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  1. If people would of actually took the time to read the forums they would know hou stated that you took that special stage from the sonic game..and if they would take the time to play it and be open minded then they would see its a pretty good game so far co aidering ita incomplete!! And I have noticed something about the ones that are on here saying only negative things and putting people down..Havent seen one thing they have done!! And i bet the ones that are being mean couldnt make a game if their lives depended on it..just saying..keep up the good work XMan!!Your better at game development and better of a person than any of the losers that are trying to bring you down.Shows what kind of people they are..
  2. I think the new imprivements look great;0)
  3. I think it looks great!! We should definitely put it on a video game site when it complete. Ir maybe even find a site that people put their work in progress on;) Luvu
  4. Wow!!you know that is so kool that you worked on the level to make it less flat and it was amazing to watch all you have to do to make everything..totally 👏👊👍👌
  5. No I am his mom ;)lol N the only thing I am saying is be nice and have a little respect for others and their feelings.So if you cant be nice children then find some other place to exist..Have a good night.
  6. Constructive criticism is always great like i said but there is a respectful way to go about it.. And this game is in its early stages from a first time game maker and he is doing it all on his own with no money or former education on the art. Xane you are doing a great job.You have learned so much and i have watched this game being built from the beginning. From character design to the music you have made it all.Most games takes years and many many people to make with lots of years of college under their belt.You will be going to college hopefully in the Spring and then you will be able to learn all the things you are having problems with now.If anyone knows of any good learning software on character design that would be sweet😉So keep your chin up bud.Anyone coming on here to just be negative nancy is just being straight mean and doesnt even deserve your thoughts or reply..People can be helpful and dont have to speak so negatively to others but some are just ignorant and selfish. People like us just ignore people like them. Good luck on your game Angel 😉
  7. Yea its hard to know how to do absolutely everything perfectly..most of the time creating a video game takes multiple people who are skilled in individual areas of game development;) iknow you {xman) have never been good at anatomy and drawing characters so maybe someone could give you some help on learning how to draw them or knows of a good software that would help😉 So other than a few areas I think its fab..especially for a first time creator..and you are learning as you go..also kudos😁 dont get discouraged and keep up the good work;) Luvu
  8. Iknow some levels may seem flat..but the special stages are anything but and not all levels are flat.. constructive criticism is always good as long as its giving in a respectful manner;) I think its looking GREAT!!I have watched this game from its beginning stages until now and it has come a long way😉.Its amazing to me how you can do all this without any training or former education.I can only imagine what you are going to be able to do once you complete college😁I am so Exited to see how this turns out!! Keep up the good work babyboy...i love u