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  1. It's been a while since my last status update. Progress has been slow these last months. That's not to say nothing has happened. Some key areas in E2M3 are finished now; the final outdoors area is still waiting completion. You may have been the latest screenshot I posted on the "what are you working on? I wanna see your wads" thread.


    The rest of the time I've devoted to purely technical issues... like better textures; improvements in scripts, research... stuff like that.


    I will probably abandon E2M3 for a while, and focus on E2M2 next. That map needs some love desperately.


    My advice? Never do "filler" stuff, just for the sake of "being done". You know it's not up to par, and you will just end up replacing it anyway later on. Or worse: releasing it as is. If you don't feel creative enough, just don't open your map editor. It will still be there when the inspiration finally hits you.

    1. bzzrak


      How many maps will E2 have anyway?


      ...also sorry for sounding snarky, but you became a meme in the community for not doing filler stuff for the sake of being done

    2. Mordeth


      @bzzrak : There are currently six maps pretty much committed to inclusion for E2. In addition, there are lots of different map parts and other experiments lying about, which may or may not make it into new levels. At this point it's not likely that will happen: they are either being moved to a different episode for a better thematic fit, or they just don't bring a new idea or setup to the table that you haven't already seen used in the maps already committed.