dark with a flashlight in your hand. Interesting gameplay in the highest priority, so that, first of all, it would be interesting for you to play, rather than admire the details. The name of the project will also be changed. Wait for the news!

    Doom 3: Phobos

    And now I will share my opinion. Sorry for the bad english. No time to check the translation. Positives: + Gag at an acceptable level + A different view of the story, against the famous statement of Carmack + Speed and dynamics (the main character is even too fast, it would be a little slower) + Level Design. Large and high locations. + Attention to all sorts of stuff + Humor and irony + Sound design, including the sounds of weapons. + Stunning optimization, much better than the original Doom 3 (my main specs: i5-6600 | GTX 750 Ti | 8GB RAM | SSD) + Behavior and AI of monsters. Finally, the monsters do not yell six months before the attack. + Great interactivity + Different models of zombies with different weapons in their hands + Pain Elemental + Automatic pistol shooting, added spread. + Fixed shitty vanilla spread of the shotgun. + Good balance (except the pistol ammo) + Beige gloves. They are sexy. Negatives + suggestions, if possible: (I hope at least some of the nuances will be included in the final version) — Forced firing in aiming mode [pistol]. It's blocking view. Why not introduce an alternative fire, or at least turn off force to aim (new cvar). Shooting from the hip is better, as in the original Doom 3. — Capacity for 12 bullets (I suggest 15). I didn’t have enough of this, personally, I don’t know how for others [pistol] — Too many ammo for pistol. — Reloading shotgun severely blocking the view. This is even in the original game had been taken into account. Despite the weird shotgun design, it didn't block the view. [shotgun] — 8 shells capacity is small for such a dynamic gameplay. 10-12 will do, I think. [shotgun] — Machinegun is not felt when firing. There is no pitch and other nuances. In the original Doom 3, it is felt, despite the poor sound of a shot from a player. [machinegun] — Chaingun has very very (!!!) high fire rate. It's real crackle. Honestly, it fucked my ears. This is just fucked up. [chaingun] — There is no flashlight at the same time with the weapon. I'm shocked! :D It’s so uncomfortable to play. In the original Doom 3, this decision is more or less justified, but not here, in my opinion. It may be worthwhile to insert the yafm-hl mod and allow flashlight to be turned on only after it has been found. You may even reduce the original model to the level of a headlamp. — A bug that does not change the screen resolution. I have already released a fixed cfg that fixes the problem. If you figure it out and fix it, it will be fine. Suggestions separately: - Ability to run in "unarmed"? - Alternative fire for most weapons? - Hand grenade bounce and weight like in Realistic Weapons Mod? - Sounds of lost souls from Doom 3, instead of current sounds forgotten ones? Questions: ? - In the first episode, you laid out only 4 levels at the moment of 5th December? After it, I saw the inscription "To be continued". Just do not say that there will be only 12 levels. ? - Is the shotgun charge of 2 shells saved with the aim of not reducing the dynamics? Good luck to the developers. You are great fellows. The negative sides are painted in order to help improve the modification, and not pour out my bile.

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Does Phobos Ep1 has 4 maps only? It's a little weird. Or bug?

    Doom 3: Phobos


    Doom 3: Phobos

    Who has bad resolution and can't change it, try my fix: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-iii/addons/doom-3-phobos-bad-quality-fix-cfg

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Oh man... *pressed F to pay respect*
  7. why I dot't live in St. Petersburg, and in the Moscow region :c Hope you have a good time. I especially intrigued by the planned communication with John Romero.
  8. I really liked StormCatcher77's variant doomnation.com (do not ban me, it's just quote). My variants: startan.com shell(s)world.com marineworld.com hardfate.com idforum.com pwads.com pwadworld.com

    DOOM: Anomality

    Newest places! Do not pay attention to "missed" texture. It is special texture added for work.

    DOOM: Anomality

    Gameplay has highest proirity. Don't worry about this.

    DOOM: Anomality

    In the first episode there is a level of Surface Of Mars. You will see the surface in all its glory. Further - it is more

    DOOM: Anomality

    Hey! Project is alive. I just working on its concepts and other. It should became very qualitative. Keep your heads up, my friends. I am working for your fun and impressions.

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    How is your work going?

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    Masterpiece work! Excellent level design, gameplay and atmoshere!!

    [UPDATED] Umbra of Fate - v1.2 (8 Nov 2018)

    Did you released UOF soundtrack? It is fckn epic!