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  1. Blablablablabla another useless video from my channel without HUD and crosshair in Noob difficulty. Cause we all know that, when you play like a noob you make tons of views, it works that way on YT. :)
  2. This one have some very ***** colours. :) You like or you dont like its a style ..........
  3. Hello everyone. Cant find a solution to get my HUD working. But then i was like ? Alright lets try something new now... ? Playing without hud but only crosshair, you never know how many ammo you have left including life. Its fine i like it. Here is my first map so. So some info about how i play/do my video. I first watch a gameplay of the map i want to do on youtube then i record my video. No save. Generally 12 on 10 Difficulty or Painkiller, it really depend. I never go for full secret, i try to kill every enemy if possible, but if i miss some its okay for me. :) the main objective of my video are. Fast action, skill x) Survive and finish the map first try, play smart no mistake possible otherwise i will die in less then 2 seconds :D And well i always use this old Project Brutality version, i dont like the new one with bunch of stuff........ But i will maybe do some video with project brutality mutator. And i only do a video of the map i appreciate. Maybe see you in sometime for a new video ? ( i sitll have plenty of them on my YT channel, except that from now the quality of my video is better. ) Enjoy.
  4. Hello. Its okay man. ^^ Thanks anyway. A new video is coming in like 25 minutes, i posted something also to explain, you will understand.
  5. Alright alright no one is able to help me its okay. :) Well i will maybe do some new Doom Video but without HUD at all and like always in 12 on 10 difficulty. This can be fun. Take care everyone.
  6. If someone is able to get me a download link to the old version of pb, maybe mine is corrupt we never know... :/
  7. Dont know if this can help you out, but these are the fil from the older PB mod i try to use again.. With the HUD....
  8. Hello and thank you. so in your opinion i should try the same setup but with another version of gzdoom right ? Because i have the same setup as before to be honnest, just the hud problem.... :/
  9. No one really ? ........ I just need a complet and old version of Project Brutality, same as seen in the video. This is just what i am asking, or at least a way to fix the HUD problem ...................
  10. This tutorial also works without steam. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=599367377
  11. Whenever i click on Ultimate Doom Visor i get this message top left corner of the screen. Attempting to open menu of unknown type dhud. Here is the screen. Everything else seems to work perfectly except for the HUD as seen in my video for example........
  12. Hello everyone so first am French my english is not perfect....... I did doom video in the past... Ad to re install everything on my computer and forgot to save up my doom file and PB mod... I managed to find the old project brutality version i love. This one in video to let you know. >>> My problem is that i cant have the same HUD as seen in this video. I ad everything setup, but in game when i change the screen size to get different HUD, i cant get the same as my video. Is plz anyone able to help me ? I would love to re do some Doom video. So if anyone have the solution to this problem.... ! I want the same old version of project brutality.
  13. What about some Doom Sonic ? .... lol
  14. in a true 720p 60 fps it will be way better. Also ehance the colours with sony vegas, even better. good video anyway. An example...