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  1. These past few days I did some much needed cleanup of the E2 ACS scripts. More importantly, I've started detailing a major but old section of E2M3.  And by "old", I mean "ancient". The level is in fact based on two rescued sections of a much older level that first made use of EE's just-released-but-then-unfinished portals. The only other level based on even older stuff is E2M5 of which you might have seen screenshots before ("catwalk suspended over poison basins"), although remade from scratch altogether.


    That's all that survived from the previous pre-portal incarnation of E2. The various type of portals really did transform the way I design levels in such a drastic way that most "finished" stuff was obsoleted instantly.


    Strictly speaking, there's also E3. Yes, that's still a thing too. Two of those levels are now partly rebuild with portals in mind. Although I'm focused on E2, I very occasionally go back to E3 when the inspiration hits me.


    1. Albertoni


      Good luck, man. Good luck. If episode 2 makes me feel one tenth as amazed as your first episode did, I'm nominating you for a cacoward and doing all I can so you'll win it.