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  1. I've been working on lots of odds and ends since the last status update. So many I'll probably forget to mention a few of those here.


    Let's see... upgraded the breakable glass feature from 4 distinct states to a satisfactory 14; introduced more & customized debris for other breakable stuff; repainted several textures and trimmed obsoleted stuff from the resource WAD; detailing / refining / correcting lots of small stuff in existing levels. Also redid the "jumping monster" logic, which is now in a acceptable usable state. Current mapping focus is on E2M4, which is taken shape nicely. And while keeping a sharp eye on @printz's polyobject-portal developments.


    With the latest Eternity Engine update, it's finally possible to customize pickups thanks to EE dev @Altazimuth. So, I went ahead and... revamped the armor system for E2. Regular green armor now gives 50% and can be stacked to 200%; armor bonuses now give 2% extra. However, regular armor has a lousy absorption rate. So, I'm introducing a RPG-like element in the form of "armor tokens". The more you collect of these items over the course of the episode, the better your armor absorption is going to be. A form of permanent upgrade for your marine. If you already experienced OCD over the intermission 'secrets' tally, you can now worry about the 'items' tally as well. Whee! Going to run with this setup for a while; see if it performs satisfactory.

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      You're a friggin' madman <3