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  1. I just saw BahdKo respond in a thread. Yes, Badhko.


    Do you guys know it was BahdKo was actually introduced me to the greater Doom community? Logging in to the erstwhile main Doom IRC channel with my own name, she told me to pick a *handle*, so I picked the name of my not-yet-released doom project "Mordeth". Much to the amusement of the residents there, considering there was already a guy present there using the handle "Deth"...


    You might think of me, @Linguica and @dukrous as "old-school"; us being founders of Doomworld nearly twenty years ago... but we were not, in fact, "old-school". We were the newcomers, the noobs. There was already a Doom community established at that time, using bulletin boards and the odd separate websites, in the days before Google even existed. TeamTNT already made its fame then, Adelusion and Fingers were the mapping celebrities, the Walnut Creek /idgames repository already established as our central hub.


    And that is why our Doom community still exist today. Because we welcome our noobs, just as this community welcomed the noobs called "Mordeth" and "Linguica" way back then. And in the same spirit, today's Cacowards winners are the people we welcomed to our little community just a few years before.

    1. traversd


      I've wondered at times if Adel is still doing game dev/modding stuff?

    2. Mordeth


      @traversd: According to Fingers at the time, he went back full-time to university and declined commercial game dev offers. As far as I know, he has not returned to modding or stayed in touch with anyone I know.