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  1. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Thanks for the great tip. I'm using UDMF, how exactly do i rotate floor textures?
  2. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    My current work in progress. I work really slowly so hopefully my second map (this) will be finished before Xmas. Going for ultra detail without getting too silly. The gameplay will be a mostly linear fast - action based romp through a space base. Lots of enemies but not going for a crazy difficult map, just a fast, fun ride. Enemy placement / lighting / detailing not finished in the photos below.
  3. GZDoom Builder hi-def visual mode?

    ??? Well i don't know the details but that's what made the difference. Not perfectly sure what antisotropic filtering does but when i reduced it to zero the graphics became as crisp as DB. I double-checked that that was the problem before i posted the screen shots. Wasn't any of the other available settings.
  4. GZDoom Builder hi-def visual mode?

    SOLVED!! It was the antisotropic filtering, it was set to 16x and i changed it to none. Now GZDB is crisp and clear like DB (first screenshot). Whew! Thanx for your input everyone. Happy mapping days ahead : )
  5. GZDoom Builder hi-def visual mode?

    LOL thanx. I guess it's really noticeable to me because i switch between DB and GZDB often. I'll ask the folks at Zdoom forum.
  6. GZDoom Builder hi-def visual mode?

    Thanks for the screenshot, had trouble finding it exactly. Well i changed the settings and sadly it didn't seem to make much difference. First shot is Doombuilder. I copied the setting to your screenshot. Maybe this is as high a def as GZDoom builder goes?
  7. GZDoom Builder hi-def visual mode?

    oh? ok! I'll give it a try!
  8. GZDoom Builder hi-def visual mode?

    Yes! and it's great but I prefer the features of GZDoom builder, the only thing that bugs me is the resolution in visual mode. I think I'll just have to get over it.
  9. GZDoom Builder hi-def visual mode?

    Thanks for the reply! The first screenshot is Doombuilder, the 2nd is GZDoom builder. As you can see GZdb is a little blurrier and not as clear, especially when looking at details. Not such a big deal but not so great when you build maps all the time it gets real noticeable and frustrating. I thought maybe there's an easy fix? GZdb is a much lower def than DB. Actually these screenshots don't really do my point justice, but...oh well.
  10. I've switched from DoomBuilder to GZDoom builder and it's a step up but there's one thing that really bugs me - visual mode isn't the same hi-def quality as Doom Builder : ( Anyone know a way to change this, a plugin perhaps? Thanx
  11. Thanks for both posts guys, i appreciate it. I can confirm that boris is right and the solution was Ctrl-Shift-R. Yeeesss ! So glad to have it working, I'm smilin' all day. Thanks. GZDoom Builder had me confused because this command isn't listed in the Controls / Shortcuts list. God knows what other controls are available that aren't listed. LOL
  12. Hi folks, so I'm making a Doom II style map in GZDoom builder and the map is configured as GZdoom:Doom2(UDMF) I'm in visual mode and I go to reset a selected wall texture by pressing Shift+R, as you do, but the texture does not reset or even move at all. The notification in the bottom left says 'texture offsets reset' but nothing has changed at all. It works fine in Doombuilder2 but i much prefer to use GZDoombuilder for map building; its just this little glitch is driving me up the wall! LOL Anybody know the solution to this? Thanks.
  13. I've tweaked my map!

    Deimos Abandoned Base #79 Playing it again after a few months break gave me a totally fresh perspective and also after getting feedback from friends and players, I decided to make some changes: - general progression is a little more obvious - certain areas have been improved for easier traversing around and less backtracking - easier access to the SShotgun earlier in the game (the most common gripe) - general weapon / ammo / health / monster rebalance - a few new rooms for gameplay consistency - numerous graphical / lighting touch-ups - certain secrets a little easier to notice Disclaimer! : this is not a normal map. This is my attempt of putting a single episode into one large map. It's mostly non-linear and takes around 2 hours to complete. It's a little on the complex side but i don't think its too over the top, shouldn't be a problem for regular DOOMers. Personally i like this style of map and find short and simple maps to be unbearably boring. For a huge map its pretty chock-full of action, adventure and puzzles. If you've played my map before and found it lacking, please try my "Director's cut". LOL I hope you'll enjoy my space base exploration / survival epic. If you don't like it, please contact me for a refund. LOL (hey gimme a break, its my first map) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dab79
  14. D2 is what i consider the best game in the world ever made so far! Pretty powerful statement , i know but to me its the perfect balance of action / puzzle / mystery / exploration. i would only change the pistol which is practically useless in the first few minutes. It needs a secondary ability like a zoom scope or charge shot or unlimited ammo or something that makes it possible (but not better) to be used throughout a level. Apart from that, DOOM II is perfect for me.
  15. It's been months that DOOM 2016 was released~

    I'm disappointed with DOOM 2016. There were so many good things about it but ultimately DOOM II + project brutality + any decent wad is way more fun and interesting and unpredictable. Hurts to say it. After watching the promo vids before release i was convinced that Snapmap was the next level and no - one would be playing wads anymore. I was so wrong LOL.