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  1. While pondering my options for E2M3, I went ahead and finally replaced the 'computer room paneling' texture subset. This is now based on a pattern taken from this submission by @YukiHerz.


    For the curious: a few other posters have also unwittingly made it to the credits section. For example, there's this texture submission by @Enjay over at the ZDoom forums on which E2's fan textures are based on; or a freesound.org sound submitted by @WildWeasel`. And there are the resources specifically made for the project, such as @ukiro's most excellent E3 house exteriors or the E2 subway car exteriors by Jonas Feragen.

    1. ukiro


      I made those textures, what, nearly 2 decades ago? This is not meant as a comment on your development pace—mine is even more abysmal, only less public—but rather a fascinating glimpse at the longevity Doom modding has had in our lives. I'm spending this Sunday morning in 2017 with a coffee drawing Doom textures, original palette and everything. Perhaps I have some you might like…

    2. Mordeth


      @ukiro: Let's look that up: on August 21st, 1998 I mentioned your new texture set as being ready.  And (nearly) two decades later, they really have not lost any of their shine... amazing :)

    3. ukiro


      Fascinating. I was a teenager living with my dad in northern Sweden then, I'm 38 and living in New York now. Yet Doom persists.