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  1. I know an alpha build of Doom had a white Lost Soul with a different attack. Were there any other early release games that had different enemies or were there unused enemies from any classic Doom series game that never made it into the final game?
  2. As title. I could make a fake wall but that would allow the player to walk through the wall but I don't want to allow the player to walk through walls.
  3. Can Revenants be damaged by their own homing missiles or the missiles from other Revenants? How many missiles does it take to kill them? Do straight firing or homing missiles do the same damage as each other?
  4. Thanks. I understand now. In GZDoom you can have deep water swimming. Is that done with the jump button? Is there a way to allow jumping (swimming) when inside deep water but not on land when outside of the water?
  5. I didn't see any deep water in that video at the time you linked to. It just looks like normal water.
  6. So the only swimming in vanilla doom is just walking into a hole that has a water texture covering the top of the hole and there's no swimming like in Quake and you can only get out of the hole if there's a teleporter or steps. Is that correct?
  7. Do you have a video example of swimming in vanilla Doom please. I saw a GZDoom Builder clip where the player used a jump button to swim like in Quake. If that isn't the swimming you can do in vanilla Doom then I can't picture what the swimming looks like in vanilla Doom.
  8. Did I misunderstand what it says here?: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Making_deep_water
  9. In vanilla Doom or a limit removing port such as GZDoom, you can have deep water where you can "swim" in it like in Quake as mentioned here if I understood it correctly: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Making_deep_water How is that done in vanilla Doom if there's no jump button? If in GZDoom you can have deep water swimming then is that done with the jump button? Is there a way to allow jumping in deep water but not on land when outside of the water?
  10. Thanks. Do you have any instructions for how to do that please? Surely it can't be easy as that otherwise people wouldn't have been complaining about poor quality iwad and total conversions conversions of PS1 maps to the PC? I don't see the Jaguar levels mentioned anywhere in that iwad patches page.
  11. There seems to be many different projects such as PlayStation TC and Doom CE, etc. I'm just looking to play the console exclusive levels in a source port on my PC (GZ Doom peferred). I don't care if they are individual wads or total conversions, etc. Would like them to play as faithful to the console versions as possible. Please give me links to such wads or projects. The console exclusive versions of single players maps are mentioned in the following page in the top-right table. Is that all of them or are there more?: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MAP33:_Betray_(Xbox_Doom_II)
  12. Is it possible to have a door like that in Doom? What are the individual parts of the door called? Wings or blades for example?
  13. Havok

    Can you have more than 3 keys?

    Thanks. In vanilla doom if you have 3 keycard and 3 skull keys then where do the extra 3 keys appear on the status bar as I thought there was only space to show 3 keycards? In a source port where do the extra keys show on the status bar?