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  1. These last few days I've been exploring moving linked edge portals - at last. Now that I've got this working, creating an elevator as a box with a solid 3D floor and 3D ceiling that can (seemingly) travel between two portal planes seems to be theoretically possible. Until now I've been doing this with 3DMidTex elevators, with the same basic construction as used by the lift in the Vaporware demo. Remaining but crucial roadblock: the different edge portals for the elevator versus the edge connecting the two planes each require space, and I still need to find a solution for them not to interfere / overlap with each other before this can become of any practical use in an actual level.


    On a whim, I've also been working on a proof of concept for jumping hotspots. Placed on eg a raised platform, these invisible mapspots signal to a passing monster that it is possible to jump down here to the floor below. It only does so if the monster is jumping-enabled and its current target is actually situated on that lower floor.  This still requires a lot of tweaking to make the jump look right - not to mention sprite work. It is even possible to use this technique to make monsters crawl up or down structures (like pillars) to reach their targets.  Up to now this is basically just exploring the possibilities... not sure if I will end up using this.