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Lt. Shrub

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  1. Lt. Shrub

    Your first Doom experience..

    I first played a flash shareware version of Doom 1 on Kongregate and I was immediately hooked.
  2. Lt. Shrub

    Shotty vs SSG

    I always like the SSG and whenever I picked it up it would be one the the only weapons I used. But I just love the sound ,feel and low spread of the regular shotgun.
  3. Lt. Shrub

    Your least favourite enemy?

    My least favorite enemy is the Pain Elemental. One big pain by that spews out a bunch of smaller pains.
  4. Lt. Shrub

    Post-Millennials: Why do you play with Doom?

    I first played a flash version of the first episode of Doom on Kongregate and I wanted to buy the full game but I didn't want to spend the money. I finally bought a copy of Doom 2 when I saw the modding community and all the wads and pk3s out there.
  5. Lt. Shrub

    Doom Honest Trailer (Smosh Games)

    It was pretty good 10/10.
  6. Lt. Shrub


    They missed so many secrets.
  7. Lt. Shrub

    Favorite DOOM 1-2 sound tracks?

    I like all of the Doom soundtracks but my favorites are: (e1m9) Hiding in the Secrets. (e2m1) I Sawed Demons. (Doom 2 map 09) Into Sandy's City. (Doom 2 Suburbs) The Demons Dead.
  8. Lt. Shrub

    Favourite Doom sound?

    The sound of an Arachnotron dying. It's just such a satisfying sound tö listen too.
  9. Lt. Shrub

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I hate The Pit from Doom 2 and almost always cheat my way to the exit of the level. I sometimes I intentionally avoid picking up the Super Shotgun just so I can use the regular shotgun. I actually enjoy fighting Barons of Hell/Hell Kights. I don't like playing Doom without mouse aiming.
  10. Lt. Shrub

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I recently learned that the weird grunting noise that the imps make when they die is actually a lower pitched camel grunt.
  11. Lt. Shrub

    The Logic of the Archvile

    I think the ArchvIle attacks it makes mini portal to hell under whoever it is fighting and then an eruption of hell flames comes out.
  12. Lt. Shrub

    So, which Doomguy name do you prefer?

    I prefer "Doomguy." I can't imagine him having any other name.