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  1. Ferocious_Summoner

    So what do you think of SnapMap?

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the Grid Room (And ay, sorry for that). I never thought that building with Hell Props and using that Module was the most optimal or efficient way to do your own rooms, maybe I skipped it for that reason. And besides that It would be really difficult to recreate something that could be done with the classic doom editors in terms in of size, lighting, etc... I wouldn't be surprised if E3M2 was a pain in the ass to make too. Kinda wish that id would make it easier to make. (Or maybe I'm just one lazy ass hat)
  2. Ferocious_Summoner

    So what do you think of SnapMap?

    Hi, I did the survey and decided to share the 7th question in here as well, just for the sake of it. So, be ready for a wall of text. Sorry if that was hard to understand, I'm not a native Enlgish speaker. This might as well be just a bunch of nonsense, lol.
  3. Ferocious_Summoner

    Core Overheat - Updated!

    Just letting you folks know that there has been a little update to the map. Original post have been updated too, if you haven't realized already!
  4. Ferocious_Summoner

    What do you want to see in the next Doom?

    I'd like to see levels with a darker ambiance when it comes to music, similar to levels like E1M3, not creepy but not too heavy. Something fitting to a tough battle as well as for exploration, without a need for change. Also if the upgrade system was changed, I'm ok with it but the issue is that there is too many of them, It gets a little ridiculous in my opinion. EDIT: Also, Arachnotrons.
  5. Ferocious_Summoner

    The Imps Song recreated in SnapMap

    This was not made by me. Give credit to HeadOfTheHeard This was very impressive to watch, and I thought I'd share. The amount of work that was put here is mind boggling. I really like how much patience people have to come up with this sort of stuff. Song starts at 1:12, if you want to skip how the logic looks like.
  6. Ferocious_Summoner

    Core Overheat - Updated!

    Thanks for the reply! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.
  7. Ferocious_Summoner

    Core Overheat - Updated!

    Thanks, It was a little hard to connect the module at the bottom right with the paths that connect them.
  8. Ferocious_Summoner

    Core Overheat - Updated!

    Core Overheat 2.0 ID: 4ZJX4LHE Hello again, I've been updating the map on my free time since the recent DOOM update went live and I just published it. I followed the advice from the feedback I've got and I implemented some of those suggestions into the map; as well as adding some of the update's goodies, so now, the map now should play a little bit different. I'll just use some Patch Notes to explain what's been done (Also because Patch Notes are fun) And there you have it, I worked a little hard updating it, and I hope that you all enjoy the changes, or play it for the first time if that's the case. Do let me know if you find anything odd, or if you have any feedback to give. Thanks! (Original post from June 20) Hello, I've made this map around a week ago, and I'd like to share it with you people. It's pretty straight forward map, very lineal and with difficulty that increases as you go through it. There's a couple secrets hidden in the map as well, while there's not too many, I'm sure they'll be helpful. It was also made with an arcade feel to it: You increase your score by killing demons and also by finding the secrets. You lose some of that score simply by dying. Here's how it looks from the Edit mode: I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is always appreciated! Here are some other screenshots, just for good measure