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  1. But the jaggy pixels aren't smoothed in software mode.
  2. I use GZDoom to play Doom wads. Apparently the default setting smooths the pixels but it also uses incorrect colours or something. How do I smooth pixels but keep the correct colours, etc?
  3. Say you have a non-interactive portal where you can see through the portal without going through it. Is there a way to have the player press a switch to change the portal to an interactive one? Can I also have the portal change texture or colour when the switch is pressed?
  4. OK thanks. Is that the smallest height platform that an enemy won't walk off of?
  5. This map has a slightly raised floor and the player can walk off of it but the enemies can't. Is that normal or has the map maker made it that way? Any thoughts on that being a good or bad design choice?
  6. How did this YouTuber realise there was a blockmap as it looked like the shots were hitting the Cyberdemon as you can see blood on every shot?
  7. I don't know what you're talking about. What's a stove pipe?
  8. Perhaps to give the player a feeling of hopelessness. Like at first the player thinks he has a chance then as the map gradually progresses you realise it's impossible to win.
  9. Are there any Doom levels that are impossible to complete due to the difficulty (I'm not referring to maps which don't have an exit). Of those maps are there any which are good or do they all suck? What's your opinion of good maps which are impossible to complete? Do you still like them or do you think they shouldn't be made?
  10. Havok

    What is line skipping?

    I heard a YouTuber say that in a playthrough but I don't know what it means.
  11. Thanks. I'm making maps in Ultimate Doom Builder (former name of GZDoom Builder) for playing in GZDoom. You mentioned I can have a 3D model of a statue but is there any way to make complex shapes in Ultimate Doom Builder such as making a statue in the program instead of importing a 3D model? Can I have circular wall stones instead of rectangular bricks, arches, slopes, etc?
  12. I'm making maps for playing in GZDoom. What shapes do wall pieces have to be? Are they always square/rectangular or can I make a circular wall piece or other shapes? Could I make a statue as a wall instead of as a decoration that isn't a wall?
  13. Thanks. Is there any special movement you need to do to get it to work and do you need to stand next to the item for over 1 second or is it instant?
  14. I know about glides. Is the same method used in the video below? Or do you just stand close to the item for a second until the item is picked up? Example here:
  15. I heard somewhere that one of the game designers said it was supposed to be boiling blood or that it said that in the game manual. Can't find it in one of the manuals, perhaps it was a different manual. If you know please give me a link for proof. Also do any levels in the official classic Doom games or expansions have blood that does NOT damage you? Also if so, please mention the game and map if you know it.