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  1. Swine & Roses

    What are you listening to?

    Gonna see Korpiklaani, Arkona & Heidevolk live in a couple of hours. Excited!
  2. Swine & Roses


    Merry Yule y'all :P
  3. Swine & Roses

    What was your first anime?

    Either Captain Tsubasa or Sailor Moon.. ^^"
  4. Swine & Roses

    Random Image Thread

    Already announced it in the music video thread months ago, been at a Hanzel und Gretyl gig recently. Great show.
  5. Swine & Roses

    Random Image Thread

  6. The Reckoning and Ground Zero are on Discogs, fairly sure you can trust those.
  7. Swine & Roses

    Watch Dogs for FREE (Ubisoft)

    The game might be free, but if you install Uplay you sell your soul.
  8. Swine & Roses

    Your Favorite & Least Favorite Albums Of 2017

    I don't have any albums from 2017, so I'll go for Gojira's 2016 album Magma instead.
  9. Swine & Roses

    Random Image Thread

    On KnowYourMeme's frontpage today.
  10. Swine & Roses

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Finally started playing Terraria, after owning it for like 2 years. @nxGangGirl Playing online? I happen to play on the "Fair-Gamers" Torlan-only server quite regularly.
  11. Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man. Why is Amnesia so overrated? It's easily the worst of Frictional's games and in my opinion way worse than Outlast. Fight me.
  12. Swine & Roses

    Anyone here familiar with flight sims?

    Personally, I like stuff like IL-2 Sturmovik or Rise of Flight. But, considering you're looking for "superfast combat-oriented" games, something like the Tom Clancy's HawX series might be up your alley.