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  1. So, popular opinion (meaning, 8 peeps) has it that this space will be used for Mordeth E2 status updates. Very well.


    Lots of stuff in E2 is breakable, from animated ventilation fans to computer screens to glass windows. Some of this breaks at first impact; other stuff (notably the glass windows) crack progressively after initial damage and only shatter after sufficient damage has been dealt to it. Hitscan attacks are registered by the linedef itself; blast damage however was registered by likewise-tagged custom mapspots. Those mapspots also served to provide the x, y and z coordinates plus byteangle orientation to spawn the appropriate debris objects after destruction (eg. glass shards or metal shrapnel).


    Problem is, putting down those mapspots and using CLED / ExtraData to assign them to the proper ID / action is a lot of hassle. Especially when you typically have a few hundred of them for each map. So wouldn't it be nice if I could, like, NOT have to place mapspots..?


    Enter the new ACS functions GetLineX() and GetLineY(). With these, I can retrieve the X and Y coordinate plus deduct byteangle from the tagged linedef itself, without the need for an existing mapspot. The Z coordinate I can get by tagging the adjacent sector with the same tag and using GetSectorFloorZ(). The different types of breakable stuff I can currently only handle by making use of tag ranges.


    This means I only have to tag linedefs within a certain tag range and have a corresponding ExtraData field to assign a similar ID and action to the linedef. I can then use ACS to automatically spawn in the appropriate mapspots within the first second of gameplay. This is also future-proof, when (or rather: "if" ) there's going to be a doom to UDMF-EE format conversion tool.


    So these last few days has been spent tweaking the new scripts and reporting the inevitable bugs to the EE folks. Today I've started to convert the first map (E2M3) to the new system.

    1. printz


      Why not post updates like this in your Mordeth website? Just to revive it. https://www.doomworld.com/mordeth/

    2. Mordeth


      I've lost my credentials. Yes, sure, Linguica could probably set me up now that Doomworld is independently hosted but so far I haven't really felt the need.