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  1. I feel that those who are complaining about the forum update are averse and recalcitrant about change. You should be thankful for a webmaster/administrator who cares enough to invest time and money into updating the forum software. That is all.

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    2. dew


      This was essentially a one-man job with very basic forum testing by several people, I mean "yeah this forum engine looks reasonable" testing. Migrating the 20year history of DW and its customized extensions is going to be a painful process. Not even a professional company with full-time employees would transition without issues and this is a hobbyist endeavour.

    3. Zalewa


      dew, why do you work on assumption that migration must happen on the live, "production" system? Was there any rush to switch before getting everything ready?

    4. Job


      At this point, it's kind of a non-issue. I'm not paying for use of DW or interacting with its community and I don't have to deal with ridiculous ads. That sort of precludes me from complaining too much.