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  1. Looks awesome! I want to check it
  2. Very nice screenshots!!! It's fucking awesome work man! Good luck.
  3. Thank you, my friend! SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH!
  4. I still need help with fixing of 6 texture errors for normal start my wad in PrBoom+
  5. I can't find unknown patches in console :c
  6. Here you go
  7. I need help with this error
  8. Awesome source port :)
  9. I would be happy if u'll play my 3 demo maps
  10. Some screenshots. WIP!
  11. Memfis, thank you so much for your demos and opinion. I'll keep your advices in mind, work in progress :)
  12. LMAO :D
  13. Attention: My English is so bad. Reply without slang, please. Happy New Year, guys. Second demo version of my first WAD named EGREGOR is available for download now. I need your opinions and crits. There are three levels (MAP01: Arrival, MAP02: Working Areas and MAP03: The Dorm). Changelog: - BOOM-compatibility instead of vanilla doom. - New TITLEPIC, M_DOOM logo is empty. - New music. - Redesign, improving and expanding of many places. - New secrets. - New sprites: - Zombimen now with the pistol (thanks to user of the ZDoom forums BlueFireZ88 for sprites) - Zombimen start dropping the pistol, instead of clip (sprite is ripped from GZDoom) - Fire flame with increased frame rates, instead of classic burning barrels. - Dead chaingunners, gibbed chaingunner and gibbed zombieman. - Arahnotron now fires plasma as a player DEHACKED: - Rapidity of fire of chaingun is increased and a half times as befits a real chaingun - Rapidity of fire of chaingunner increased similarly chaingun of player, but chaingunner now has the 50 Health points, instead of 70. Even the sound changed to a pistol, but this change will work on ZDoom-based source ports only. - Zombiemen become more aggressive (namely shoot continuously until the player will disappear from sight). Special thanks to Serious_MOod. - Strengthened arachnotron (shoot at twice the frequency, reduced painchance, but he has 450 Health points, instead of 500) - Reduced painchance of some other monsters because of strengthening of chaingun. Tested with Doom Retro v2.3.5 and v2.3.7 IWAD: DOOM2 Engine: All boom compatible and limit removing ports Not recommended to play with mods. DOWNLOAD:
  14. I found problem. Proplem in sky image (it was in *.png format) :D
  15. Help me with this stupid error please. PrBoom 2.1.1, Software Rendering, Win10Pro x64 Error appears in my wad (download: Please reply without slang. I'm using Google Translate.