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  1. I've (finally) spend some time exploring the new Edge Portals in Eternity. They are basically an existing type of plane portal but unlike normal portals this plane does not need to match its surroundings. The exposed 'edge' is given a new linedef flag for a seamless transition. Hello tables, chairs and stairs :)


    Especially fun if combined with 2-way anchored portals. Unlike linked portals, anchored portals can be moved so you can create stuff like floating 3D platforms that bob up and down. You can even travel from underneath this platform back to the main area; but alas I have yet to find a way to travel from the main area back to the portal.

    1. esselfortium


      I'm eager to see what cool uses you find for these.

    2. printz


      Edge portals are meant for more complex structures than chairs and bridges :) stuff like new passages beneath other passages.