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  1. MasterFuton

    Futon's Maps

    Ok, I think I see where you're stuck. The door that was locked should have a button next to it that unlocks it, leading to the first big battle area.
  2. MasterFuton

    Logic Mechanics you've created!

    This thread's a really good idea. I have possibly a dumb question. When mapping something to the user Input 1 button, does it keep players for using it for other things too? (like pushing buttons or picking up weapons) I haven't really experimented with that feature yet.
  3. MasterFuton

    Who is good at the more complex stuff?

    That's really cool, never thought of using a sequencer.
  4. MasterFuton

    Futon's Maps

    Thanks alot for the replies! Ah, this is my first experience with a snapmap. Previous experience is just making multiplayer levels in Halo 3's forge and some old skateboarding games. That's fine, I'm mostly interested in if people are having fun playing the maps. The room with the keycard is where the cacodemon comes out. It should unlock the yellow door on the bridge if that's where you're stuck. There should be a poi highlighting it. It is strange, in all of my testing I haven't had a bug involving keys not spawning or anything like that. I'm wondering if the yellow doors might look a bit too much like regular doors at a glance. I'll change the color to something more obvious just incase. Thanks a ton for the review! I'll definitely keep what you said in mind as I move forward. Especially concerning the difficulty. "Have a Nice Day" really is my first attempt at a snapmap, so I really focused just on getting a nice flow to it and keeping it fun. Each map I'm making focuses on an aspect of snapmap I'm trying to teach myself. "Have a Nice Day" really is the basics of what I thought all maps should have: checkpoints, be easy to understand, and be fun with minimal glitches. Dark Struggle 8BQJXMD6D is harder for the first half, but it was really an experiment in pudo-non-linear level design and due to the quantity of rooms doesn't have much propping (something I rectified in Toxic Carnage). I didn't learn how to start pushing difficulty for different skill levels of gamers until Toxic Carnage 9EJFALKM (I've got a little bit of dynamic difficulty thing tied to the conductor in that one, so it gets easier after players die and harder when they're killing more and more.) So people can expect a little more challenge after my next experiment in progress (trying to make a map with randomized rooms).
  5. MasterFuton

    Who is good at the more complex stuff?

    Thanks for those two links! They're really helping me on my current map. Especially DR PLAYS's tutorial for teleporters and traps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu39NjOJXWA&index=3&list=PL8nP-N0RJy1ZlR32Jn-eo0gK1o9g-JtGg
  6. MasterFuton

    Futon's Maps

    More modules would be nice, but I think a higher object limit would be better. Right now you can either have a moderately long map or a shorter map with a lot of modified pieces. I get that the object limit is there so it doesn't take a half hour to load something, it already takes 2-3 minutes on my two long maps since I used 99% of the allowed objects space; I just wish we had the space. More wall pieces in for the large props, and a better texture for solid player blocking volumes would be great too. In any event, if anyone has played my maps I would really appreciate some feedback. It's hard to get better without knowing what people like or don't like about what I'm creating. I'm having fun playing them during testing, but I'm a bit biased since they're my maps.
  7. MasterFuton

    Winter has come - 2 versions. Sequel to Winter is coming

    The code for the regular version doesn't seem to work, so I played the easy version. Gameplay: 2/5 - too easy (might just be the version I played). Also, the first two times I played the map, the game didn't seem to load all of the enemies so the door wouldn't open. It worked the third time though. Sound: 2/5 - music when it is there is good, but most of the map is pretty silent; which makes it drag a little since you can't see much beyond 2ft you really notice the lack of sound. If you don't want to use too much music, room tones and 3d sounds might have been a good addition. Map Design: 4/5 - good layout and the smoke made for a nice gimmick. Overall: 3/5 - All in all I enjoyed it; but I think the super shotgun really made it too easy.
  8. MasterFuton

    A NIGHTMARE On Barons Street [a maze escape level with tricks & traps]

    Seems fun, but it crashes at the choose your path part after my first death.
  9. MasterFuton

    Using Integers for Scaling

    Thanks again for the help. Thanks to everyone who helped I've now got a setup that allows scaling for all of my maps going forwards starting with my newest map Toxic Carnage (9EJFALKM)! Hopefully I'll be able to go back and edit my two older maps with the new system while keeping their flow.
  10. MasterFuton

    Futon's Maps

    I've completed testing on my newest map! Mission: Toxic Carnage Map ID: 9EJFALKM 1-4 player linear competitive co-op mission with a few simple puzzles. Infinite lives & Checkpoints included. Scales with player count. Players can kill each other in addition to the ai, winner is determined by points upon completion.
  11. MasterFuton

    Using Integers for Scaling

    That's right.
  12. MasterFuton

    Using Integers for Scaling

    Thanks both of you, your explanations really helped clear things up a lot.
  13. MasterFuton

    Descent into Darknes (pics).

    Just finished it. I really enjoyed it, you really maximized the atmosphere a lot more than I did on my own dark map (8BQJXMD6D). Gameplay: 4/5 I may be a little biased but I really enjoyed the heck out of it. I got turned around and lost a few times, but that's part of the fun of dark maps. Could have used a more distinguishing landmark or setpiece every now and again to keep the players from getting too lost, but too many and it'd loose its appeal. Difficulty: 3/5 Wasn't ever overly challenging, but the constant stream of enemies keeps it from getting boring. Sound: 2/5 Could have used more music or sound effects. Sound can make or break a map. After the nice groove at the start the lack of music really made the map seem like it was dragging. You could tie the music to intensity changes to keep it going for most of the map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGi3YomJE90 Style: 5/5 Again I really love dark maps, but the fire and smoke really added something to the atmosphere of this one. I also really loved the windows in the long corridor at the beginning, makes a simple and sometimes boring map piece interesting. Overall: 4/5 Could use a little improvement, but overall a fun map to play.
  14. MasterFuton

    Using Integers for Scaling

    Does anyone have any good tutorials for how to setup and use integers in snapmap? I'm trying to scale player damage output based on player count using the tutorial here: https://community.bethesda.net/thread/23549?start=0&tstart=0 but I'm a bit lost right at the beginning because the tutorial assumes people know how to make and use integers and I can't find any tutorials for that anywhere.
  15. MasterFuton

    Spawners that just refuse to spawn

    The demon limit is 12 currently living demons, regardless of how they got there. Non-visible demons don't count towards the limit. You can actually make a map entirely packed with demons and have the demon percentage at 0% using events, spawns, and conductors; what matters is the quantity that is actively roaming the map.