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  1. Error2k

    There shouldn't be an objective marker

    That's corporate logic fueled by greed, mass appeal = good. No. Mass appeal creates watered down experiences. Those casual players have their own hobbies they are good at and I have mine. One person will be a big movie nerd and will hate entry level garbage like superhero movies and the other will be a FPS video game fan who will hate objective markers in their games. Corporations try to bring both audiences together. In case of video games they try to streamline them as much as possible creating shitty mediocre experience for everyone involved. I can't believe we came to the point where people are unironically defending corporate logic and defend trash like loot boxes and mass appeal. Stick to your own hobbies.
  2. Error2k

    There shouldn't be an objective marker

    I disabled objective markers and got stuck the first time you visit the hub, because you are forced to follow the objectives there and what you do is illogical. You pick something up (through trial and error because you have no idea where to go) and the next objective is to train in the arena, how the fuck am I supposed to know that with objectives disabled? Stop defending shitty game design. You are like those people who defended Skyrim for having objective markers, "just disable the compass, bro!" yeah and then get stuck because no NPC gives you direction for your quest like in Morrowind. Best case scenario would be not to force the player to go through hub tutorial and just allow them to discover training zone on their own, or just let them move onto the next mission without trying it out.
  3. Error2k

    The Pistol exist in Doom Eternal (kinda)

    they should patch it in. It looks great
  4. Doom is only colorful on modern hardware and on source ports. Originally it was a lot more grey. Enemies in the distance were all grey, so you couldn't tell a difference from baron and a hellknight.
  5. I like classic enemies, but I don't like some of the arcade stuff. Those question marks are just stupid. The pickup for 1 Up looks just boring. Come up with something more creative than a helmet with "1 up" text floating above it lol. If original Doom had 1 ups it would probably be something demonic like megahealth orb. And speaking of megahealth orb, it looks weird with 3D face in Doom Eternal. I prefer megahealth from 2016.
  6. Error2k

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    I think it's a bit too complex... it almost feels like a moba game with all the cooldowns. And before you say "git gud" I finished the game on Nightmare with all slayers gates complete (before the ending). Previous doom games, including doom 2016 were way more simpler. You can make a game challenging without adding so much bloat. Honestly the grenade launcher should be a normal weapon you can switch to and with proper balance, so there's no need for cooldown.
  7. Title. Something besides stuff on here: https://tcrf.net/Doom_(2016) ?
  8. Error2k

    Hour long interview with Hugo Martin via /noclip

    I agree with you. I never liked superhero characters in videogames. DOOM 3 and classic doomguy were better. Also player death animations don't really make sense now. How can one imp tear out guts of immortal superhero with argent energy covering his skin (as we learn in codex)?
  9. Error2k

    DLC 3 Teaser

    If they ever add more content to multiplayer or singeplayer I want bigger and more powerful plasma rifle. The one we have is fun, but feels kinda weak.
  10. Error2k

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm searching for weapons mods BUT with centred view and classic doom feeling to them
  11. Error2k


    It is detailed, but too much... Seriously... It's bad for gameplay.